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Belfast GAA man:
Anyone worried at the state of the GAA Belfast?

- Colin Gaels field no boys team in hurling and football
- McDermotts has folded 3 or4 years ago
- Dwyers has no teams
- St Agnes/Eire Og/ Lisburn are amalgamated at juvenile level to field
- St Teresas & Davitts aren't fielding at u16 and minor

Many clubs are also struggling with only one pitch unlike many south west clubs who have 2 pitches....

Belfast GAA man:
The point is that the overall player numbers/clubs is down over the last decade and no new clubs are emerging - Colin Gaels is in a highly populated area and it's disappointing not to see a new strong club emerge
St Enda's, a North Belfast club, moved to North Antrim for hurling and South West Antrim for football some years ago due to a lack of games in Belfast
My own take is that we as an organisation are spending, and I know this is heresy to say, too much money & time on coaching and not enough time on proper fixturing. Teams are training for 7/8 months and only getting 10 or 12 games and hence players walk away....

Well when we provide U16s footballers with an 8 game league - 8 games - that's just not good enough Soccer by contrast is able to provide 20 games in a row, without fail, every Saturday am.

If we can't get more than 5 teams to enter Div 1 U16 football in south Antrim, then its time to move to all county.

Agree with brendan ....some serious big clubs opting out of div 1 u16 ..can't deal with competition.
This has a negative impact on junior clubs underage teams. They are trying to compete in an uneven playing field. Players drift away due to one side nature of games in S A . (Or they move to super clubs ! )    this is wrong .
In SW your league position is determined by how your  team did two years previously.
I think a 3 grade u16 all county league is the way to improve..player sustainability .

Did anyone ever try to copy the dublin clubs model?south west teams have 2 pitches because they put massive amounts of work in. Are ckubs in belfast doin enough?i dont think it.playing the blame game?leaving it to schools to do the work? I understand facilities are a big factor and room for expansion isnt really feasible but generally when enough people put there shoulder to the wheel through hard work and positivity things improve.if your club is in bother why not approach a dublin club to view there model and how they got the players back.i read that burren went to dublin to see how one club operated.


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