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Serious question. Would that hairstyle not have cost her time???

Maybe if it came down to 1000ths of a second.  Adeleke looked tired in the semi and she was slower again in the final.  I think her semi time would have got her the bronze.  Apparently the US college season is brutal in terms of the amount of racing they do. The runner Adeleke beat into 2nd in the NCAA final didn't make it out of her heat.  You could see at 250m her head was already rolling from side to side.  I think she was just knackered.  But she has huge potential and is now a genuine medal contender in future Olympics and World Champs.

Will Adeleke have to go back to America again?

That's a tough enough gig and only 20 years old.  Pity she couldn't get that level of training in Ireland but probably not available.

Great potential and hopefully she stays injury free.

She's turned pro so can't compete in the NCAA but will continue to train in Texas with the same coaches. Relatively few of the big meets she'll be targeting in future are in the US. Only one Diamond League event each year.

She will still be studying but obviously not running for Texas A&M.


Will she? Ineligible for her athletic scholarship obvs.
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Will she? Ineligible for her athletic scholarship obvs.

She has one more year of her degree left and it appears she will have the same coach so I presume she's going to at least finish her degree. She won't be training all day every day. I saw an article where it said she needed to factor in college fees into whatever financial package she'd get to go professional.


I ran a half marathon in Ratoath yesterday, didn't go to plan because of the extremely hot weather and I was disappointed after it.Heard this morning though that another runner died during it, times don't really matter when you hear something like that, getting home safely is all that matters. Very sad RIP.


Just wondering how people manage maintaining strength while taking up running?

Planning on doing a half marathon training plan over the next 12-16 weeks that will involve 4/5 sessions a week but don't want to lose too much strength in the mean time - has anyone a plan that includes running and gym work i.e. days to do double sessions, when best to work legs so as not to be fatigued on a run etc?


Do your strength sessions on your hard running days then you need the recovery anyway. Tbh you shouldn't need loads of hard running days anyway. Maximum 2 during week and your long run.