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GAA Discussion / Re: Munster Football Championships 2018
« on: May 23, 2018, 05:33:37 PM »
Thats a decent bench Cork have, not so sure about the starting 15 though. Sherlock in the little I've seen of him reminds me of Andy Moran.

From what I've seen of Cork the last few years that looks like the worst Cork team I've seen the last 30 years.

Did Down manage to retain most of the panel from last year? From memory think there'd been a huge turnover of players in the previous few years.

Darragh O'Se doesn't think the Monaghan panel is strong enough to come through the super 8's in his article today.

Just read it and while he makes some good points is it not the same for everyone else except Dublin and maybe Kerry. 4 of the super 8 teams will have come through at least one back door game so they'll already be on the back foot and vulnerable to injuries and suspensions. I think the 4 provincial winners will have a big advantage in their super 8s as the Connaught champions will have a 4 week break and the others will have 3 weeks off (assuming no replays). The backdoor qualifiers will have no break - e.g. if mayo or tyrone get that far they'll have played on 3 consecutive weeks and then will face the 3 super 8 games on the next 3 weeks. The happy path to the semi is to win your province. Do that and O'Se's argument is less relevant.

Galway well stacked in the forward department if everyone is match fit but nowhere near that level of quality at the back.

You're right, its the teams that come through the back door who could really be in trouble, if Tyrone or Mayo get through to the super 8's they will have to play 5 weekends in a row. I don't know to what extent playing that many games will have on the older players will have either, I know Mayo always brought Boyle off after about 55 mins last year but didn't against Galway the last day and it was him who failed to track Heaney for the goal; That goal wouldn't have happened in the 1st half.

Darragh O'Se doesn't think the Monaghan panel is strong enough to come through the super 8's in his article today.

GAA Discussion / Re: The Sunday Game
« on: May 22, 2018, 12:09:38 PM »
Surely there's nothing to stop eir sport producing a midweek show, clearly they don't hold any rights to show any action but there's plenty to talk about anyway.

Paul Rouse comes across has an awful arsehole any time I heard him on OTB.  He will soon find it's harder to live by your values than it is sit in a studio and preach about values. However fair play he's putting himself out there..

He opinionated but he's a good lad. He's also fairly straight so I expect Offaly to give a walkover if the qualifier game is on Sky 😀

I'm sure it was Rouse who said on OFB he didn't rate Michael Donnellan?

The game is won on small margins - had a chance to re watch some again yesterday evening - whilst Monaghan where the better side over the whole game there as some rubs of the green if Tyrone had got or if decisions by Tyrone players had been diffferent maybe Tyrone could have walked away with a steal.

Why Hugh Pat shot from a crazy angle with the right boot on the left footed side - if he reworked it and got ahead would the game have turned out different
I don't believe it was a free for McManus free that put Monaghan 1 ahead

In saying that I know Monaghan could have had a penalty and Morgan could have been sent off too. Into the bargain Drew Wylie should have seen black early on.

It was soft but that was the case all day, as for Drew Wylie he was very lucky not to get a black card but not to get even a yellow was a joke;  The Monaghan player would have had a goal chance.

GAA Discussion / Re: Football qualifier route 2018
« on: May 22, 2018, 09:54:04 AM »
Mayo v Tyrone is nailed on.

Hard to know how to feel about RoN, he did nothing of note at all when introduced but again problems may further out the field. However, McAliskey played very well and made opportunities for himself.

Conal McCann
was disappointing when he came in. Gave away a very cheap ball and lost another when he had a five yard headstart on the Monaghan men. Nearly sure the later ended In a Monaghan score.

Still think the back door could do us no harm. As long as the draw is kind enough it can give the panel more opportunities to stretch their legs and givethe likes of Colm more chance to get the game time built up. As always though the safety net is gone, might be the kick up the arse some of our lads need.

Not Senior inter county standard.

At least he's sorted out the hair. Pity we can't say the same about a few of the Monaghan backstreet boys.

Tbf the Monaghan no.12 with the grey highlights (name escapes me) had a pretty good game. Got on a lot of ball.

That was Dessie Ward who was taken off 5 minutes into the 2nd half, thought he was poor and ran into trouble several times during the 1st half.

Don't think it's quite that simple Maroon Manc.....Mayo and Leitrim still in it with it being round robin.

My fault for not stating I meant the 20's?

In my opinion the Armagh job is a poisoned chalice.  The fans are deluded into thinking they are better than what they are.  Arguably the best players donít want to play and the talent to compete isnít there from what is left. 

Has Mc Geeney has his day in the sun, possibly, but it doesnít matter who is taking that team, the core problems are still going to exist.  Armagh are in the lower bracket of ulster teams at the moment with potentially Antrim, Down and Fermanagh, so losing to one of these teams shouldnít come as a big shock anymore.

Majority of those Armagh people witnessed an era where they won 7 out of 10 Ulsters Championships so naturally there's a bit of expectancy in the County. I don't think anyone thinks they should be challenging for AI's but you'd think they'd have managed to win at least one game in the province in the last 4 years. Its not good enough for a manager in his 4th year.

Do Galway play the winners of Sligo/Roscommon?

GAA Discussion / Re: The Sunday Game
« on: May 21, 2018, 02:27:49 PM »
If they can find a way of making a second tier championship appealing and prestigious it would work but how do you go about that without falling into the Tommy Murphy scenario.

TV exposure is one thing , media ,pundits etc would all have to respect and build it up in a serious manner .

I just can't see how they can do that unless it was played earlier on in the year and the winners made the super 8's.

It was a decent game to watch but not as good as some have made out.

I'll wait until I see the stats but reckon there won't be as much in the difference between the amount of hand passes on show yesterday as there was last week in Castlebar. I thought both teams gave away so many daft frees and Monaghan scored 1-9 from play just as Galway did last week.

Monaghan were in total charge of the game for long periods, after the first 10 minutes where Tyrone went 0-5 to 0-2 up Monaghan controlled the game although O'Rourke will be disappointed how easy Tyrone found their scores early on.

General discussion / Re: Man Utd Thread:
« on: May 21, 2018, 10:56:04 AM »
"Our team without Lukaku, Fellaini we don't have presence". I'd be embarrassed and angry if Mourinho was manager of my club.

I am. Can't understand how any United fan wants this charade to continue. Hope he loses the dressingroom completely sooner rather than later so next season isn't a total wipeout when he's fired.

Amongst my mates and we're all mancs there's only one who wants rid of him and he didn't want him in the first place. Everyone the same as me and will wait and see what happens next season.

Tell him I'm with him! He sounds like a smart guy.  ;D

Sorry to tell you Seanie he's the one one who talks the most nonsense when it comes to football.  ;D

He did manage to get a club Wembley ticket for £90 minutes before the kick off which just shows it pays to be patient.

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