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General discussion / Technical issues?
April 23, 2019, 05:15:31 AM
Was the board offline for the last day or so? Tried on multiple devices, home, public, corporate networks etc.
Amazed this hasn't already been posted (apologies if I've missed it.)

The Indo have named their top 25 clubs in the history of the All Ireland Club Championship.

1 Nemo rangers (cork)

The trophy cabinet doesn't lie. Nemo Rangers' haul of seven All-Ireland (1973, '79, '82, '84, '89, '94, 2003) and 15 Munster titles since 1972 leaves them with a substantial lead over all other clubs. A model of on and off-field efficiency, their structures, vision and dedication to the cause has enabled them to thrive on all fronts.

2 crossmaglen rangers (armagh)

Four All-Ireland (1997, '99, 2000, '07) and eight Ulster titles since 1996 is a remarkable return and, on Thursday, they will attempt to further close the gap on Nemo Rangers. The occupation of their grounds for many years by the British Army certainly didn't break their spirit -- on the contrary it solidified their determination to be a focal point for the local community.

3 st finbarr's (cork)

They haven't won a Cork title for a long time but their successes between 1979 and 1987, during which time they won three All-Ireland and four Munster titles, keeps them in third place on the honours table. It was a glory period for 'The Barrs', who also won two All-Ireland hurling titles. Among their dual players were Jimmy Barry-Murphy, John Allen, Christy Ryan and Donal O'Grady.

4 st vincent's (dublin)

One of the most famous clubs in GAA history, they won All-Ireland titles in 1976 and 2008 and have also won four Leinster titles. Among the star names on the 1976 team were Gay O'Driscoll, Brian Mullins, Tony Hanahoe, Jimmy Keaveney, Bobby Doyle, Mickey Whelan, Fran Ryder and Dave Billings. Current Dublin manager Pat Gilroy was on the 2008 team.

5 burren (down)

They ended a barren decade without a Down title last year but lost to Crossmaglen in the Ulster championship. It was all very different back in the 1980s when they won two All-Ireland (1986, '88) and five Ulster titles in a six-year period with a team which featured Tommy, Brendan and Vincent McGovern, Paddy O'Rourke and John Treanor.


One of the younger clubs in the GAA (it was founded in 1959), it has developed into one of the most formidable outfits, a position it seems set to maintain into the future from its large, well-organised base in south Dublin. Two All-Ireland (1995 and 2009) and four Leinster titles have already been secured.


Given their table-topping performances in Leinster, where they lead the table with seven titles, they would have expected to win more than one All-Ireland, but their 1983 triumph remains their only success. Liam Scully captained the '83 team which also featured Colm and Gerry Browne, Eamonn Whelan, Tom Prendergast and Pat Critchley.


It's the top Connacht club, having won one All-Ireland and five provincial titles. Clan na nGael (Roscommon) have won seven Connacht titles but failed to make the All-Ireland breakthrough. Corofin's All-Ireland win in 1998 was the pre-cursor to Galway's breakthrough in what was a special year for Ray Silke, who captained club and county to the ultimate prizes.


One All-Ireland (1992) and three Munster titles is their haul so far. Colm Cooper was team mascot in '92 and is a key figure on the current team which reached the 2010 Munster final, losing to Nemo Rangers.


Inter-county success continues to elude Antrim but St Gall's have delivered in style on the club scene, winning one All-Ireland (2010) and three Ulster finals while being runners-up in three provincial and one All-Ireland campaign.


Their All-Ireland success came in 1972 when, captained by Larry Diamond, they beat UCC in the final in Croke Park in front of a few hundred spectators. They have since gone on to win two Ulster titles and were beaten finalists three times.


One All-Ireland (2005) and three Connacht titles puts them in the same bracket as Crossmolina, but Ballina were provincial runners-up more often than their fellow Mayo men. Their big breakthrough came in '05 when they beat Portlaoise in the All-Ireland final.


