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This should be a good game to open proceedings on League Final day. Although Down finished top of the table, Roscommon were comfortable winners in Newry earlier in the season. The Shines and Senan Kilbride were too strong for the Down defence and they charged up the middle like buffalo on the prairie. Evans is a fanatical manager who will love taking the Rossies in their bus to Croke and will reckon Down have a bit of a soft belly. However, his fanaticism is nothing compared to what the smallest man in the pitch will bring. Based in Trinity, Conor Laverty will have thought every possibility through, just as he does in a micro-second on the pitch. He mightn't have many degrees or doctorates but he is a professor of the game and will be well aware that the last man in dearg agus dubh to lift a trophy in Dublin was DJ Kane. So I tip Down to take it in a high scoring game; when did Down last play Roscommon (if ever) at Croke ?

GAA Discussion / Oisin Mc Conville- This is your life
« on: September 09, 2012, 02:13:35 PM »
Wonderful tribute to Oisin at the Carrickdale last night.
Evening started in the Canal Court with Benny Tierney, Peter Canavan and partners. Oisin was caught completely by surprise when Aidan O'Rourke ( not the one who used to be the next Monaghan manager) ambushed him.
The Carrickdale was an epic , well organised and bunged.
From memory, the list of speakers/guests on stage were;
Micheal O Muireachertaigh, Joe Kernan, Tim Gregory, Oisin's Godmother, Jim and Jarlath,Brian D'Arcy, Colm Holmes, Shane Mulholland, Liam Hassett, John Bannon, Pat Mc Enaney,Jarlath Burns,Paddy Doherty, Sean O'Neill, Kieran Mc Geeney, Mc Entee twins, John Toal, Diarmuid Marsden, Paul Mc Grane, Mickey Linden,Paul Hearty, Stevie Mc Donnell, Brendan Mc Kernan, Daniel Mc Cartan,Dessie Dolan, Seamus Moynihan, Enda Muldoon,Brenadan Devanny,Sean Boylan,John Campbell,Ollie Short,Sister Consilio,people who Oisin has helped with their gambling addiction,Fr Mc Keever,Colm Keyes, Marty Morrisey, Mark Sidebottom,Brian Mc Alinden, Brian Canavan, Peter Makem,. There were other celebs/former and current players in the crowd such as Austin O'Callaghan, Thomas Kane, Thomas Niblock, Paddy Moriarty, a lot of the current Cross team.
There were appropriate memories of Oisin's late father and brother (Thomas) and James Hughes.
In addition to Oisin, Margaret Mc Conville was rightly acknowledged as a GAA great.
Most amusing part of the night was watching Sr Consilio and her colleage in stitches listening to Gene Fitzpatrick and a long and intense conversation between Geezer and Sean O'Neill.
Don't think we will ever see the likes of Oisin again and he can look forward to a long , happy and healthy life with his wife Darina and son.

GAA Discussion / Nudie Hughes/Setanta deal
« on: February 13, 2007, 10:44:19 PM »
Another excellent Laochra gael on TG4. He was a tremendous footballer with no fear.They didn't have his goal from the early 90s ( was it against Armagh?) when he sold a great dummy and buried it - I think it was covered by the BBC. That got me thinking about this deal the GAA have done with Setanta.Will we be able to see these great players in years to come if the rights have been sold?Does anyone know the terms of the deal, what did the GAA get,how long does it last and who were the negotiators ?

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