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General discussion / Re: The Many Faces of US Politics...
« Last post by J70 on Today at 03:53:03 AM »
There might be a shutdown this weekend. The GOP is toxic
what does that mean to the ordinary man on the street ? I don't need much from the government. Dems choosing illegal residents over citizens

Tax season starts in a week or two. People need passports. People like to visit national parks. People need social security. The CDC is busy collecting data on a severe flu season. And so on and on. Just because you personally need nothing at the moment doesn’t mean it’s an irrelevance.

The Dems are right to draw a line in the sand (along with some Republicans) on this issue, which has broad public support (do you really think kids who have lived almost their entire lives on the States should be left for months wondering what the f**k is going to become of them, unable to plan their future?). They had a bipartisan deal last week which Trump agreed to sign until Miller and the rest got to him. He has been changing his mind on what he wants by the hour. McConnell promised a vote on DACA last time around, but due to Trump being all over the place, he is afraid to bring it to the floor. The CHIP thing is a pure stunt. It would easily pass with overwhelming bipartisan support as a stand alone bill, but McConnell wants to use it as leverage.
GAA Discussion / Re: County GAA Crests.
« Last post by Ciarrai_thuaidh on Today at 01:52:06 AM »
Kerry - The current Kerry GAA crest ìs new since 2012, and is a set of items supposed to reference elements of the county.

County name – A bold decorative Celtic-style Ciarraí brand featuring a crowned C which pays homage to the county’s moniker, 'The Kingdom'

Kerry’s people – St Brendan and his epic voyage: an inspiring tale of bravery, skill and innovation. The naomhóg (a craft associated with the coastal communities around Kerry) is propelled by a sail featuring a Celtic cross – the symbol of the GAA

Kerry’s fauna – Red Deer (Fia Rua): Ireland’s largest wild animal whose only remaining native herd is found on the slopes of Torc and Mangerton. These animals are believed to have had a continuous presence in Ireland since the end of the last Ice Age (c. 10,000 BC) and are steeped in folklore. It is said that ‘Tuan’, the King of the Deer, was given rights of free passage by Fionn McCool to the mountains of Kerry and that his blood line lives on in the present herd

Kerry’s landscape – Skellig Michael’s iconic silhouette rising out of the Atlantic Ocean. A designated UNESCO World Heritage site and famous around the globe

Kerry’s flora – KIllarney woodland fern that thrives in wild exotic places; an evocation of majestic mountains, valleys and hills

Kerry’s artistry – A background pattern of concentric circles inspired by the gilding on the Ballinclemisig ‘gold box’ (part of the ‘Kerry gold hoard’ in the National Museum) and by Bronze Age stone carvings found all over Kerry

Kerry’s birdlife – Storm Petrel (An Guairdeall): Kerry plays host to the largest numbers of this species anywhere in the world and is the world headquarters for breeding pairs

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A huge improvement on its predecessor which was far too cluttered IMHO:

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Well, forgive this "animal" for disagreeing massively with you on that one Eamonn!

I liked the old crest and was disgusted when I heard they were changing it because the idiots never properly registered the old crest as a trademark.  >:(

Fwiw the old crest showed:
- Rattoo round tower. Still, standing on the plains of North Kerry, this 900 year old structure has been used as a symbol by many organisations, including Ballyduff which is the nearest GAA club to it.
- The McGillicuddy reeks and Carrauntoohill. One of the most well known geographical features of Kerry and the country even. The reeks are the backdrop to Fitzgerald Stadium, so their use here was most appropriate I thought.
- The Cú Faoil (Wolfhound) which for so many centuries was a common sight in Kerry and Munster.
- The Harp to symbolise the pride in traditional music. The Harp has 9 strings for the 9 Baronies of Kerry.
- The oakwoods around the lakes of Killarney.
- The 4 shamrock leaves on the bottom, which are the same as are found on all Kerry championship medals. I don't know where this started or what it symbolises.
At the four compass points of the crest are 4 small crests with depictions of a Footballer, Hurler, Handballer and the 3 gold crowns, which represents the 3 traditional kingdoms that existed long ago in what is now Kerry.