Tom Nallen captained them to All-Ireland glory against Nemo Rangers in the 2001 final, and they have also won three Connacht titles. They were outsiders against Nemo in '01 but with Ciaran McDonald and James Nallen leading the way, they stunned the Corkmen in a final that was delayed by a month due to the foot and mouth outbreak.


With Croke Park under redevelopment, the 2002 All-Ireland final was played in Thurles, which appeared to give Nemo Rangers an advantage, but Ballinderry turned in an excellent performance to win by seven points and take the title for the first time. They won Ulster titles in 1981 and 2001 and were runners-up in '08.


Remarkably, a return of 2-2 was enough to win the 1985 All-Ireland final for Desmonds against St Vincent's (Dublin). A late goal by Donie Buckley secured victory for Castleisland, who also reached the following year's final, where they lost to Burren (Down).


Over 300 people gathered to clap the Lavey squad onto the team bus for the trip to Dublin on the eve of the 1991 All-Ireland final. By the following evening, the parish was united in celebration as a John McGurk-captained team beat Salthill (Galway) on a memorable occasion in Croke Park.


Like Castleisland, they won one All-Ireland title and two Munster titles, but Desmonds reached two All-Ireland finals, whereas Rangers reached one. Managed by John Evans, they beat Eire Og (Carlow) by 4-5 to 0-11 in the 1996 All-Ireland final.


Alan Kerins will attempt to achieve an All-Ireland double with Clarinbridge on Thursday, having won a football medal with Salthill-Knocknacarra in 2006, on a side which also featured Michael Donnellan, Finian Hanley, Sean Armstrong and Maurice Sheridan.


The only Wicklow club to win the All-Ireland title, Baltinglass made the Leinster breakthrough in 1989 before taking the All-Ireland title in 1990. Con Murphy scored 2-3 in the final against Clan na nGael of Roscommon.


A team which featured Mikey Sheehy, John, Ger and Tony O'Keeffe, Ger Power and Denis Long would always be fancied to do well, and so it proved for Austin Stacks in 1976/77 when they won the Munster and All-Ireland titles.


The ultimate family club, featuring no fewer than five Meehan brothers, landed the big prize in dramatic circumstances in 2004, beating an O Se-powered An Ghaeltacht (Kerry) by a point in the final.


Founded in 1887, O'Donovan Rossa brought the All-Ireland title to Skibbereen in 1993 after beating Eire Og (Carlow) in the final. Captained by the late Michael McCarthy, O'Donovan Rossa had other star performers in Kevin O'Dwyer, along with Tony and Don Davis.


It's all about winning the All-Ireland, which is why Clan na nGael are so far down the rankings. However, there's no doubting the quality of a squad that won seven Connacht titles in the 1980s and reached no fewer than five All-Ireland finals. They lost all five, four of them consecutively from 1987 to 1990.


They are in second place behind Portlaoise on the Leinster honours table, having won five titles in the 1990s. However, they couldn't quite land the All-Ireland prize. They reached the final in 1993 (losing to O'Donovan Rossa in a replayed final) and in '96 (losing to Laune Rangers).


They won three successive Ulster titles from 1978 to 1980 and a fourth in '89, but failed to make the All-Ireland breakthrough. They reached the final in '79 but came up against an exceptionally strong Nemo Rangers side, losing by 2-9 to 1-3 on a snowy St Patrick's Day.

Irish Independent

General discussion / Japanese earthquake
March 11, 2011, 07:28:30 AM
Some scary vision of a large tsunami that has hit Japanese coast following massive earthquake that hit 8.4
General discussion / The lies of Brians
November 24, 2010, 09:28:36 PM
I wasn't sure which thread this belonged in, if it's already posted elsewhere let me know and I'll get rid of this one.

Quotes. Mainly the two Brians. Links from broken because they've changed the site link structure.

Quotes. Make of them what you will...

Brian Lenihan; 19 Sept 2008. Six One News.

