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Quote from: Eamonnca1 on Today at 07:00:45 PM
Quote from: tiempo on Today at 09:27:49 AMCould take or leave large parts of the coverage. Presenters, guests, commentators, etc. can be like marmite. But here's the thing...

Something has changed, someone has expertly influenced the BBC to put the hurling final on BBC2 and therefore into homes across Britain. This is not normal. Barriers have been broken down, executives have been enlightened. Its very refreshing and we should enjoy the moment, it might not last.

A huge congratulations to whoever set out to achieve this, and I expect it took a few well placed Gaels in various roles inside and outside the BBC to get this over the line.

Now lets all hope Armagh can win on Sunday so we get to hear Tommy Nibs wordsmith a pitch invasion!

Indeed. I would suspect that the channels of BBC NI were bypassed for this. You know them boys would rather show an Irish League soccer match attended by two men and a dog than a GAA match with 82,000 people at it. BBC executives in England would be more open to listen than the ones in Belfast.

Jerome Quinn was probably on to something when he criticised them for being bigots.

I said years ago that the GAA could be pushing on an open door if it wanted to get hurling onto mainstream TV outside of Ireland, and if not then they should be willing to pay to get the games shown. New audiences consistently love the game.

How about the GAA do something to promote hurling instead of relying on the BBC?

Start a process to give every child in every county in Ireland a chance to play hurling.

That'd be a start.
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Quote from: Red10 on Today at 04:57:45 PM
Quote from: statto on Today at 04:45:45 AMJust looking back at the Ulster u20 final between Armagh and Derry in 2018.Only mcgrogan and McCloskey from that team have made significant breakthrough at senior level for Derry.Brian and Declan Cassidy kicked 2-02 and 0-05 in the game whatever happens lads like this and why do they not seem to step up at senior level?I remember at the time thinking Armagh had a right side then from that team rian o Neill,Mc Cambridge, Duffy, Mcquillan, Turbitt will all get significant minutes next week and Conor o Neill would probably have started had he not been injured.

Conor Doherty in that team as well and Shea Downey though he hasn't really nailed down a starting place. The point is right though, we haven't got enough players through from those squads. Armagh have had the same manager who has been able to keep fellas there give them game time and develop them for the long term. Doubt RG will be the man for doing that. He wasn't the first time round.
apologies I missed Doherty saw Downey but as you say his game time has been really limited and would not be really known outside of Derry. Whoever gets the Derry job I would imagine should be happy to finish 6th in division 1 next year and try and unearth 3/4 players who can be trusted in championship games.

The benefit of having a long serving senior manager is that the senior team with a consistent style of play, which the underage teams should be emulating. By the time the underage players get to senior level, its a smooth transition.
Derry do/did have panel managing this I believe.

What is this?

Every team has the same style of play - 15 men in attack and 15 men in defence when turned over.

This is the same stuff as 'The Down Way'. What the f<;k does that mean.

It's all waffle. A generic phrase that's threw out but has no meaning. 
Horgan was poor in open play - Leen done somej ob on him. He was good on the frees but nothing stuck in open play.

I thing Duigan re-corrected himself on the tv. He got the time wrong I think.

I hate tv people, straight after a final, asking will X or Y be back next year. Cantwell was doing it at the hotel last night.

Just let the lads and their families etc. enjoy the occasion.
For all the 50/50 decisions against Cork, did Clare get a free in the 2nd half?
My brief summary of yesterday's epic.

I thought that Clare just edged it although I wouldn't have complained if it went to replay.  Clare missed a few 'handy' scores in the last 10 mins tokeel them ahead. In saying that,Cork never gave in and battled to the end.

An heroic effort by both teams.

Cork started very fast and blew Clare out ofit. Up by 7pts and cruising. As someone said, it's all about getting as much feom your purple patch as you can. Clare got it with their goal and steadied the ship. Darragh Fitz's only real contribution was the equalising score right on half time.

Downey's goal was excellent but nobody met him - Hogan waited and waited and never committed. I'd say Lohan wouldn't have liked that but he had no time to dwell on it. If that solo run happened at U12, the manager wouldn't be to happy.  Take nothing away from RobDowney, he stayed going and banged it off the hurl. A great goal.

