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Let's see if the CCCCCC make their own decisions or wait for TSG to highlight it Bomber.

Unfortunately it's one rule for Tyrone and a different one for others it seems

Wait, is it one rule for Tyrone, and a different one for Connolly, and a different one again for Lee Keegan, and a different one for everyone else? Or is it One rule for Tyrone, Connolly and Keegan and a different one for everyone else?

GAA Discussion / Re: Historic GAA Coverage
« on: Today at 08:40:34 PM »
Also Nemeton down in Waterford have food archives. Eir Sport are showing classic matches now too so they must have some archives too.

Hurling Discussion / Re: Hurling Championship 2017
« on: Today at 06:32:45 PM »
That has happened Offaly numerous times.

In fairness he's played hardly any football for Offaly this year. I'd imagine 3 games in 3 weeks was stretching it for him.

At least you're still drinking. We have to leave now. G'Luck.

GAA Discussion / Re: another new manager for mayo???
« on: Today at 03:23:40 PM »
Players only meetings are fairly common.

GAA Discussion / Re: another new manager for mayo???
« on: Today at 02:46:43 PM »
Personally, If it happened I think it was a good idea.
The manager obviously knew, so no problem there,
you have a group of veteran players facing into the back door route.
time to get everyone tuned in.

Really not a big deal.

This. People love a good conspiracy theory.

Dublin and Kerry are the two teams who year after year waltz through their province virtually unchallenged.

Mayo looked like they were dominating Connacht for a while there but Galway and maybe Roscommon have ended that run again.
Donegal and Monaghan were controlling Ulster for a good while there but would have thought Down and Tyrone would contest this year's final.

Leinster is just awful to watch every year when the Dubs play anyone.
Maybe if the top 4 teams in Div 1 go through to the quarterfinals and opt out of their province it would make winning your province a lot more possible for many counties.

Leinster is actually decent to watch when the Dubs aren't playing :)

I just feel a lot of the noise (not including people on here who have genuine long held beliefs about structures) about the Championship and tiers etc, is being made by pundits and media people who would much prefer to fill columns or minutes with chat about Kerry, Dublin, Tyrone, Mayo and whoever else happens to be riding the crest of a wave at that time. They just do not want to be talking about Sligo, Offaly, Westmeath, Carlow, Laois or anyone else even in the middle tier, never mind Waterford, Leitrim and London. At this moment in time, the grumbling is at a crescendo because they have to preview/review a game like last Sunday, and also qualifiers involving teams that they don't really care about.

Maybe I'm an auld cynic, but I think that if a tiered competition came in, the games would get the same coverage as the hurling tiered competitions do.

And I actually think this years championship has been decent so far. A couple of horror shows, but in general decent games and close and exciting.

GAA Discussion / Re: Dubs v Westmeath 25 June
« on: Today at 01:31:45 PM »
you keep mentioning Offaly. Leave us out of it :)

In fairness, Offaly have invested in this new Centre of Excellence. Shouldn't their per player coaching and games funding be increased to maximise the benefits of it, and to raise standards throughout the county as they are obviously trying to do?

RTE interviewed 10 'lower tier' managers about it, and only the Longford manager seemed strongly in favour of a B championship. The rest either didn't want it at all, or wanted it as a 'losers competition' for teams beaten early in the championship.

GAA Discussion / Re: Westmeath v Armagh (Sat 08.07.17)
« on: Today at 12:47:53 PM »
has the venue been decided as I thought there was a further draw to decide home/away status?

That's what I thought as well so first out of the bowl didnt give home advantage, instead there was a second draw to determine home advantage?  That's what he said before the draw on the radio anyway.  Maybe the second draw was done there and then and I missed it.

Good pairing for both teams, 50/50.

There was a second draw. It just happened at the same time.

There were 3 pots. The 4 semi final losers in one pot, and the 4 qualifier winners in the other.
They drew a cannister out of each pot, and placed it unopened in the third pot.
Then they rooted around and drew out the home team from that third pot first, and opened both.

GAA Discussion / Re: Dubs v Westmeath 25 June
« on: Today at 12:16:01 PM »
Pooling sponsorship money and the like sounds good, but in practice I'd imagine there'd be massive issues with hiding money etc. I'm not sure the GAA can control that.

However what they could do right now, in the morning, is say that from GAA controlled funds, we will give every county exactly the same funding on a per player or per club basis. Dublin will still get more, but it will not be disproportionately more. Maybe they'll have to have a few less coaches, but maybe the other counties will be able to have a few more.

GAA Discussion / Re: Dubs v Westmeath 25 June
« on: Today at 11:47:16 AM »
Centrally controlled and granted funding should be fair and equitable across the board. Do it on a per player basis, or a per club basis, whatever. You cannot have disproportionate coaching funding simply because you want one team to do well. Tipperary has 4 GDAs and 1 Coaching and Games manager. That works out at 1 per division (North, West, Mid, South). Those GDAs are expected to cover hurling and football. Tipperary receives approx 40k per annum for coaching and games development. Wouldn't it be brilliant if Tipperary could have 8 football GDAs and 8 hurling GDAs, 2 each per division. That would quadruple face time for coaches and kids in Tipp, as well as giving them dedicated coaches in each code. In order to finance that, you'd need a couple of hundred grand a year. There are over 70 clubs in Tipperary. The GDAs we have are paid out of Munster funds, but the 40K covers all coaching and games development, including Development squads in hurling and football. It's a pittance.

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