"Our financial sector is sound and we are determined to ensure that continues"

Brian Lenihan; 30 Sept 2008. Morning Ireland.

"Does this mean the Irish government is exposed? No that's not correct, of course every Irish bank has to write up their assets and liabilities in balance. The banks would be insolvent otherwise"

Brian Cowen; 30 Sept 2008. Six One News.

We have a banking system which has over the past number of years had good profits, in a healthy state, well capitalisted, well-secured loans. The first people to hurt if anything happens in the bank are the shareholders

Brian Lenihan; 10 Oct 2008. Irish Times.

"the cheapest bailout in the world so far"

Brian Lenihan; 19  Nov 2008. Six One News.

"We're not rushing into the banks like some governments in other countries without knowing exaclty what the situation is in those banks..."

Brian Lenihan; 14 Dec 2008. Six One News.

"There will be no exposure to the taxpayer on this [€10bn support fund for banks]..."

Brian Lenihan; 16  Jan 2009. Morning Ireland.

Interviewer: Is it possible that you could in a few weeks time that you could move to nationalise AIB and Bank of Ireland as well? "No it's not... there are no difficulties in these banks, there is no problem"

Brian Lenihan; 8 Feb 2009. The Week in Politics.

"We are now going to commit an investment for a definite return to the taxpayer. This is not bailing out the banks. This is a commercial investment for the state..."
Brian Lenihan; 18 Feb 2009. Dail Eireann.

This decisive step [to nationalise Anglo] was taken to safeguard the interest of the depositors of Anglo Irish Bank and the stability of the economy. I want to assure the House that this decisive step was taken to ensure the new nationalised bank will collect all debts due from persons who owe moneys to the institution.

Brian Lenihan; 8 April 2009. Six One News.

"This is not a bailout... this is about ensuring businesses which cannot access credit, do access credit"

Brian Lenihan; May 18 2009. Irish Times. When challenged as to why he was not nationalising banks (at this time the State had already nationalised Anglo Irish Bank and taken a 25 per cent stake in Bank of Ireland and AIB)...

I do really want to scotch the idea that there are huge risks to the taxpayer in the valuation process because we are not nationalising these institutions.

Brian Lenihan; 10 Sept 2009. Six One News.

[NAMA] will get credit flowing.

Brian Lenihan; 16 Sept 2009. Nama Bill, Dáil.

NAMA will ensure that credit flows again to viable businesses and households by cleansing the balance sheets of Irish banks. This is essential for economic recovery and the generation of employment. It will ensure that we avoid the Japanese outcome of zombie banks that are just ticking over and not making a vibrant contribution to economic growth.

Brian Lenihan; 9 Dec 2009. Six One News

"The worst is over, we've turned a corner"

Brian Lenihan; 4 April 2010. On the residential property market. Irish Independent.

"One of the good things about the steep discount, averaging 47 per cent, is that the residential property market will now be stabilised at a realistic level. You can now buy in confidence that the price is realistic."

Brian Lenihan; News At One. 13 April 2010. Speaking about ERSI report...

"It means that we are stabilising as an economy and it also means we are turning the corner, and there will be increased numbers of jobs created," he said. "At least we're on an upward trajectory"

Brian Lenihan; Breakfast with Newstalk. 26 April 2010.

BL: No, no, listen, listen. This not good for the country and it's inaccurate. If next year we're obliged to include the €8bn, the €8bn will not actually be borrowed next year the device of the promissory note means we borrow...

Ivan Yates: No, I know the promissory note is over ten years. You're missing the point...

BL: No you're missing the point! This is an accounting device! This is not real borrowing! What the markets look at is real borrowing. Not accountancy devices...

Brian Lenihan; Breakfast with Newstalk. 26 April 2010.

Now that I'm the shareholder in Irish Nationwide I will clearly ensure that whatever money is owed by Mr Fingleton is paid by Mr Fingleton.

