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Started by full back, November 10, 2006, 08:13:49 AM

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Hard to know. If you were asked which team is in the best position, you'd say Arsenal. And most supporters would say the same. There's an element of papering over the cracks with the FA cup win. But a trophy is a trophy.
That said, to build and aim towards a title, which every club wants to be aiming for, CL is more important to attract players.
If Arsenal continue to build, then I think they'll be happy to forgo the cups. But if they don't win anything in the next few years, then maybe they'll look back and wish they had at least picked up a cup.
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Quote from: snoopdog on May 28, 2024, 09:17:23 AMWhen Arsenal look back on 2 failed title challenges and also no silverware whatsoever, but in same time United won 2 trophies with a poor side. Is qualifying for the CL a bigger success than winning a trophy???

To the money men it is.

But unless you have  a real chance of winning the CL , what's the point?  Only City would    have a hope of winning it  next season so I'd rather have a FA cup win.

Do fans  reminisce about "remember that time we finished fourth? Ah, great days!"...... or  like Wigan/Leicester  , do they have  memories of a lifetime  from Winning the FA Cup?

I'd imagine Newcastle or Villa fans would rip  your arms off for a FA cup win


Martial gone. That's one  piece of deadwood gone  anyway

I wonder who  will follow

"It's with great emotion that I write to you today to say goodbye," he wrote on social media.

"After nine incredible years at the club, the time has come for me to turn a new page in my career.

"Since I arrived in 2015, I have had the immense honour of wearing this shirt and playing in front of you, the best supporters in the world. Manchester United will always be in my heart."

I am sure the feeling is mutual.  Been better saying nothing.


Quote from: Saffrongael on May 26, 2024, 10:06:37 PM
Quote from: Capt Pat on May 26, 2024, 09:27:40 PMI think Ten Hags main job was to make progress in the premier league and in Europe. He failed abysmally at that task, getting knocked out of Europe completely at the first hurdle and dropping to a poor 8th in the premier league. Does the fa cup win make up for that. I don't think so. He was lucky to face an off form City in the final.

The only question to be answered is who replaces him.

Give it to Giggsy

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