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Brilliant run to win the mixed 4x400m at the European Championships.

Adeleke really is special and Mawdsley is hardly shabby either. Stunning performance.


Is the mixed 4 x 400m in the Olympics?


Yup. Legit medal contenders for sure. You'd imagine the Americans will be pretty clear out in front and the Dutch won't be as poor again, but absolutely in with a shout.


That was magic. Unfortunately very few would have got to see it live on the RTE player as RTE chose Munster to be on RTE2 (in fairness coverage for this rest of the championship is pretty good I believe)

All four of them were superb. I don't know much about Chris O'Donnell but he ran a strong first leg and best of luck to him in the individual event tomorrow. Ancient Tom Barr running his best ever leg, Mawdsley was absolutely superb in the last leg, so composed and powered home to victory. But I thought Rhasidat was the key, she bullied and broke Klaver, who is a super athlete but couldn't live with our girl.

The interviews were a great tonic afterwards. 4 super people. And the day that's in it with so many anti-immigrant candidates, you had Rhasidat with as thick a Dub accent as I've heard on telly in a while. A proud day to have such a great Irish girl on this team.


Mawdsley actually ran a quicker split than Adeleke, second only to Bol on her leg but the ground Adeleke made up was staggering.


Quote from: gallsman on June 07, 2024, 10:31:36 PMMawdsley actually ran a quicker split than Adeleke, second only to Bol on her leg but the ground Adeleke made up was staggering.
They were both fantastic and will hopefully push each other on in the individual. The splits aren't 100% accurate but a very good guide, but still I believe breaking Klaver was the key to winning as it left Bol (the best female there) with too much to do. Mawdlsey was unbelievably calm in the final leg and stormed home!


Kind of hard to gauge with times as some have to stay in lane and some haven't and then there's the extra incentive of being on the last etc. Great running from both whatever and there's a bit of depth in the 400 womens with Healy and Becker too so who knows with the 4 x 400 women team if they have one in. If bol running gold very tough for adeleke but definitely a huge medal prospect at least.

Bit nervous for mageean - I hope she finally gets her gold but she'll not be used to being the target. I have a feeling if Sarah healy can manage her nerves she is a potential medal prospect too but I think a lot of things have to go right.

(Also great to see Tommy Barr get a medal. Seems like a nice guy who's worked hard at it for years and always performs above himself when it comes to championships)


Sarah Lavin in the final tonight. I'm not sure if it's 908 or 1008 it's at. She has a chance of a medal which would be great to see though she hopefully won't have left too much behind her with that semi performance.


Lavin a good bit off it there unfortunately.


Poor race but her pb is a good bit off any of the top ones there. Pity for her but that's sport I guess  :(

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Wasn't a championship record?
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I think the winning time was. Lavin's interview was a tough watch but David gillick  is pretty good with athletes in those scenarios.


When is Ciara Mageean's race?
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We have a class group of 400m runners,