2023 League Competition - Overall Winner is red hander

Started by GAABoardMod5, January 17, 2023, 01:01:36 AM

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Well done Red Hander for your consistency and thanks to everyone else for taking part. It's crazy to think that Farrandeelin RIP who started the competition passed away during it. GRMA Mod for the spreadsheet management.

It is and Farrandeelin RIP won last years Football Championship Predictions competition. Up to the GAABoardMod5 to decide but should the upcoming championship competition be named after the late Farrandeelin?

Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to run a championship competition this year.  Too much going on.

Fair enough.
Is the ref going to finally blow his whistle?... No, he's going to blow his nose

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Thanks mod, a lot of work went into that
I went all out, copied red handers results and reversed them, nothing to lose
Needless to say I got 0 outta 4
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Well done red handler and thanks GAA mid 5. Enjoyed it fully.


Well played, red hander. And, of course, thanks to Mod5 for doing such a stellar job. 👏👏👏


 Cheers Mod5, the competition definitely adds an extra bit of interest to the matches. Thanks for the effort. Well done Red Hander too.
That was never a square ball!!

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If there was a cship competition, there wouldn't have been many 100%s this weekend
Mayo Cork and Leitrim highly fancied I'd imagine
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