Clare's goal come from the industry of O'Donnell. He's so hard to tackle - all arms and legs and never stops. It came at a great time for Clare and started their purple patch. Diarmaid Ryan hit two fantastic long range efforts inside a few minutes.  I was shouting don't be shooting but what do I know. He nailed them and gave clare's half-back a great footing in the game, when it looked as if they were being over-run in that early period.

The first half flew by.  It was excellent. It just settled down to be a shoot out - like and U14 game. Let's just play hurling and see who can score the most.  I think everybody sensed a classic brewing but we couldn't have imagined it to see what was coming down the tracks. Whether that was because it wasn't Limerick and Kilkenny or what, who knows but there was definately a sense of anticipation that it wasn't going to let us down.

The second half was quality - quality of effort, honesty and scores. Score for score but TK's goal was just fantastic. It was like he was in his back garden. The class and ability to do that on the biggest stage of all, at that time was just...Tony Kelly. A huge performance by him, in a trying year for him.  Delighted for him to get MOTM last night.  Very much well deserved.  Too many people are too quick to write players off or give out about these lads like TK, Canning, TJ and Horgan are just superstars of the game. I just love them! Some of Kelly's points were just magical - the one on the turn and especially the rob, flick up twice and over on his left side. Just magical skill. 

So many big moments in the game, nearly too many to mention. Was it O'Flynn who went for goal? (in hindsight, carry it another 10-12 yards before shoting and put it low) Or just put it over the bar and keep the scoreboard ticking over.

The 'penalty/back card' incident.  I think the ref got it right. The Cork player took the gamble and went beyond the bunch of players and the ball went over the top and he was ready to run onto it before the 'tangle'. I think the Cork lad was looking for it - there was a little tug, very little but the Cork lad fell forward.  My take on that that if you'r being tugged back, naturally you don't fall forward. Spot on by the referee, who I'll come to later on.  Hoggie tapped it over to put two points in it. The last wide was definately a free - a clear pull, but as Donal Óg said, heshould have scored it regardless.  I missed the tug in real time. It would have suited everyone to have the draw and I think no one would have complained in fairness.

Murphy was very good as referee. Let it flow ans blew when he needed to. Even got a faceguard frontal smash for his troubles - to add to the drama. For me, he got the big call right. I thought he was tight on two handy enough frees for Cork with the pulling inside - I'm sure the Cork lads were at it at the other end also but they didn't get one, never mind two. A minor quibble. He was cramping up in extra-time but soldiered on. 

Re: Puck outs. As I said last week, he'd slow the puck outs down a bit, especially after a score and this hindered Cork more than Clare.  He pulled the quick puck out back three orfour times. Cork rely, as per their Limerick game, on fast puck out ball to get their running game going.  Collins couldn't get the quick puck out going to Darragh Fitz or, to a lesser extent, Dalton. 

Cork played their hearts out but I knew they couldn't or wouldn't get to the pitch of their Limerick performance again,especilly inside two weeks.  Just impossible to do. That's why I picked Clare last week. To be fair to Cork, to beat Limerick twice in a few weeks and in an AI semi-final and not win the All-Ireland will be sickening. There were seconds away from being out of Munster and yesterday were a split second decision away from getting a replay. No consolotion to them this morning but the Rebels are back boy!  The Downey brothers can not push on at No. 3 and No. 6 and Ryan can build a team around them.

Will Pat Horgan stay? - a question for another day.  Again, a superstar of hurling. Disappointed for him but that's sport. I was thinking about the free right at the end of extra-time the Collins hit - I know it was a long way out but was it within Horgan's range. It was on an angle and a long way out.  I'd need to watch it again but I felt at the time that Collins didn't catch it fully but it still landed around the 'D'. Again asmall quibble.

It was a game for me where everyone was at least a 5/6+ out of 10  - on both teams.  Both teams needed the 20 players. Everybody gave their all.
Leen was brillant also.  Shanagher will be a happy man today.  Things just didn't right for him when introduced but he has his AI medal.  I thought Cleary and Hogan were superb, especially after their early yellow cards. They seemed to just throw the shackles off and went for it.  Man to man, bring it on. The pair of them were unreal in the heat of battle. Never gave and inch.

The Euros may have come and gone, The Olympics are almost with us but Thank God for the hurling - The Sport of Kings.

