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Can't find one (if there is one).

Anyone watch Calzaghe v Kessler? Great fight, kept you on the edge of your seat from go to wo.  Calzaghe a deserving enough winner on the volume of shots and style but Kessler had all the power, CAlzaghe could've hit him until next week and would never have knocked him down.  I'd fear for Calzaghe if he steps up to light heavy as seems to be his plan, as he really is powderpuff in the power stakes.  Kessler is a classy, powerful fighter and will surely be the next super middleweight champ if Joe moves up.  Fair play to Joe, he's up there with the greats, like Charlie Nash, hugh Russell and sam storey :P

i didnt see this fight but from reading some reports on it, it sounds like it was a cracker.
so is joe now going to take some fights over in the US? hopkins? what you think his chances would be at that weight? age is against him

Tyrone Dreamer:
Thought it was a great fight. Calazaghe is one of the all time greats. He was struggling early when he tried to turn it into a brawl with Kessler's power but showed how adoptable he can be to pick Kessler of with clever boxing for the rest of the fight. People say he has no power but his knockout rate speaks for itself and Kessler himself admitted to be being hurt by his punches. Kesslers face looked bad enough after the fight whereas you would hardly have known Calazghe was in a fight. Id say he only has 1 or 2 fights left as age will soon catch up on him but think he should still have enough left to account for an aging Hopkins. Dont think there's any other light heavyweights that he couldnt beat. Clinton Woods is fairly usefull at that weight but dont think it would be a big enough pay day to risk taking him on.

good fight even if i had to stay up to 1am to watch it

behind the wire:
sounds like it was a great fight. joe has said himself that hes nearly finished and will only be giving it one more year. would fancy him against hopkins i think (what age is hopkins now, must be 43 or 44) but in saying that it will probably turn into a brawl. id say that will be his next fight though as he has done all he can do at super middle.

im genuinely interested in the boxing but yet couldnt see the fight on sat night (dad wasnt at all happy with me suggesting subscription to setanta). big problem. gaa should take note.


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