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Can't see a thread. Apologies if one exists.
I'll be having a punt on Glen for this. Kilcoo just not looking as strong but do have the ability to peak at the right time.
Cross look great but maybe it's just a year too soon.
Errigal great on paper but tyrone champs not been at the races in years.
Interesting dynamic with Jerome senior with ballbay.
Should be a cracking championship.

Saul goodman:
Be interesting definitely think Glen/Kilcoo or Cross are likely to win. Kilcoo just seem
To do enough to eek out wins and then hit peak form around now. Would love to see them play Cross there is a bit of bad blood between them two sides

Milltown Row2:
Canít look past the teams that are previous winnersÖ. EC have that in their locker despite the other Tyrone clubs records in Ulster, Kilcoo look to be struggling but they can grind teams down and get the resultsÖ

Glen wondering why they didnít win last year so will undoubtedly be right in the mix and being a Derry club team they have one of the best records in this competition. Cross club is phenomenal in Ulster so automatically they will bring that pedigree into it

Canít see the rest making any inroads unfortunately from an Antrim perspective, hoped to be proved wrong of course

Fear Bun Na Sceilpe:
Glen to win it and it will be dour


--- Quote from: Fear Bun Na Sceilpe on October 30, 2022, 11:06:57 PM ---Glen to win it and it will be dour

--- End quote ---

Agree. Glen will win it this year but Errigal will give them a game.


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