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GAA Discussion / O’Byrne Cup 2024
December 29, 2023, 10:45:10 PM
The big one kicks off next week.

This year it's sponsored by Dioralyte known for its effective relief from diarrhea and hangovers. Apt for this time of year and the standard of football we're likely to see. Maybe patrons will get free sachets to self medicate in the stands.

This weeks fixtures

Wicklow vs Wexford

Carlow vs Kildare
Laois vs Offaly

Meath vs Louth
Longford vs Westmeath
Wic/Wex Vs Car/Kil
Lao/Off vs Dublin

Edit to remove ALL CAPS in title...
GAA Discussion / Leinster SFC 2023
April 10, 2023, 01:57:30 PM
Well with Clares win against Cork, Meath need to reach the final to avoid the Tailteann Cup.

Offaly beat Longford
Wicklow beat Carlow

Qtr Finals 22/04/23

Westmeath vs Louth
Offaly vs Meath
Laois vs Dublin
Kildare vs Wicklow
GAA Discussion / O’Byrne Cup 2023
January 02, 2023, 06:59:08 PM

The big one returns this week.

Wednesday, 4th January 2023    

Wexford  v  Kildare
Louth  v  Westmeath
Laois    v  Longford
Carlow  v  Meath
Wicklow  v  Dublin
Offaly  Bye   

Colm's first game on charge. He's picked a few new faces for the game in Carlow. Looking forward to seeing how the Moriarty brothers from Curragha do. Reasonably strong side out. We need to find a new midfield pairing as Menton might have retired but not certain.

Sean Brennan - Dunderry,

James O'Hare - Rathkenny,
Harry O'Higgins - Drumbaragh,
Sean Rafferty - Na Fianna,

Eoin Harkin - Dunsany,
Donal Keogan - Rathkenny,
Cathal Hickey - Seneschalstown,

Daithi McGowan - Ratoath,
Brian Conlon - Simonstown,

Conor Moriarty - Curraha,
Darragh Campion - Skryne,
Jason Scully - Oldcastle,

Mathew Costello - Dunshaughlin,
Diarmuid Moriarty - Curraha,
Aaron Lynch - Trim

Subs: Harry Hogan Longwood, Conor Quigley Trim, Robin Clarke Duleek Bellewstown, Michael Flood St. Brigid's, Shane McEntee Dunboyne, Jack O'Connor Curraha, Donal Lenihan Dunboyne, Cillian O'Sullivan Moynalvey, Keith Curtis Rathkenny
GAA Discussion / Leinster Championship 2020
November 01, 2020, 09:31:08 AM
Today's games at 13:30

Louth vs Longford

Wexford vs Wicklow

Offaly vs Carlow

Expecting Longford, Wicklow and Offaly to come through.
GAA Discussion / Leinster Minor Football 2021
October 17, 2020, 06:34:59 PM
Meath ........ 1-15
Dublin .......... 0-7

Louth 0-15
Wexford 0-06

Wicklow 4-14
Longford 3-09
GAA Discussion / NFL Division 1 - 2020
January 07, 2020, 12:18:22 AM


3 weeks to go till it starts off. We have Tyrone in Omagh first. It's a really big game for us as we will need to pick up every point we can to stay up. We will need all guns blazing in the first game. We have a good number of newcomers from the underage ranks coming through like Matthew Costello, Shane Walsh, Brian Conlon and David Toner as well the return of a few seasoned campaigners from the O'Dowd era such as the Wallace brothers, Donal Lenihan, and Ronan Jones. Óisín O'Brien is another new addition to the squad though he's in his late twenties.

We have a few injuries ahead of this game which are concerning though. We are without Mickey Newman, Paraic Harnan and possibly Lenihan who had only just rejoined the squad. There might be others on the injured list but I'm not sure.

Obviously the big talking point in Tyrone is the loss of McShane this week which certainly helps us. That aside though how fired up would Tyrone be for the league in reality?

Other first round games

Kerry vs Dublin
Mayo vs Donegal
Galway vs Monaghan
GAA Discussion / O’Byrne Cup 2019-2020
December 04, 2019, 01:40:00 PM
Here we go. Christmas comes early this year with the return of the OBC early December.

O'Byrne Cup S.F. 2020

Group 1 – Kildare, Longford, Carlow & Wicklow

Group 2 – Laois, Offaly & Wexford

Group 3 – Meath, Louth & Westmeath

Dates: Dec 7, Dec 14, Jan 4. Semi-finals Jan 11. Final Jan 17/18

We're out against Louth this weekend. Very young team with some good prospects lining out including Costello, Toner and Jack O'Connor. Hard to know they'll fare, depends on how Louth are treating this.

Meath (O'Byrne Cup SF v Louth) –

Dominic Yorke;

Robin Clarke, Brian Conlon, David Toner;
Gavin McCoy, Eoin Lynch, Sean Reilly;

Bryan Menton, Donal Keogan;

Jack O'Connor, Darragh Campion, Jason Scully;
Jordan Morris, Thomas O'Reilly, Mathew Costello.

Subs: Harry Hogan, James Conlon, Oisin O'Brien, Thomas Murtagh, Ben Brennan, Shane Walsh, Caolach Halligan, Conor McGill.
1 week turnaround is going to be a killer. It'll be interesting to see how we go but to honest I don't know how much fuel we have left in the tank for these three games but I think we can get a result somewhere and at the very least bloody a few noses of the big boys.