The new crest, while my initial horror at it has somewhat faded - is still poor IMO. Too much flora and fauna focus and not enough that really resonates with GAA followers in Kerry, like the background of the Reeks for example. That's a precious image to all of us and reminds us of the backdrop to so many big days in Killarney. Storm petrels and deer..are not.  :-\ I do like having Sceilig Mhichíl there to be fair.
General discussion / Re: Learning the guitar
« Last post by BarryBreensBandage on Today at 01:27:11 AM »
The post above is used for the likes of Booker T's 'Green Onions' and John Lee Hookers 'Boom Boom'.
General discussion / Re: Learning the guitar
« Last post by BarryBreensBandage on Today at 01:12:08 AM »
Twelve Bar Blues

Great sound out of this and easy to play:

Strum pattern is 4/4 - there are 4 beats in one bar -  which means 4 down strokes for each bar.

So start with E7
Four bars - that's 16 down strokes

Next A7
Two bars - 8 down strokes

Back to E7
Two Bars - 8 down strokes

Then B7
One Bar - 4 down strokes

Back to A7
One Bar - 4 Down Strokes

Back to E7
Two Bars - 8 down strokes

Sure give it a go

General discussion / Re: Clerical abuse!
« Last post by longballin on Today at 12:51:23 AM »
No.A 89 year old evil monk from Coalisland was jailed the other day.I fully support this.

The abuse ceased in 1983 around the time he left the church... long time since he was a monk though seemed to get free rein  to abuse young boys when he was.
General discussion / Re: Learning the guitar
« Last post by BarryBreensBandage on Today at 12:50:30 AM »
For those that find it hard to fret (barre), use your thumb to cover the top two strings and fret your F.
GAA Discussion / Re: County GAA Crests.
« Last post by Avondhu star on Today at 12:49:24 AM »
The offaly lads were outside the Pale but faithful to England according to Wiki.
If you weren't so ignorant and studied your history you would know the Offaly lads did their bit unlike the Galway lads queuing up to join the Connaught Rangers
General discussion / Re: Clerical abuse!
« Last post by T Fearon on Today at 12:46:13 AM »
No.A 89 year old evil monk from Coalisland was jailed the other day.I fully support this.
GAA Discussion / Re: 2018 NFL Division 1
« Last post by Avondhu star on Today at 12:44:18 AM »
TG4 coverage for the early rounds

Sunday 28 January

12:40pm   GAA Beo Coverage begins

Live match:  Clare v Tipperary, Live from Cusack Park, Ennis  (Allianz Hurling League, Round 1)  2pm throw-in

Deferred match:  Kerry v Donegal from Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney

Sunday 4 February

1:30pm  GAA Beo Coverage begins

Live: Wexford v Cork, Live from Innovate Wexford Park

Deferred: Donegal v Galway from Letterkenny

Deferred: Kilkenny v Clare from Nowlan Park

Saturday 10 February

1:30pm   GAA Beo Coverage begins

Live coverage from the AIB All-Ireland Senior Club Hurling Championship Semi-Finals

Na Piarsaigh v Slaughtneil from Parnell Park (2pm throw-in)

Cuala v Liam Mellows from Semple Stadium (4pm throw-in)

Sunday 11 February

11:50am   GAA Beo coverage begins

Live:   Lidl Ladies National Football League Division 1 – Galway v Mayo, Live from Pearse Stadium (12pm throw-in)

Live:   Galway v Mayo, Allianz Football League, Round 3, Live from Pearse Stadium   (2pm throw-in)

Deferred:  Monaghan v Kerry from Iniskeen

Deferred:  Kildare v Tyrone from Newbridge
A lot of good fixtures there. Hopefully no weather disruptions. It would be nice if players being interviewed after could make an effort to speak their native language
General discussion / Re: Learning the guitar
« Last post by BarryBreensBandage on Today at 12:43:46 AM »
If you can play F and D sweetly, you can play the guitar.

All those with B problems, play B7, it will get you by.
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