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Quote from: manfromdelmonte on Today at 09:36:41 PM
Quote from: Wildweasel74 on Today at 06:07:20 PMAll depends who's first out
Draw should be live on tv and not radio
Joke, really

Given the combinations they need a proper way of doing it. Drawing from two bowls is not necessarily the best way, they should draw Armagh first (who can only meet two teams) and then proceed from there.
Quote from: tiempo on Today at 09:22:13 PM
Quote from: pbat on Today at 09:20:36 PMI despise the Tories, every rotten one of them and what they have done over the last 14 years and what they done here long before that. But trying to screw over the bookies is actually something I could get on board with.

Stupid pricks for even trying
Tech is too good at sniffing this nonsense out
Odious breed of people

They could have won a couple of thousand, which is feck all in the context of their jobs. Why on earth takes the risk. They are truly thick.
Quote from: From the Bunker on Today at 09:08:14 PMCan anyone see a pre-quarter final county winning next weekend? I just can't myself.
Derry would have been the best bet, but the extra time grind v Mayo has watered that down.

Galway could beat Donegal, if they manage to get their main players in operating order.
We aren't sure where Kerry are, if someone puts it up to them.
Armagh should beat Louth or Roscommon, but being favourites does not suit Armagh.
Quote from: GTP on Today at 06:36:21 PMLooks like a third game of the championship between Derry and Armagh in the final.

First game Derry won by 17, second game Derry won by 2, using interpolation I suggest that Armagh will win by 13. However, I'd be quite happy with 1.
Quote from: bennydorano on Today at 05:52:00 PMSettled a bit now, crossbar rattled too. 5 each

Is that Cassidy from Derry reffing?

After a slow start, Armagh doing the business so far.
Quote from: AustinPowers on Today at 12:13:39 PM
Quote from: From the Bunker on Today at 12:07:08 PM
Quote from: Rossfan on Today at 11:36:05 AMWhy can't the draw be done this evening or tonight seeing as it's only a week to the Quarters?

Then they wonder why attendances are down!

Yes, the media would have the analysis for the Monday morning papers, podcasts, etc. The hype needs to start straight away.

I presume it's RTE's way of making you tune into Radio 1 in the morning and hoping you don't change the dial for the rest of the day.

It's mad that they even  do the draws on the radio

It's like having a bonfire or fireworks  display on  the radio

Two minutes would  do the thing on the Sunday Game

They could do it after the 6pm news on TV or during the evening Sunday Game, which would have a GAA audience.
Quote from: Itchy on Today at 10:22:13 AMContrary to the advert on tv at the moment I believe there are more than one set of Traffic lights in Leitrim. There is a set in Leitrim Village and also a set in Manorhamilton.

I think this claim relied on the technical difference between traffic lights at junction and a pelican crossing. So perhaps true with the right semantics.
Quote from: GAABoardMod5 on June 22, 2024, 10:27:34 PMSemi-Finals
13-14.07.2024 (Sat/Sun)

The four quarter-final winners shall play against each other in the Semi-Final based on a draw, subject to the avoidance of repeat pairings from the championship, where possible.

The value bet might be each way on Louth, i.e. to reach the AI final. They are only 2/1 against Cork and they cannot be drawn against Kerry or Dublin in the QFs or in the semi final (unless other results make it impossible) so they are priced at something like 6/1 against teams like Armagh or Donegal.
Quote from: pbat on June 22, 2024, 09:48:39 PMIs the Semi Final an open draw?

No, it attempts to avoid the repeat of any previous game. This might be impossible, for instance in the unikely event that Armagh, Donegal and Derry all win their QFs then they have played each other, or if Louth Dublin and Kerry all qualify then they have played each other. The draw will determine, but you could have two of Donegal/Derry/Armagh getting through, and then the avoidance of a previous game would mean Dublin and Kerry in separate semis and the usual "dream" final. In effect, this would mean that Ulster teams were less likely to reach the final because there was more than one good one.
Quote from: screenexile on June 22, 2024, 09:38:11 PMAlso 👋 Tyrone will see you sometime again I'm sure 😂😂

Not too soon, of course.
Quote from: Itchy on June 22, 2024, 09:23:45 PMMaking too much of turn around. Cavan won an Ulster in 2020 playing 4 games in 4 weeks in winter.

Cavan winning Ulster is certain proof that compressed schedules affect results.
Quote from: J70 on June 22, 2024, 09:09:02 PMArmagh and Donegal praying for a Louth win! ;D

After extra time and a red card....
Quote from: J70 on June 22, 2024, 07:19:09 PM
Quote from: Truthsayer on June 22, 2024, 07:15:12 PM
Quote from: 5times5times on June 22, 2024, 07:12:31 PMAs it stands, QF will be

Dublin v Galway/Derry/Cork
Kerry v Derry/Galway/Cork
Armagh v Ros/Louth/Cork
Donegal v Galway/Derry/Louth
Can Derry meet Donegal after meeting them in provincial championship?


Only definite prohibition is no provincial final pairings and then, if possible, no group rematches.

"The four first-place teams from Round 1 (Group Stage) shall be drawn to play against the four Preliminary Quarter-Finals winners, subject in the first instance to the avoidance of repeat Provincial Final pairings and where possible repeat pairings from Round 1 (Group Stage)."