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The Agreement - 25 years on

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As we approach the 25th anniversary what do people remember?  I went to watch The Agreement on the Lyric last night and it brought back memories of News watching and anticipation. It also gave a great insight into what likely happened behind the scenes that we did not know, in particular the pressure on Trimble in particular.

The Womens Coalition and David Ervine . The UUP was still the main Unionist party

I mainly remember the euphoria of the night it was all agreed.

Can't remember if it was in the lead up or the aftermath, but I was at an L&H (I think) sponsored debate at UCD where George Mitchell, Brid Rodgers (I think), David Ervine and others were there selling and celebrating the agreement. One of the Kennedy sisters was US ambassador at the time and also in the hall.

Only fly in the ointment was Robert McCartney, who got very angry when the crowd started hissing "shame" at some of his boloxology. "Shame on you" he roared. w**ker!

Ruth Patterson giving a completely reasonable well thought out response to it

Remember everyone at home cheering at the TV when the referendum result was announced. Remember the pack that was delivered to every home laying it all out.

Peelers getting burned out of their homes by their loyalist neighbours..

Car cavalcade down the Falls Road as if a UI had been announced.

David Ervine, standing behind Paisley at the gates of Stormont reminding Paisley that he can still remember the colour of his wallpaper in 74 when Paisley was proclaiming to the world that he would never sit down with "terrorists".


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