Pearce Hanley retires

Started by Never beat the deeler, September 02, 2020, 07:50:54 AM

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Never beat the deeler

Was a classy highly-effective player for Brisbane before switching and adding a lot of experience to GC.

Never quite the same player post injury in 2015. Was averaging 25 disposals a game in 2015
Hasta la victoria siempre


Fair play to him, he's one of the relative few who really make a career over there. I wonder if he'll stay there or come home

After 2012, I remember thinking how different it might have been if Hanley had stayed and Murphy had gone (stayed?) in Australia

Crete Boom

A couple of my Aussie mates are from rural Victoria and are huge footie fans(Magpie fans). They always rated Hanly as the best Irish player actually able to play Aussie rules as opposed to being a super athlete who was an average player with some GAA tricks. Injuries always held him back thought but still he had a great career.