Brian Lenihan; Irish Times. "Ireland not at risk of fallout from fiscal crisis, says Lenihan". 6 May 2010.

"The risk of contagion in my view does not extend to Ireland. Over the last 18 months we have taken many of the measures that the Greeks are only beginning to take. I don't see Ireland as being at great risk."

A proposed €110 billion aid package for debt-stricken Greece has failed to soothe concerns that the fiscal problems saddling it, and perceived weaker euro-zone nations, will hurt the banking system and worldwide economic growth. "One of the reasons markets are critical of countries other than Greece is because some . . . don't just have public debt problems, they also have structural problems with their economies," Mr Lenihan said. "We're not a country that has the severe structural problems that some of the other Mediterranean countries have shown and the markets have tended to differentiate Ireland out from these countries."

Brian Cowen; 14 May 2010. Irish Times.

"We have learned hard lessons and have taken difficult decisions. Our economy is now emerging from recession and Ireland is strongly fighting back."

Brian Lenihan; 7 July 2010. Irish Times.

"It is important to bear in mind that these projections are for a plan over 10 years; the figures are likely to change over time.

"But the Government has made clear that should Nama eventually make a loss, the Government will recover this through a surcharge on the banks."

Mr Lenihan said the bottom line was that Nama would never cost the taxpayer anything and might even make a profit of €3.9 billion.

Brian Cowen; 7 July 2010. Irish Times.

Speaking in the Dáil this afternoon, Taoiseach Brian Cowen said [Nama] would make a profit "somewhere in the order of €1 billion".

Brian Lenihan; 14 Sept 2010. Dail Eireann.

Certainly if given the chance I will have this problem sorted out, and this Government will have this problem sorted out a lot earlier than 10 years.

Brian Lenihan; 24 Sept 2010. Irish Times.

In recent weeks the extra yield investors demand to hold Irish bonds over German bunds has surged to record highs due to investor concern about the State's ability to manage the cost of its bank bailout and reduce the budget deficit.

Mr Lenihan said he was undeterred by the data and that the underlying trends indicated a remarkable turnaround for the economy.

"Tax revenues are stabilising, public expenditures are under control and our budget deficit will shrink next year," he said. "The recovery is still at a tentative stage and is likely to be uneven."

Goldman Sachs; 24 Sept 2010. Irish Times.

One bright spot for the Government today came from a research note by Goldman Sachs Group which said Ireland was "very unlikely" to experience a financial crisis as severe as the one that forced Greece to seek an international bailout earlier this year.

"A repeat of the Greek debt turmoil in Ireland is very unlikely," Michael Vaknin, a senior fixed-income strategist at Goldman in London, said.

"With Irish spreads already at all-time highs, we would argue that refinancing risks in the Irish debt market is aggressively priced-in already."

Brian Lenihan; 30 Sept 2010. Newstalk.

The Finance Minister has described today as 'rock bottom day' as far as the banks are concerned.

Brian Lenihan says the announcement today on the final Anglo Irish bill is an 'urgent and immediate priority to reinforce international market confidence in our ability and commitment to restore our banking system to health'

Brian Lenihan; 10 Oct 2010. Irish Times. 'State becomes majority shareholder in AIB'

Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan said the State would have to invest in the bank, and that "progressive" changes would be made at management and board level in AIB. "It will, I believe, result in a substantial gain to the taxpayer over time as the bank is restored to its proper position," he said.

Brian Lenihan; 4 Oct 2010. Irish Times.

... the figures showed the exchequer deficit for the first nine months of the year stood at €13.4 billion, compared to a deficit of €20.1 billion, recorded at the end of September last year.

Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan said this evening the figures showed the public finances were "stabilising" due to decisions taken by the Government.

Brian Lenihan; 11 Oct 2010. Irish Times.

Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan said today he is "absolutely" sure the country will not need to seek a bailout from the IMF and European Union.

