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General discussion / Re: Best Cover Songs
July 11, 2024, 05:37:41 PM
Quote from: tbrick18 on July 11, 2024, 05:29:52 PMThis keeps coming up on my Facebook feed, its actually brilliant. No idea who the guy is.

This more recent one is good also.
General discussion / Re: Euro 2024
July 11, 2024, 05:33:01 PM
England have never lost European Championship tournament game to Spain (P4 W4).  Last major tournament win for Spain against England was in the World cup in 1950.

GAA Discussion / Re: Armagh v Kerry
July 11, 2024, 05:26:45 PM
Quote from: greatpoint on July 11, 2024, 05:20:31 PMGenuinely think Armagh have a decent chance of beating Kerry. O'Connor must have been spooked by Derry to set them up like that, if it's the same against Armagh then they could be in trouble because Armagh offer a huge amount more.
Kerry set up in similar way in the Div 1 encounter between the two last year. Kerry two points in added time allowed them to win 0-12 to 0-11.
GAA Discussion / Re: Donegal v Galway
July 11, 2024, 05:20:26 PM
Quote from: joemamas on July 11, 2024, 05:01:31 PM
Quote from: tbrick18 on July 11, 2024, 02:03:33 PMFor me, a fully fit Galway will beat a fully fit Donegal.
So it will come down to where the players are at.
Both Midfields will cancel each other out I feel, and both sets of forwards have potential to do real damage.
So, defensive setups will be the order of the day and how quickly defence can transition into attack will decide it.
Just like all games these days I suppose.

I really hope both teams are as close to full strength as possible to make a spectacle of it.

Difficult to see Kelly anywhere near full fitness, he was taken off after 22 mins V Dublin.
Walsh obviously has a hamstring issue
Daly CHB in all Ireland Two years ago has been hurt for last month or six weeks.
Finnerty Ditto.

That is four key players that started the 2022 All-ireland.

He's fallen more out of favour, Sean Mulkerrin back after injury lay off himself and stepped in and has impressed. Sean Kelly will be main injury doubt. Walsh will likely play with injury again and if he produces another 0-7 display it will go a long way to leading Galway back to All Ireland final.

General discussion / Re: Best Cover Songs
July 11, 2024, 01:53:55 AM
Wish you were here (Aslan)
Dirty Old Town (The Pogues)
When You Were Sweet Sixteen (the Fureys and Davey Arthur)
General discussion / Re: Euro 2024
July 10, 2024, 09:50:38 PM
England into the final now! Subs worked afterall.
General discussion / Re: Euro 2024
July 09, 2024, 09:54:19 PM
Spain into the final and haven't lost European championship final since 1984.
GAA Discussion / Re: Donegal v Galway
July 09, 2024, 07:12:56 PM
Quote from: armaghniac on July 09, 2024, 06:41:40 PM
Quote from: Blowitupref on July 09, 2024, 06:28:28 PMAccording to the expected attendance for this match on Sunday is 60k  and for Saturday 55k

Which are pretty creditable crowds, given that the likes of Cork or Dublin are not involved.

Big bandwagon following Cork Hurlers at the moment but would take something serious to change with their footballers to attract close to the same interest.

GAA Discussion / Re: Donegal v Galway
July 09, 2024, 06:28:28 PM
According to the expected attendance for this match on Sunday is 60k  and for Saturday 55k
Quote from: JoG2 on July 09, 2024, 01:29:39 PMThe mental gymnastics going on to downplay Harte & Devlin's contribution to Louth is fairly mad

Louth, not Meath, Cork or Kildare, were sleeping giant of the GAA, who knew? Well, who didn't know!


Mickey Harte and his management was appointed Louth manager in November 2020. How they did in the three years before they arrived.

2020 -  Championship first round defeat to Longford in Leinster.   NFL relegated to Div 4

2019 -  Championship beat wexford,lost to Dublin in Leinster, round 1 qualifier defeat to Antrim. NFL 4th in Div 3.

2028 -  Championship first round defeat to Carlow in Leinster. Qualifiers beat London and lost to Leitrim. NFL relegated to Div 3

In Harte's and his management final year with Louth they led them to their first Leinster final in 13 years and they finished 3rd in Div 2. Left on a sour note but left Louth in a very good position for Ger Brennan to step in.
Quote from: Estimator on July 08, 2024, 10:11:29 PMJust looking back though the programme from yesterday's final and there is a page detailing the top scorers from each final since 2000. Obvious names stand out: Conor Mortimer, Ciaran Kilkenny, Cormac Costello, Tommy Conroy, David Clifford.

But there is also a good few that maybe didn't play much football at senior level. Or have a major impact.

So a couple of questions: Did Eugene McVerry or Robbie Tasker (2009)play much senior football for Armagh?

Have the likes of Matthew Cooley (2018), Tomo Culhane (2019) or √Čanna Monaghan (2022) made any real headroads into the Galway senior team?

Would Kerry people have expected to get more out of Killian Spillane (2014), Conor Heaney (2015) and David Shaw (2016)?

Top scorer with 1-6 in the 2020 All Ireland U20 final v Dublin.  He scored Galway's 17th and final score in their senior Quarter final win against Dublin.
Malachy O'Rourke has to be strong favourite to become the new Derry manager.
Hurling Discussion / Re: Hurling 2024
July 07, 2024, 05:32:25 PM
Four minutes added. Cork goal chance not taken there they still lead by two points.

FT Cork 1-28 Limerick 0-29.   1-17 in the 2nd half Cork scored and didn't score for the last ten minutes.  A repeat of the 2013 All Ireland final.

Hurling Discussion / Re: Hurling 2024
July 07, 2024, 05:13:30 PM
Some 2nd half performance by Cork a case of keeping it going now.  52 minutes played 1-24 to 0-20.

Margin cut to four points with 63 minutes played.

68 minutes played Cork lead 1-28 to 0-29
Hurling Discussion / Re: Hurling 2024
July 07, 2024, 05:01:21 PM
The start to the 2nd half Cork would be seeking. 1-16 to 0-17 they lead after 40 minutes.

That could be a big moment, goal chance not taken for limerick, up the field Cork go and score a point. 1-21 to 0-19.