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Galway v Kerry
Roscommon v Donegal
Tyrone v Armagh Draw
Mayo v Monaghan

Clare v Limerick
Dublin v Louth
Kildare v Meath -  Draw
Cork v Derry

Cavan v Fermanagh
Westmeath v Tipperary
Offaly v Down
Longford v Antrim

Wexford v Carlow
London v Laois
Waterford v Wicklow
Leitrim v Sligo - Draw

Armagh v Galway
Kerry v Roscommon
Monaghan v Tyrone - Draw
Donegal v Mayo

Meath v Dublin
Derry v Clare
Louth v Cork
Limerick v Kildare

Antrim v Cavan
Down v Longford
Fermanagh v Westmeath - Draw
Tipperary v Offaly

Carlow v Sligo
Waterford v London Draw
Wexford v Wicklow
Leitrim v Laois

Armagh v Donegal
Galway v Monaghan
Tyrone v Kerry
Roscommon v Mayo

Derry v Dublin
Clare v Cork
Louth v Kildare
Limerick v Meath

Fermanagh v Tipperary
Cavan v Down - Draw
Westmeath v Antrim
Longford v Offaly

Laois v Waterford
London v Carlow -  Draw
Wicklow v Leitrim
Sligo v Wexford

Kerry v Armagh
Mayo v Tyrone - Draw
Donegal v Galway - Draw
Monaghan v Roscommon

Dublin v Clare
Kildare v Derry - Draw
Meath v Louth
Cork v Limerick

Antrim v Fermanagh   
Down v Westmeath - Draw
Offaly v Cavan   
Longford v Tipperary

Laois v Wicklow
Waterford v Wexford
London v Sligo
Leitrim v Carlow   

Mayo v Kerry - Draw
Galway v Tyrone
Monaghan v Donegal - Draw
Roscommon v Armagh

Derry v Meath
Clare v Kildare
Louth v Limerick  - Draw
Cork v Dublin

Fermanagh v Down
Cavan v Longford
Westmeath v Offaly - Draw
Tipperary v Antrim

Wicklow v London
Sligo v Waterford
Carlow v Laois
Wexford v Leitrim - Draw

Kerry v Monaghan
Galway v Roscommon
Tyrone v Donegal - Draw
Armagh v Mayo

Meath v Clare
Kildare v Cork - Draw
Louth v Derry
Limerick v Dublin

Down v Antrim
Cavan v Tipperary
Offaly v Fermanagh
Longford v Westmeath

Waterford v Carlow
London v Leitrim
Wicklow v Sligo
Laois v Wexford - Draw

Monaghan v Armagh
Mayo V Galway - Draw
Roscommon v Tyrone
Donegal v Kerry

Derry v Limerick
Dublin v Kildare
Cork v Meath - Draw
Clare v Louth

Fermanagh v Longford
Tipperary v Down
Westmeath v Cavan - Draw
Antrim v Offaly

Carlow v Wicklow - Draw
Wexford v London
Leitrim v Waterford
Sligo v Laois - Draw

GAA Discussion / Re: Offally U14 Shenanigans
« on: April 08, 2022, 12:07:28 PM »
I feel sorry for the young lads. A FAI cup quarter final is a huge game and one they have played and trained for with their teammates and earned  the right to play in.   

What does it say to young lads that you have to sign a contract to train with a development panel. Do you think dropping them will increase their love of GAA or alienate them ?

One of the things I liked about playing soccer at home was playing with school friends who played with a number of GAA clubs and we got to play together as a team.

Itís seems rather heavy handed and disproportionate

GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division 2 - 2020
« on: October 22, 2020, 11:42:31 AM »
If scoring was scraped and it went to the head to heads - Roscommon have beaten both ! or would it be a 3 way play off ...

GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division 2 - 2020
« on: October 22, 2020, 11:21:19 AM »
Would we (Roscommon) not be as well to concede the game and protect the scoring difference ?

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