POTY - Shane O'Donnell.
YPOTY - Adam Hogan.
GAA Discussion / Re: Yawn
July 21, 2024, 11:44:29 PM
Quote from: Rossfan on July 21, 2024, 11:10:56 PM
Quote from: Gallybander on July 21, 2024, 09:08:56 PM
Quote from: Rossfan on July 21, 2024, 08:51:46 PMI know it's hurley stuff where rules are optional extras....
Hurley stuff?

A ball and stick game mainly played south of a line between Dublin and Galway by people who are useless at football

Here we go. Usual snobbery from the footie lads.

Just lap it up. Hurling unreal today.
General discussion / Re: Podcasts
July 21, 2024, 11:41:55 PM
Quote from: Tony Baloney on July 21, 2024, 10:57:44 PM
Quote from: gallsman on July 21, 2024, 10:45:14 PMWatched the hurling on BBC. A really special effort from Niblock.

BBC overdo it. Make you sick. Same as last year.  Do it for three games, with push for the final with Nesbitt and O'Briain etc. then very little hurling coverage after that.

Niblock goes overboard. Lad was telling me he was lads all working in the morning. Nobody in Clare or Cork will be working in the morning.

Quote from: mrdeeds on July 21, 2024, 06:05:55 PM
Quote from: Sheedy on July 21, 2024, 06:05:00 PMJarlath Burns loves the mic

Yeah went on way too long. Not about him.

Did Austin Gleeson not win YPOTY and POTY in he same year?

Burns said TK only the lad to do it.
Hurling is fire!
Derry / Re: Future of Derry football
July 20, 2024, 11:06:18 AM
Would it be true to say that the current Armagh panel have won nothing or very little at club, and especially inter-county level up through the age groups?

Fair to say that Armagh hsve won very little at minor and U20/21 level in the last 20 years?

This is not a criticism but a genuine query.  If true, then it would vindicate a longer term manager i.e. over 8-10 years to build a proper panel.

Now obviously a lot of this work is done via the clubs initially.
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
July 20, 2024, 07:55:43 AM
Quote from: WT4E on July 20, 2024, 02:10:16 AMDiv 2 very interesting

Moy accounting for yaran after withstanding a second half onslaught.
Cookstown 2 good points against tintown badly needed
Beragh beat at home by Clogher and wouldn't bet on them beating Newtown mid week. That would be a bad return on investment for the points on the board.
Our lads beat away to moortown to be expected but need to focus on about another realistic 8 points on offer which would leave us safe and well above Beragh.

Who is tintown and more importantly,why?
General discussion / Re: Best US 80s TV Show
July 20, 2024, 07:54:11 AM
Had to be The A Team.

It took me a long time to figure out that the story line was basically the same in every

50/50 game in my opinion on Sunday.  Looking forward to it.

I think puck outs will be interesting. I don't think Murphy will allow the keepers to puck them out that quickly. This will suit Clare and obviously, not Cork. Cork benefitted hugely from the puck outs, especially after the wides.

I'm edging slightly towards Clare.  I think there's a bit more improvement in the Banner men.
Quote from: tiempo on July 19, 2024, 09:03:55 AMBrilliant PL/CL level signing and at 37 there's no reason why he couldn't do 2 or 3 years if he's feeling fresh and still has the hunger. Remember Van Der Sar played for MU from age 34-41, the Fulham years was complete twilight zone stuff, he should never have been there and for so long. It was absolute lunacy that Leicester let Schmeichel him go and it backfired as they were relegated at the end of that season.

Don't underestimate the value of signing a proven captain too, that should help set and maintain standards. I always remember someone saying to me that the UEFA Cup final team of 2004 had 6 or 7 international captains starting, when you think about it, a team like that wouldn't take much managing.

I think KS was Denmark's POTY about 4 times in the last 8/10 years.

A decent goalie will save Celtic points in Scotland but a real quality keeper will keep a load of clean sheets.

Need to add more quality to the panel now. A few lads shipped out - got £2m profit on Oh I think. Good bit of business there. Need more lads shipped out and tighten the wage bill.

I thought Oh was decent, a bit raw obviously but had potential.   
Quote from: ranch on July 19, 2024, 08:51:03 AMWill tickets only be available on phones or will there be an option to print the QR code?

Remember screen shots of tickets are not allowed any more.