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Started by laoislad, December 28, 2006, 07:07:48 PM

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Im a big Golf fan both playing and watching so thought this be a good thread for anyone who shares my love of the game, Be it course's you played on,Hints and tips or how the Pros are doing well this is the place to post!


As an 18 handicapper  :-\ here are my 3 most important tips for golf:

1) keep your head down
2) keep your stupid head down
3) keep your goddamn stupid head down

My target for 2007 is to have a 16 handicap.
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got a Taylor made R5 driver for Christmas
hope that is helps launch my drives even further and keeps them straighter

other than that I am the Irish happy Gilmore


Just started a Fantasy Golf League on Yahoo.

Name/Group: Gaa Board

Group ID# 15645

Password: golf07

Never did golf before but lets see how it goes.

Sign up before 4 Jan 07
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The hardest thing is too get a game though isn't it..I'll play 4 or 5 times one month and will be acutally staring to get somewhere with my game then i won't play for 3 months then im right back where i started


I play a lot of golf and have a handicap of about 8, the problem is that from October to the end of March you cant play around here because it is so feckin cold so I take the odd long weekend and head off to warmer climes to get to play a bit, now this really messes with your game and handicap because I would play off about twelve or thirteen in the winter months and I get back down to 7 or eight just as the season is coming to an end and that blows.

The great thing is that I can join a good club over here for $500.00 and play all summer long, I used to play warrenpoint back in the day and it cost me about 22 quid for 18 holes and I shudder to think what it costs now.
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Square Ball

Warrenpoint fees now:

WEEKDAYS: £28.00


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sure thats only about what 50euro? I played in Druids Glen in Wicklow last summer and it was 90euro and it should have been more only my  brother was getting married there so we got a reduced rate


Thanks square ball. One of these years I am going to come home to play in the harps outing but I really want to play the point to see how much I have improved, the last time I played it I shot an 87 but I think I can do a bit better, it is a lovely course.

Armagh Golf Course is really getting worse, every time I go home I play there and it is in worse shape.
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Anyone have good tips for a new Driver? Wanna spend around 200-300euro


Bought the PING G5 driver last summer. Its the real deal. PLayed to about 5 shots below handicap after about 4 weeks.
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If anyone is near a Golf Works shop they have a great sale on.I bought a lovely Nike jumper for 25euro it should have been 57euro..And no i don't work for them im a Garda


Cheers Mcguyver there is a Golf Works beside me in Lucan..Any chance you'd get me off with a speeding ticket??? ;)


Whats the story with Setanta Sports Golf Channel. Does anybody know how to get it? Does it cost extra?


Don't think it's launced yet but from what i can gather it will be free on Ntl digital not 100% sure on that though