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Hurling Discussion / Re: Hurling 2023
July 18, 2023, 02:33:19 PM
Folks, any inkling that the GAA might put some unsold tickets on Ticketmaster like last year?
I see Kenny Archer was reporting today more 26-county skulduggery from the Deise at Corrigan Park yesterday..
June 26, 2021, 09:32:59 PM
So, another morale boosting hammering.. :'(
June 26, 2021, 08:53:06 PM
I don't know why Donal was out on the wing as we needed a bit of muscle in the fill forward line by the time he came on - particularly as is not fit. Very disappointed all said. Can't pick a positive, but it was a rerun of the league game and the Dubs in the forward line were too cute and ran us ragged.
June 26, 2021, 08:17:38 PM
Dubs light years ahead. The number of turnovers and simple errors was criminal. Also the clean balls won in the forward line by Dublin was telling - we didn't catch one ball in the forward line. The space and movement off the ball was a different class. At times, it was pure skill by Dublin that told the tale. Suppose being found out today saves a serious, serious embarrassment at the hands of Galway. 18 point defeat today, and 18 point loss in 1989 to Tipp. Reality is a nasty wake up call...
Well, lads! It's almost here - what are ye all doing for the big 100? With the Covid situation, my celebrations will have to be a bit more inventive and symbolic, so here's the list. Firstly, the dog - who I can hardly tolerate - will be banished from the house to the back yard so as I can look down on him throughout the year (with the hope that he takes the hint and emigrates to the next street). Secondly, I will ignore all neighbours from 25 June to 14 July inclusive. Thirdly, I will wallow with absolute pride when we are referred to as a Devolved "Nation". Fourthly, I will rename Derryvolgie Avenue off the Lisburn/Malone Road as Londonderryvolgie Avenue - indeed, any reference will be expunged - Edenderry will become EdenLondonderry etc. Also, I will lobby that any name that derives from Irish is changed to Ulster-Scots - Shankill to become "Shuckditch Road" and Belfast will become "Ringy thing goes quickly". Lastly, I will campaign for a statue of Jamie Bryson to be erected at Larne to welcome visitors to our wee semi-province as a sign of the evolving NI.
I think that the 'big' counties have brought the tactical game to the extreme and it will change the game forever. The hand-passing game 10 years ago was beset by an error rate of about 50% ("ah, in the name of Jaysus, just clear the feckin' ball!"), but Limerick have moved the success rate up to about 80%.  The other factor is the physical presence of the players and the "nippy" corner back or forward is a thing of the past. Realistically, the returns points-wise is phenomenal and we live in a different era. However, the main factor that has contributed to hurling entering a different sphere boils down to the design of the stick (IMHO) .. basically it's a glorified soup spoon that takes the notion of ground hurling out of the equation. Just go to YouTube and look at the games/hurls in the early 1990s, it was a different game. Prime case being - nobody today rolls, lifts and strikes a free today, it's all scoop and shoot. Sunday's double header gives everyone a chance to contrast the A and B league .. should be interesting.
GAA Discussion / Re: AISF Mayo v Dublin
August 27, 2015, 08:13:16 AM
Again, is it all hype re: the sell out? - what's the chances of touching for two tickets up around the ground on Sunday..?
GAA Discussion / Re: AISF Mayo v Dublin
August 24, 2015, 10:13:21 AM
Yeah - I have been at all-Irelands and fans are selling spares at face value round drumcondra .. I'll chance my arm..
GAA Discussion / Re: AISF Mayo v Dublin
August 24, 2015, 09:55:57 AM
The better half and I are in Dublin next weekend - what's the odds of picking up two tickets up round croker on Sunday - or is it a total sell out?
That game v Kilkenny was on a balmy August afternoon in Dundalk 1987 - there was a bit of a row as the game was set for there and a bit of an insult to Antrim; and indeed the competition. In 86, Antrim under Sean McGuinness gave Cork such a fright in front of a paltry 2,000 in Croke, so this was another great test. I recall the traffic from the north into Dundalk that day and, by God, they got some fright did Kilkenny. I think fitness told at the end and on the Sunday Game that night there was about 3 minutes of coverage. In 88, the GAA went for a double-header in the semis - as Antrim had finally qualified for division earlier that year by beating Dublin at Casement - 7,000 at the game I recall. We lost to Tipp, but it was a keen game throughout. And in 89, THAT GAME V Offaly ..
May 19, 2012, 09:50:04 PM
At least an Ulster hurling final will give us a chance to redeem ourselves!  :P NOT!
May 19, 2012, 09:31:40 PM
ok - given the talk of "a new dawn" and the feelgood factor after Loughgiel's win in March, today's result is dire. However, let's remember that Westmeath should have beat us at Casement last year and have been waiting 12 months for this! But from the reports of that second half, it was SINFUL - obviously some of those guys do not want to wear the shirt! Embarrasment all round. Its Jerry Wallace I feel sorry for - would not be suprised if he jacks it in...  :( :-[ :'(
With hindsight, the grammars (and secondarys) in the North have at least allowed many - especially nationalists - to advance through the class system and better themselves - helped of course by free education etc. However, when you see how the class system in the 26 Counties has been allowed to thrive through the two-tied education system, there really is a case to be answered. Old school ties etc - just look at the make-up of the Irish rugby team (no comprehensive boys here!). The rich and poor gap which sees a virtual apartheid in the Republic is so evident in politics, sport and business. The old notion of the PIG-OWNING class of Irish Catholic society looking after its own thrives in education. It is as blantant as the state school sector in the North.. I think it was 1971 that Belfast Model (ie the Shankill Road pupils) won the rugby schools cup and the whole "establishment"gasped in horror. Fair play to Jarlath - loved the line about the "rich and the thick" always having a way into grammars through money!! - Such people always stood out a mile..
General discussion / Re: Boxing Thread
September 10, 2011, 07:30:03 PM
any online links?