"Que sera sera" to be quite honest
Are Dublin any use this year?
GAA Discussion / Meath vs Laois, 9th June
May 26, 2019, 06:23:38 PM
I honestly thought we'd be meeting Westmeath in the semi final given their form so far this year. Should be a good battle this one as arguably both Meath and Laois are about Division 2 standard despite our promotion. Woolly's podcast will be interesting in the next 2 weeks as he went to our game yesterday. He'll have to talk about us now. Maybe bring John Cullenane on as a special guest in the run up.
Three weeks to go till the big one.

Just trying to think when we last met in the championship, must have been back in 2011 (I think) in Portlaoise. Only Mickey Burke still in the team from that year. I remember his being caught out of position and Offaly getting in for a goal. We won anyway but wasn't a great year for us.

This game used to be big enough to be played in Croker but not these days but hopefully our new found optimism will bring out a crowd at home. We really targeted the league and were by some accounts championship fit since January. How that will stand to us in May I'm not sure as there's a lot of county football been played already and club championship already underway. I'd like to think we'd have enough to win this one but we've been poor the last two years and Offaly do like to scupper our plans from time to time (1997 and 2000 stick in the memory).

We play Roscommon in a challenge game on the 28th before then which might be a good test of where we stand.

GAA Discussion / O’Byrne Cup 2019
December 08, 2018, 10:17:16 AM
Kicking off tonight. No idea of groups or whatever way they're playing it this time.

Decent Meath team named. Great to have Newman back. 5 debuts.

Meath (O'Byrne Cup v Laois): Andrew Colgan; Seamus Lavin, Bryan Menton, Ronan Ryan; James McEntee, Donal Keogan, Gavin McCoy; Sean Tobin, Adam Flanagan; Danny Quinn, Darragh Campion, Bryan McMahon; James Conlon, Michael Newman, Thomas O'Reilly.

Subs: Andrew Beakey, Shane Gallagher, Thomas McGovern, Niall Kane, Shane McEntee, Graham Reilly, Owen McDonnell, Niall Hickey.

Something that has been simmering for years now appears to be coming to the fore in a nation, over 27 years since the end of apartheid and 8 years since hosting the World Cup, it looks like motions have been put in place by the government to forcefully dispossess white landowners after years of pressure from the quasi-communist EFF party.

Having got to know a number of Zimbabweans in my time who's family fled Mugabe and of course we are all pretty aware of the fate of that country as a result i think we might be at the moment where South Africa completely goes off the rails.

Despite the promises of the rainbow nation idea the welfare of its black citizens have barely improved and the murder rates have skyrocketed, white farmers and their staff have been brutally preyed upon with police turning a blind eye. The civil infrastructure is crumbling with failures in sewage, water and electricity networks repeatedly failing.
General discussion / Potterin' about...
March 07, 2017, 11:04:22 PM
Like my Dad I'm probably at my most content doing a bit of work round the house or in local parlance "potterin' about the place". Just doing a bit to keep her shipshape and to stop herself staging a mutiny. Happy as Larry fixing stuff up and it's a good excuse to head down to the hardware shop with the young lad and talk about tools and the like.

I have to say cutting the grass has to be the best job or anything in the garden, followed by fixing anything electrical though there is little of that I can do properly. Worst jobs for me is hanging shelves and washing the car. Ever since we moved into a plasterboard house shelf hanging had been a pain. The house is now held together by polyfiller. As for the car, I'm happy to let it get dirty enough to grow moss on it then take it down the garage. There's lads up the road from me washing theirs every weekend. Couldn't be doing that, the garage can have my £3 every few months.

Any one else do a bit of potterin' about?
GAA Discussion / Meath Vs Kildare - 5th Feb, Navan
January 24, 2017, 10:02:38 PM
Well Andy should have a squad picked soon enough and I'd say he has a good idea of what the starting line up is bar three or four positions.

My starters for the league would be as below though if Michael Newman can get fit again I'd get him in ahead of Ward. Same for Conor McGill at corner back instead of Curren but that not Currens strongest position anyway.

J Hannigan;

S Curran, D Keogan, M Burke;
C Downey, B Power, A Forde;

B Menton, A Flanagan;

C O'Sullivan, G Reilly, P Kennelly;
B McMahon, F Ward, D Lenihan.
GAA Discussion / New Stadium for the Dubs - Spawell
January 19, 2017, 09:04:29 PM
Sorry to start another stadium thread.

I understand there is a move to build a 25,000 seater stadium next to the M50. Does this mean Parnell Park is up for sale if it goes ahead.

So where does that put the picture of stadia in Leinster? Navan is getting rebuilt, Newbridge too? Anyone else need a stadium? Louth?
Looking forward to this. When did we last meet in the championship? Must have been in the 80's but I honestly can't recall a time.

Oisín was on second captains and he reckons Meath will win but that we are also good enough to reach a semi-final which I think is entirely plausible so long s we don't suffer any psychological damage from the Dublin game which I don't think we should.
GAA Discussion / Meath vs Dublin - 26/06/16
June 12, 2016, 09:57:44 PM
Ah sure, I suppose we might give them a game. Maybe the lads might show us something we haven't seen from them yet on the occasion.

Here's hoping but if its a more respectable scoreline ala 2012 or 2013 rather than 2014 I suppose we can only take it as some sort of positive.

Dublin 1/50 to win, Meath 14/1 and 28/1 to draw on Paddy Power. Might just throw a few quid on the latter two.
Great occasion for Meath hurling. Its been a long old climb up the rankings but to finally make it past Kildare this year and on to the CR final its a great achievement no matter what happens. Not that we'll be only making up the numbers, look at what Westmeath did to the Cats at U21, so this could be the year of up sets.

Hopefully we'll be well represented in Croke Park on the day.