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Started by Cúig huaire, November 19, 2009, 01:34:00 PM

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Cúig huaire

Quote from: Donagh on November 19, 2009, 01:20:40 PMI did not threaten O'Neill, I respectfully asked him to clarify two comments he muttered out of the corner of his mouth on two different threads – coincidently with remarks very similar to those you have been making. Given his history on here I believe he could be trusted to discuss something rationally though any respect I had for him has been seriously diminished.

Firstly Donagh could you explain the highlighted bit for me? How does someone actually mutter out of the corner of his mouth on an internet discussion board?

Are you now backing down from Shane?
Quote from: Donagh on November 19, 2009, 01:02:50 AMHowever, you're acting there like you have some information on me ONeill. If you want to be taken seriously, spit it out into the open, even better how about relaying it back to my face? Otherwise take your adolescent behaviour back to your classroom where it may be appreciated.

On a side note Donagh my lunch break is almost over, so unlike Sinn Fein dole scum like yourself I may not be available to reply immediately. If I get a chance later this afternoon I`ll check in to have a look at your ramblings.  ;)
As another poster has already said could you try to keep this thread on topic, if you want to start a thread on the hypocricy of todays republican movement please do so. This thread is the "Official FAI Thread", Ireland is a foreign country to the likes of you.  ;)
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Oops, wrong thread and I see I've been to the post anyway.
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Quote from: ziggysego on November 30, 2009, 12:05:34 PM
Ireland ask for extra 2010 World Cup place

Fifa's Sepp Blatter has revealed the Ireland have requested a spot in the 2010 World Cup finals as an extra team after their play-off defeat.

Ireland lost to an extra-time goal against France when Thierry Henry handled the ball during the build-up.

"I will bring it to the attention of the Executive Committee," said Blatter.

The president of football's world governing body added that goal-line technology and extra referees would be considered for the South Africa finals.

Sourced BBCi: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/internationals/8386207.stm

Are we really looking for an extra place.  :(

Good that goal line technology is being considered.


FFS let it go.  We were not guaranteed to get through if the 'goal' hadn't been scored... enough is enough.
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I cant find the proper FAi thread?

Delaney hits out at GAA's stance on Croker
16 January 2010

John Delaney has claimed the FAI and IRFU might not have gone ahead with the Aviva Stadium development if they had known Croke Park would be available to them in the long term.

The GAA only agreed to open its doors to soccer and rugby in 2007 on a temporary basis, but the financial success of staging international games at Croke Park has seen a change in attitude in the GAA, and it is expected that a motion will passed at Congress in April which will give Central Council the power to open the stadium to other sports in the future.

But speaking after yesterday's announcement that the Republic of Ireland's glamour friendly on March 3 against Brazil will take place in Arsenal's Emirates Stadium and not Croke Park, the FAI chief executive again ruled out a return for the international soccer team to GAA headquarters for at least 10 years, stating that the GAA's initial position forced soccer and rugby chiefs to redevelop Lansdowne Road and sign long-term contracts with sponsors and suppliers.

"Had it been made clear going in that Croke Park would remain open in the longer term, I think that discussion could have taken place," the Waterford native said.

"But it was made clear to both Philip Browne (IRFU CEO) and myself when we attended the first meetings that Croke Park was not going to become available to us in the longer haul." http://www.hoganstand.com/ArticleForm.aspx?ID=122595


What a p***k that lad is.
Everyone knows the only reason Croke Park was made available for Soccer and Rugby Internationals was beacause Lansdowne Road was being redeveloped.
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From the Bunker

Posted on football365.com

Apologies for dragging this up again!


Posted 17/01/10 21:35

Thierry Henry will face FIFA's disciplinary committee on Monday over his infamous handball against the Republic of Ireland.

The French striker's case will come before FIFA after it was referred to disciplinary chiefs by the world governing body's executive committee last month.

Henry's handball in the run-up to William Gallas' decisive goal in the World Cup qualifying play-off for France led to FIFA agreeing to have another look at video evidence, as well as considering whether to take action against the 32-year-old former Arsenal player.

The outcome is uncertain however - Henry's defence will argue that FIFA's disciplinary code does not give the committee the ability to punish such incidents. Under current rules, only the illegal use of a hand to prevent a goal being scored is covered in relation to possible sanctions.

It may be therefore that the Barcelona striker escapes with a warning or a fine rather than a ban which would rule him out for one of more matches in the World Cup finals in South Africa this summer.

The Football Association of Ireland were infuriated by the goal and demanded a replay, even suggesting they should be allowed to go to the World Cup as a 33rd team.


Brady steps down from Irish post
Saturday, 13 February 2010 12:34

Liam Brady has put club before country and confirmed he will be standing down as assistant manager of the Republic of Ireland in April.

The former international winger will stand down as Giovanni Trapattoni's assistant when his contract expires.

Brady explained: 'The decision to end my involvement with Ireland has been taken in light of my continued work as director of youth development at Arsenal.

'The Ireland role required me to be away a lot of time and although Arsenal made clear they would have been quite happy for me to continue, I have decided it is not right in the circumstances to remain in position after I complete my contract this April.

'I thank the Football Association of Ireland and everyone involved in the Irish set-up. It has been a great personal experience for me and I wish Giovanni, Marco (assistant manager, Tardelli) and all the players all the very best for the coming campaign.'

The FAI confirmed on their website that next month's international against Brazil will be Brady's last match with the Republic - fittingly it takes place at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium.

Trapattoni said: 'Liam has been a great asset to the Ireland management team and we will all be sorry to see him go after his last match with us against Brazil.

'He has done a great job here and I know all of the players join me in wishing him every continued success at Arsenal.'

FAI chief executive added John Delaney added: 'Liam is a legend of Irish football and a gentleman to work with.

'He has impressed everyone here at the FAI with his dedication and commitment.

'His lifetime of experience at the highest levels in the game, in Italy, England and Ireland brought a necessary dynamic to the original building of the team and contributed significantly to the success of the last campaign.

'We wish him all the very best in his continuing role at Arsenal.'

The Worker

Hope trapp stays. Think he can guide us to the poland and Ukraine


Has the real FAI thread been deleted? I think it has.

Bad noises about Trap anyway. He's been linked with at least a couple of jobs a week for the last while. Can't be all smoke and no fire.

Archie Mitchell

New Ireland jersey.


These new Umbro "Tailored" jersies are unreal. The quality of all 3 City jersies are immense, I have 2 of them and best jersey I have seen/owned in a long time. They come in chest sizes rather than the traditional small, medium, large etc sizes.

Dinny Breen

QuoteBad noises about Trap anyway. He's been linked with at least a couple of jobs a week for the last while. Can't be all smoke and no fire.

And Brady has jumped ship too, probably doesn't want to be around when the Trapp leaves..

Doogie Browser

The Worker

Nice top! when is it released?

Is it possible to get it without the 'eircon' logo?

Archie Mitchell

Quote from: The Worker on February 15, 2010, 06:16:43 PM
Nice top! when is it released?

Is it possible to get it without the 'eircon' logo?

11th March. They will be wearing it for the Brazil game.

I'm pretty sure none of them will have 'eircon' on it, but the replica ones will have 'Eircom' on them  ;)

Ireland are the only country to have a sponsor on their replica jersey.