In an interview recorded for Bloomberg Television, Mr Lenihan said Ireland "was not in a balance of payments deficit position" but admitted the country did have "real fiscal and banking problems to address".

"We had a big contraction last year. We contracted by 10 per cent in GNP terms in one year. We got it back to zero again this year. That's quite a turnaround," he said.

Mr Lenihan claimed Ireland was emerging from deficit on the back of stronger exports and stressed the country is fully funded through to the middle of 2011.

Patrick Honohan; 13 Oct 2010. Irish Times.

Prof Honohan said dealing with senior bondholders was "complicated" because under Irish law they "stand equally with depositors".

He also said things went "in a bad direction" for Ireland, and "we're now turning this around and coming out of it".

Brian Cowen; 16 Nov 2010. Irish Times.

Speaking in the Dáil, Mr Cowen reiterated that Ireland had made no application for external support and said there had been some "ill-informed and inaccurate" speculation about the Government seeking a bailout in recent days.

Brian Cowen; 17 Nov 2010. Irish Times.

Taoiseach Brian Cowen insisted "there has been no dictation from anybody. What we're involved in here is working with colleagues in respect of currency problems and euro issue problems that are affecting Ireland, they're affecting other countries. They're particularly affecting Ireland at the moment."

He stressed that "there has been no question, as has been stated all over the weekend, of a negotiation for a bailout".

Brian Cowen; 19 Nov 2010. Irish Times.

Taoiseach Brian Cowen denied that the rescue plan would lead to a loss of Irish sovereignty. He also dismissed suggestions of failure. "I don't believe there's any reason for Irish people to be ashamed and humiliated," he said.

Kieran McGeeney has walked out on Kildare Gaelic football team following an altercation at a training session. Sources from within the camp have indicated that, due to the serious nature of the incident, a resolution is unlikely and that the former Armagh All Ireland winning captain is not expected to return to his post.

Irish Independent
I note from reading the online newspapers that Lenister and Munster have CEO's commenting on the future direction of the game. Connacht's secretary John Prenty has his spake and I've yet to read anything from Ulster.

When did the Provinces start hiring CEO's? Are they full time employees or elected reps?
General discussion / Can I download from BBC News
February 24, 2010, 10:21:14 PM
I need to download the apology from Gordon Brown to the child migrant's for our CEO, now. Anyone know if I can download from BBC i-player site from another country (Australia) or any other options, can you download from the house of commons site maybe? Anyone any ideas?
General discussion / Sydney Dust storm
September 23, 2009, 12:08:22 AM
Woke up to this about 2 hours ago - very surreal, some photos on the Sydney Morning Herald website for anyone that's interested. Pretty eerie
From the Irish Times.....

NO CAMPAIGN: IRISH MEPS have clashed angrily with the UK Independence Party (UKIP) over the British party's plan to post "racist" leaflets to all Irish homes attacking the Lisbon Treaty.

UKIP confirmed yesterday it had begun posting some 1.5 million leaflets, which should arrive in people's letterboxes between September 17th and 21st. It also accused Irish MEP Marian Harkin of "hypocrisy" for inviting fellow MEPs to donate funds to the Yes to Lisbon campaign.

"Yet again, the hypocrisy of the Yes side knows no bounds. When someone from outside Ireland who is opposed to the treaty speaks out, then it is foreign interference. But here they are invited to do the same," said UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who plans a visit to Ireland next week to campaign for a No vote in the referendum.

The UKIP leaflet on the Lisbon Treaty, which is reproduced on the website, alleges Lisbon gives the EU full control of immigration and warns that Turkey's entry to the EU will lead to more mass migration of cheap labour. It portrays an image of a turkey with a medallion around its neck with the message: "Free movement for 75 million people."

It also alleges that Lisbon may create an "EU supreme court to overrule our values", transform Ireland into an "EU province" and damage the economy.

