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Milltown Row2:
Ok to facilitate the up and coming convention and various plots that are going on at the minute..

Deleted the one I set up at the same time MR2 so as not to confuse...

The topic we left was re BM and the position of PRO. Yes he has been there before and obviously had a very mixed bag experience.

He is built into the Saffron Vision attempt to introduce a new level of professionalism into how our county affairs are conducted. After all PR is his business.

On the basis that he envisages some/many/all of the Saffron Vision group getting elected he is probably a lot more confident that the end result of this will see a more capable board who will represent Antrim in a vastly improved way.

On that basis he is happy to allow his name to go forward once again!

R u his pro bannside or did he tell u that lol

The thing is the vision is saying out with all things old and in with the new, some of the names listed were old also!

Dunloy realist:
For the ordinary person/supporter they will want to know what difference anyone new coming in will bring that the old guard didnt?

Basically how are we going to get our hurling out of Div 2 and our football out of the depths of Div4? When will casement start? why hasnt dunsilly started even tho a tender was a pproved and a contractor appointed?

That is what they will ask. How can these new people bring it about.


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