Great Classical/Orchestral/Film Score pieces

Started by AustinPowers, June 27, 2023, 10:48:43 PM

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Some great classical  pieces out there. Most of  which I don't  know the names  of

Here's a couple of  ones I do know:

Rossini - William Tell overture (Lone Ranger theme)

Bizet -  Carmen overture

Lots of  great film pieces  out there too. None  of which  I can think of now.

Let's have yours........

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As an uplifting Western theme it's hard beat The Magnificent Seven

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Second Morricone, especially his collaborations with Sergio Leone.

More recently, M83's soundtrack for Oblivion. Movie itself is a decent enough sci-fi flick, but the soundtrack, along with Morgan Freeman and Tom Cruise, really lift it. Movie would not have been anywhere near as enjoyable without the music.

Kind of like it's hard to imagine those Leone westerns without the Morricone soundtracks.

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Not one on many list, but still a classic - Battlestar Galactica (1978) Theme

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Sleeping in Light, from the last episode of Babylon 5. Some of the most poignant music I've ever heard in a TV show.

J Michael Straczynski, when asking for music to go with the closing scene, said to the composer Christopher Franke, "break my heart." I think he succeeded.


From Star Trek, some of my favourites:

The Motion Picture, later adapted into the Next Generation theme, but I preferred this original version

Klingons fighting V'Ger, this would later be the Klingon theme throughout the various Trek franchises

II The Wrath of Khan

The music during the battle in the Nebula

First Contact

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Quote from: gallsman on June 28, 2023, 06:54:24 AM
Last of the Mohicans.

great shout. Can't remember much of the specifics, but the score is so moving in that movie.
Dances with wolves another one

Have a record with London Philharmonic Orchestra playing Star wars. I think it's this one
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Also, not sure if it counts, but Tenet by Ludwig Goransson
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