At the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Labour MEP Alan Kelly said UKIP was out of touch when it came to Europe and bordered on insanity if it thought Irish people would listen to them when they canvassed here. "I presume they'll come over with their imperialist rhetoric. The thought of their smug smiles turns my stomach . . . 700 years was enough," he said.

Ms Harkin said the image of a turkey in the UKIP leaflet was outrageous and racist. She rejected criticism made by Mr Farage that she was "hypocritical" for inviting fellow MEPs to donate to the Yes campaign.

The criticism from UKIP came after Ms Harkin sent an e-mail to all 736 MEPs asking them to consider contributing to a new campaign group called Europe for Ireland, which has been set up by Irish people in Brussels to lobby for a Yes vote. In the e-mail, Ms Harkin said many people had asked her if they could help in the referendum campaign.

"National referendums are, by definition, an internal national matter, even where, as in this case, the repercussions have an effect across Europe. That being said, Irish people resident in Belgium and indeed all over Europe have set up a Europe for Ireland group to promote a Yes vote to the Lisbon Treaty whatever way it can within the rules," she added.

Personally speaking I think this will give a huge lift to the Yes campaign - if there's anything that Irish people dislike, in my experience, it's being preached to by a shower of British racisits.
General discussion / Barcelona
August 26, 2009, 11:40:05 AM
Any advice on things to do, where to eat, usual holiday stuff with the wife.
Galway to be strong favourites :P
From the Indo

By Donnchadh Boyle

Wednesday June 17 2009

THE Gaelic Players Association (GPA) are considering their next move after the funding scheme for inter-county players was axed last night.

The GPA stressed they had yet to receive any official notification of the cut, but stated it would represent an 'abandonment' of inter-county players by the Government and the GAA.

The scheme was approved in 2007 but only after the GPA was given a mandate to withdraw services from all competitions, which prompts speculation as to what their next move will be.

It also puts the GPA on a collision course with Croke Park. Relations between the two groups had been cordial and official recognition talks for the players' body were believed to be progressing well but this latest development could drive a wedge between the organisations and will provide the first major test of Christy Cooney's presidency.

"The scheme gave inter-county players some much-needed revenue and status, and that status would be removed if the scheme is cut," the GPA said in a statement to the Irish Independent.

"It would be very serious for inter-county players. GAA players are elite sportspeople. There is no escaping that inter-county hurlers and footballers have been singled out here."

- Donnchadh Boyle

My own tuppence worth is that it was always inevitable that we would arrive at this juncture, the financial crisis has just bought it to a head sooner than expected. The GAA were adamant at the time that the money would have to be funded by the Irish Sports Council and they would make no payments, I was adamant at the time that when these payments ceased the GPA would put their hand out to the GAA looking for the association to make up the shortfall - I hope they prove me wrong and stick to their stance in respecting the amatuer ethos of the association.

While I was initally against the payments at first, I did soften my stance and if the government or anyone else (bar the GAA) want to pay the money than I have no problem with it, if the GAA part with even 1 euro towards players grants I would be against it.
General discussion / Audio question - looping music
February 18, 2009, 11:29:42 AM
Right lads and lassies - I need some assistance in getting a certain track off a CD and getting the intro to loop over, tried some of the freeware available online and nothing seems to be able to do the job I need it to do - anyone able to point me towards some software that'll be able to do the job for me?
General discussion / Victorian bushfires
February 08, 2009, 10:46:03 PM
Haven't seen another thread so thought I'd just post it up. 108 people have perished in this awful tragedy, whole villages have quite simply burnt to the ground. Some of the TV footage is just unreal in what has been called Australia's greatest natural disaster

Carlton key-position player Setanta O'hAilpin could be sacked by the Blues after kicking and punching teammate Cameron Cloke during an intra-club match today.

Blues coach Brett Ratten refused to rule out the possibility of the club tearing up the Irishman's contract following the sensational off-the-ball incident during the third quarter of the match at Princes Park.

