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is all championship games on a saturday
At least this is better than super 8s
The Novelty here is having championship games under lights
if the provincials were even teams like four eights it be ok but i do not like the unbalanced structure
Wiki says it was meant to be connaght and ulster champions in group A Munster and Lienster champions in Group B
The positive is the pressure of no second chances might make dublin nervous in leinster championship or could spur them on even more
leinster would not be that bad if their was no dublin lienster has eleven teams so you stiill have to win 3 games to become champions unlike connaght or munster where you some teams only need to win two games
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Wrong about what?

Quote from: Rossfan on June 25, 2020, 09:14:07 PM
The reported proposed football Championship just suits Kerry and Dublin

It still suits only Kery and Dublin.
Angelo  sure Galway have been favourites to take over from Dublin every year since 2016 ;D
On a serious note will many players opt out of Club and/or County?
Players who work in the Health Service e.g. Mc Caffrey, R Wylie or need to protect vulnerable relatives.
Look, Dublin have reached the semi final stage every year for the last 10 years or so. The only way a team like Dublin won't reach the semi final is if they are caught on the hop.

In this system, if Dublin are caught on the hop, they are out.
In the super 8 system, Dublin can afford to be caught on the hop twice and still make the semi final stage.

Add to that, they may have more games than teams in other provinces.
The basis of your argument is that they are better than other teams in their province. Being better than other teams is not unfair advantage, it is the aim. As I said, the hows and whys of them being better than other teams can be debated but that's another discussion.

So all in, I can't see how this year will suit Dublin more than any other season. And I can't see why you left Connacht teams out seeing there are only a handful of them and 2 of them are Division 4, more or less.

if there was an open drawn national knockout dublin would be more likely to get a kerry or mayo or donegal before semi final stage.
What time will all ireland final throw in  i personally prefer 4 or 4.30
32 team open knockout would have been great you would have had 16 games taking place over the country on weekend plenty of action then another 8 games the week after that then for quarter finals they could have gone 2 games saturday 2 games sunday.
i am very happy with the saturday final tho saturday under lights i would have all finals on a saturday if it was me.
when did they switch it so they have switched it to make it easier for a dublin v kerry final if thats the case why is their not a big uproar
once again the gaa scared of provinces provinces are destroying the game maybe should be abolished at all levels
why would you not be excited with limerick v wicklow a chance for both of them to advanced to the last 16 maybe potentially get a draw against another lower ranked team the way some fans go on you think they just want to see the same teams play each other over and over.
The GAA Have the opportunity for something special but probably wont do it as they are afraid it will be a success