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JC, this is first election we have to vote in the Strangford constituency.  The nationalist choice isn't great compared to our previous constituency of South Down.  I feel a bit dis-enfranchised!  :o 
General discussion / Re: Car Insurance!!!!!
May 30, 2024, 02:18:27 PM
Got a great deal recently with Hastings for my 19 year old daughter who has been driving for two years.  Her own policy (with telematics) for her own wee runaround.  The price was a couple of thousand pound less than any other quotes.  I still can't believe how cheap it was in comparison to others (about £850 was the price).  Keep thinking we missed something in the small print!!  Her previous insurers flat out refused to quote this year.
Hopefully full strength team out tonight and get at least a point.  Don't fancy a last day nail biter!  Kilmarnock are owed one for this season.
Shiteing it!  :) If Celtic play to their potential they will win but these games take on a life of their own.
Quote from: gallsman on April 27, 2024, 06:59:38 PMTo think the Kilcoo boys thought they were too good for the Down team. Johnston just fell over at the end there.

Armagh were awful but Down are a dreadful outfit. Would have been a travesty to see them in the AI series.
Some speak from an Antrim man.
Hopefully Callum McG is good to go for Sunday.  With him, Reo and CCV on the pitch Celtic are so much better (stating the obvious)!  illdecide usually hears a whisper or two, any word?!
Agree with that.  Scales had a couple of months when he played well above his normal level but he's been poor for a while.  It's not been a great season but I think there is still a decent chance that the league can be won, just need to win every game from here on!  Benfica didn't help Celtic's cause last night either.
Down / Re: Down Club Hurling & Football
March 15, 2024, 11:10:43 AM
Quote from: Back2Winning on March 13, 2024, 10:09:49 PMKilcoo - K Lacey
Burren - E McCartan
CPN - J Boyle
Clonduff - G Adams
Mayobridge - B Murray
Carryduff - F Moriarty
Loughinisland - C O'Toole
Bredagh - ????
Ballyholland - S Mulholland
Castlewellan - C McCabe

Longstone - C Brannigan
Bryansford - J Magorrian
RGU - K Duffin & C McCrickard
Rostrevor - DJ Morgan
Saval - P Morrison
Saul - D Lynch
Liatroim - P Murray
Shamrocks - DJ Kane
An Riocht  - C Kelly
St John's - S Curran

Glenn - S Clark?
Drumgath - P Hynes
Annaclone- J Clarke
Ballymartin- Barry Cunningham
Attical - M Rafferty
Tullylish - R McShane
Drumaness - L Sloan
Banbridge- P Feeney
Bosco - M McVeigh
Finn - M Copeland

Darragh - B Mason
St Paul's- P Hannigan
Bright - Aidan Clark
Dromara - J Fegan
Teconnaght - C Laverty
Kilclief - S Curran
Ardglass - K Smyth
Dundrum - R McCartan
East Belfast - C O'Neill
Aghaderg - K Blaney
St Michael's - L McAlinden
Glasdrumman - N McKibben

Would this list of Down senior football club managers for 2024 above be correct??

S Curran not with Kilclief and pretty sure K Smyth gone from Ardglass.
General discussion / Re: TV Show recommendations
March 15, 2024, 11:06:44 AM
Also enjoying Shógun but the guy playing Blackthorne is a terrible actor and I can barely make out a word he is saying (might be my hearing tho!).  He's like a third rate Tom Hardy.  Second season of Full Swing was decent I thought.
Lucky win last night.  No pace or aggression at the moment and very slow and laboured playing out from the back.  In mitigation CCV and Reo are massive players to be missing from that team.  They also really miss Jota, he was a league above any of the other wingers we have but he was never gonna turn down whatever money he was offered.  I don't think getting rid of the manager would solve anything at this point.  Just need to dog it out this season and hope for the best.

I'm not really up on all the Board issues, has there been a major change there since Ange left or what is the craic? 
Don't know what Idah brings that big Oh doesn't already (which isn't much imo)!  Need a left back as we've all said but I don't know who is out there that has the quality Celtic want and is willing to come.  Performance against Ross County last week was not good and to add into the negative column the pitch is in an awful state.  I'd say the manager is having second thoughts about his return, never mind what the fans think about his return!
Atlético Madrid looking at O'Riley apparently.  Would be a huge loss.  Pretty underwhelming transfer window so far.
General discussion / Re: Running
January 05, 2024, 10:12:08 AM
Quote from: LC on January 05, 2024, 06:21:10 AMCould do with a bit of advice.

Currently running with Mizuno Wave Horizon 6 shoes, they are grand but I would be prone to calf strains so looking to further minimise impact.  Are there any in soles out there that any one would recommend?


Hoka Clifton 8's.  Hoka can be quite expensive but these have worked really well for me in helping with calf and achilles problems.  Not the most up to date version of the Clifton but you will usually find a good deal on some of the usual websites.

Agree with the boys also, the strength work is crucial and take the easy days really easy!
Reo looked very upset after the match last night, not sure what that was all about?  Things looking up but definitely need a couple of areas strengthened in January.
Any chance of a result this evening?  As the boys above are saying, not playing well at the moment.  I've kinda written Europe off this season already.  I'd take a decent performance and a draw!