O'hAilpin struck Cloke with a left fist to the head and then kicked the ruckman while he lay on the ground.

"Reflecting on what has happened it's not part of our game," said Ratten.

"We'll sit down with Setanta and work through that.

"We'll look at it as it's a poor act.

"I think in practice matches, you go through history and training in general, there's all the argy-bargy and ... things like that.

"But that is not part of our game.

"(Setanta) has gone home and we'll give him time to cool off and have a think about his actions.

"And we'll take it up this afternoon."

When asked whether the incident could prompt Carlton to sack O'hAilpin, Ratten replied: "We'll have to sit down and talk about all the issues."

The match was held up for 15 minutes as both players were taken from the field, with Cloke being examined by the club's medical staff.

Neither player returned to the action and the game was stopped at the end of the third quarter.

As the intra-club match was being officiated by AFL umpires, O'hAilpin could be reported for the incident.

In further bad news for the Blues, defender Andrew Carrazzo suffered a left arm injury.

O'hAilpin, 24, who was a hurling star in Ireland, has played 46 games in four seasons for the Blues.


GAA Discussion / Late Late Show - GAA Special
January 08, 2009, 02:16:54 AM
Apparently there will be a late late show GAA Special for the 125 celebrations, if any kind soul with the appropriate technology would be willing to record this and post a DVD I'd be eternally grateful and pay for any p&p
GAA Discussion / Kennelly now not coming home?
January 08, 2009, 12:34:50 AM
KERRY'S AFL star Tadhg Kennelly has finally called time on his Aussie Rules career after months of speculation, with the Listowel man understood to have met with management at Sydney Swans this week to confirm his intention to return home.

The Kerryman understands that the Listowel star, who had enjoyed Christmas and new year celebrations at home in Listowel, travelled back to Sydney at the weekend to meet with management and confirm that he would not be signing a new contract with the club.

In August 2006, Kennelly committed to the Syndey Swans for a further three years, but said at the time that it would be his last spell with the Premiership winning side. Since early last year he has made no secret of his desire to win an AllIreland medal with Kerry and it appears he has finally confirmed this intention.

It is understood that the 26year-old held talks with Sydney Swans management on Monday and Tuesday, where he confirmed that he would not be signing a new contract after seven seasons with the club.

In March of last year, Kennelly expressed in no uncertain terms his desire to lift the Sam Maguire, telling a national newspaper that he was, "definitely going home next year to try to win an AllIreland medal."

Since then, however, speculation has been mounting as to whether or not he would sign with the Sydney Swans for one more season and then return to Kerry, but it appears that is not to be.

Kennelly, who became the first Irish man to claim an AFL title when the Sydney Swans captured the league title in 2005, has suffered a series of serious leg and shoulder injuries in the last two years, which have become major setbacks to his AFL career.

It is understood that following this week's meetings with Swans management, Kennelly will return to Kerry full time within the next two weeks.

His return would be seen as a major boost to Kerry's bid to regain the Sam Maguire. A former underage footballer with the Kingdom, Kennelly would be seen as either a perfect midfield partner to, or replacement for, Darragh Ó Sé, or the solution to Kerry's full back problems.


I just got word 10 minutes ago from one of the Kerry players.

There was meeting held tonight with Management and Players and Seamus Moynihan is back on the Kerry panel and will be eligable to play in the All-Ireland Final. He will also be back for the 2009 campaign too.

100% accurate news... The Pony is back!!!!
General discussion / 45 Years
August 29, 2008, 02:30:33 AM
Meant to put this up yesterday - thought the occasion should be remembered considering what's going on in Denver. I'd be interested to hear from our US based members about what they feel has changed, if much at all.
General discussion / Belfast postcodes
July 06, 2008, 12:45:36 PM
Trying to find the postcode for Galwally Park on the Ormeau Road - is useless. Given we've a lot of Belfast based lads and ladies posting on here would anyone happen to know what this would be?