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I'm happy to put on a small bet the game will not throw at 5pm !

If the GAA want casual fans to go then it's a stupid time. I'll be there as always for a Roscommon game but I'll be watching something else before hand having a pint. Will 15k even attend the game ?

There was 30K at the game last year and it included the Dublin v Galway Leinster hurling game. There was a decent smattering of maroon around Croke Park that day.
That's a rubbish time for the game. 2 Soccer cup finals on at 3 and rugby at 2.45 the same day. if any go to extra time, Croker will be empty !
GAA Discussion / Re: The Football Review Survey
April 10, 2024, 01:52:03 PM
I found the question which county do you associate with strange as obviously I am from Roscommon but now have kids playing in Meath. It didn't really give an option for transplants.

It will be interesting to see the results.
Galway v Dublin
Tyrone v Monaghan
Roscommon v Kerry
Mayo v Derry

Armagh v Cavan
Kildare v Donegal
Meath v Cork
Louth v Fermanagh

Wicklow v Limerick
Clare v Antrim
Sligo v Offaly
Westmeath v Down

London v Waterford - DRAW
Laois v Leitrim
Tipperary v Wexford - DRAW
Longford v Carlow
Derry v Dublin
Mayo v Roscommon
Kerry v Tyrone
Monaghan v Galway

Fermanagh v Armagh
Cavan v Meath DRAW
Donegal v Louth
Cork v Kildare

Limerick v Clare
Antrim v Westmeath
Down v Sligo
Offaly v Wicklow

Carlow v Wexford
Laois v London
Tipperary v Waterford
Longford v Leitrim DRAW
Tyrone v Mayo
Dublin v Kerry
Galway v Derry - DRAW
Roscommon v Monaghan

Fermanagh v Cork
Louth v Cavan
Meath v Kildare
Armagh v Donegal -  DRAW

Down v Offaly
Clare v Wicklow
Sligo v Antrim
Westmeath v Limerick

Wexford v Waterford
Longford v London
Carlow v Leitrim
Tipperary v Laois - DRAW
Derry v Monaghan
Dublin v Roscommon
Kerry v Mayo
Tyrone v Galway DRAW

Donegal v Fermanagh
Cork v Cavan
Meath v Louth
Kildare v Armagh

Antrim v Down
Limerick v Sligo
Offaly v Clare DRAW
Wicklow v Westmeath

Waterford v Longford
Laois v Carlow
London v Tipperary
Leitrim v Wexford DRAW
Kerry v Derry
Dublin v Monaghan
Galway v Mayo - Draw
Tyrone v Roscommon

Meath v Fermanagh
Kildare v Cavan
Armagh v Louth
Donegal v Cork

Limerick v Antrim
Clare v Sligo - Draw
Offaly v Westmeath
Wicklow v Down

Laois v Longford
Tipperary v Carlow - Draw
London v Wexford
Waterford v Leitrim
GAA Discussion / Re: Manager's Salaries
December 08, 2023, 02:19:39 PM
Well expenses are usually tax free but I wonder do managers report the free sponsored cars etc and other benefit in kind they get which may be taxable.

Also surely central council and the DG have the right to investigate county finances etc It would be a brave delegate to a county board seeking a breakdown to the costs.

Anecdote I heard before was one county manager is a quantity surveyor and managed to get a contract with the county board for QS services on a redevelopment project which surprisingly wasn't renewed a few weeks after he was let go. Whilst he paid contracts tax he also managed a much more inflated fee to take account of the tax issue and got his regular expenses too.   
Reading it back in my day job capacity as the PM for major Construction projects in a government dept. down south involved in tendering etc, those timelines are wildly optimistic and unrealistic even before you get an interdepartmental and cross border steering group involved along with other stakeholders and the amount of paperwork and governance DPER will require. Construction inflation is dipping slowly but all pretender estimates have been wildly optimistic the last few competitions.

Any extra's or variations or cost orders will bogged down in paperwork and bureaucracy. 
GAA Discussion / Re: TG4 - Club Championships Coverage
September 04, 2023, 11:42:35 AM
on a side point have the provincial club championship draws been made ? Cant find Connacht anywhere. Wont affect my home club from being County Champions to playing relegation playoff is some rollercoaster !
In my part of Meath not a single flag or banner out for the Taileann Cup final, you would not even know its on and the local club has a few lads on the team.
Before a ball was thrown in, people would of permed 2/3 from Cavan, Meath and Down to make the final depending on the draws. A number of games later that's what happened.

I still think one of the biggest issues is that most GAA clubs only field one team. When I was growing up we had 30 players for 15 spots and since every game was competitive we couldn't give guys like me a game as the cost was too great if we lost so in 11 years from U10-U21 I played 7 times ( 6 at minor due to only 15/16 lads playing minor) and came on as a sub once. I was a crap footballer and I knew it but I trained every day of the week. It was disheartening every week we had a game and knowing you would never be thrown a jersey.

The other thing was the lack of games. It was only 6/7 group games and semi final/final in most age groups. I look at the local soccer clubs and they have full schedules of matches and seem to play lots of games with multiple teams.
It was a harrowing read, the first I heard of it as from my wife last night and it was the only topic of conversation in all her whatsapp groups and FB groups. I do not think there is anyway you can tough this out. I imagine by lunchtime it will be all over liveline etc and the end will come soon enough.

It is not the strongest of statements from RG and to be honest, allegations have been investigated does not read very well and are there any pending charges or reopening of the investigations. If the main witness has not cooperated previously they may want to revisit the case now if there is new evidence.