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Are there any rules for match-ups in the semi finals? Will they still try to have teams that already met apart?
General discussion / Re: On this day.
June 18, 2024, 04:43:34 PM
Quote from: quit yo jibbajabba on June 18, 2024, 04:10:43 PMJust missed it by a day but the day before  Ireland Italy, OJ had his car chase
At some point I was in a bar and OJ's face appeared on the TV

Which set off a chorus of "OH-jay, OH-jay, OH-jay ..." to the tune of Ole... from the assembled Irish fans.

After the Norway game I was in a bar (there was a pattern) and a couple of Norway fans came. After a few minutes they were standing on stools conducting the rest of the bar in singing "Thanks for beating England" and "Who put the ball in the England net, NORWAY, NORWAY" , (Norway had beaten England in qualifying)
General discussion / Re: On this day.
June 18, 2024, 03:41:09 PM
I was at that game in Giants Stadium, had just arrived in New York the day before. The Irish advantage in the number of fans was immense, Irish flags everywhere in the stadium. I was sitting high up behind the goal that Houghton scored in and for a fraction of a second I couldn't tell if the ball had gone in the goal or landed on top of the net, and then the roar told me.

My body was still on Irish time but somehow ended up out in a bar in Manhattan until closing time (4 am)

Ended up seeing six games in total, the four Irish games and Belgium/Netherlands and Brazil/Russia.

Delta Airlines used to have a one month stand-by pass that I used to fly around though waiting for a stand-by seat when thousands of Irish fans are all making the same journey was a bit hit or miss. Ended up getting from Orlando to New York via Miami while my checked-in baggage had already traveled direct to New York (pre 9/11 they didn't remove unaccompanied baggage)

In the pre internet days news traveled more slowly via phone calls and word of mouth. I remember learning about the Loughinsland massacre in dribs and drabs overhearing pieces in bars, the full horror didn't hit until a couple of days later.

GAA Discussion / Re: All Ireland prelim QFs
June 17, 2024, 11:26:01 PM
QuoteGalway v Monaghan, Pearse Stadium, 4pm, GAAGO
Tyrone v Roscommon, O'Neills Healy Park, 5pm, GAAGO
Mayo v Derry, Hastings Insurance MacHale Park, 6.30pm, GAAGO

Mayo v Derry at 2pm would have been a much more sensible time
Quote from: Hoof Hearted on June 17, 2024, 04:55:43 PMLouth v Cork, Grattan Park, Inniskeen, 3pm, GAAGO
Is there no ground in Louth than can host the game?
General discussion / Re: The Official Golf Thread
June 17, 2024, 12:20:09 AM
To miss one putt inside 5 feet, may be regarded as a misfortune; to miss two looks like carelessness.
General discussion / Re: The Official Golf Thread
June 16, 2024, 11:33:44 PM
Bryson trying to help out Rory
General discussion / Re: The Official Golf Thread
June 16, 2024, 11:10:04 PM
Back to back bogeys and now a bunker 
General discussion / Re: The Official Golf Thread
June 16, 2024, 10:18:02 PM
The putter is hot today
Putin says he will stop the war if Ukraine surrenders
General discussion / Re: The Official Golf Thread
June 13, 2024, 11:35:41 PM
Rory, all 4s and 3s, no bogeys, 65
"1v1 for all throw-ins"

That is almost what it is like at the moment. In most of the games I have seen, one pair of players push each other while the other pair compete for the ball.
Quote from: Blowitupref on June 11, 2024, 02:13:51 PMThe new point scoring zone good or bad idea? Trials to be held on four points for a goal also
"new point scoring zone"

-- Seems like a gimmick, if a player can reliably score from 40 yards then they should shoot. A two point score will just encourage people who shouldn't be shooting from that distance to have a go.

"four points for a goal"

-- take your points, goals will come, a cliche that arose because of players trying to go for goals that are not on rather than taking an available point, this will just encourage more of that. Another problem with the current possession style of football is players recycling the ball endlessly rather than taking a shot, i feel this will just encourage more recycling trying to work a goal chance.
Down / Re: Down Club Hurling & Football
June 11, 2024, 12:47:05 PM

"You can watch GAAGO directly on your tv via one of our on-tv apps (Roku, Apple TV, Google TV, Fire TV, Samsung TV, LG TV). "