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After Derry's two brilliants victories against the current All Ireland champions and last seasons defeated Ulster finalists we will go into this game with no fear. My big concern was the poor return on long kickouts. Galway hurt us in the league with a full press. Donegal have to do the same to utilise the height size they have in the middle third. The Derry keeper is going to have to be brave and give more shorts as he definitely was reluctant at times to give balls that were on yesterday. Gallagher is going to know Donegal well, which will help. Can Bonner adapt to Derrys game plan, very McGuiness type with a quick transition. Mc Kindless the new Lacey? Mc Closkey to Brennan, Mc Kaigue to Mc Bearty. Rogers to Murphy, Cassidy to EB Gallagher. Many conversations between now and Sunday week.
GAA Discussion / GAA Discussion Paper
November 03, 2015, 01:31:43 PM
GAA Discussion Paper: Duffy aims axe at U21FC
03 November 2015

The Discussion Paper on Overtraining and Burnout, and fixturesParaic Duffy has recommended discontinuing the U21 football championship in a bid to end player burnout.

If the Monaghan man's bold new proposals are rubber-stamped, the minor intercounty grade will also be changed from U18 to U17.

The director general of the GAA launched a discussion paper on Player Overtraining and Burnout and the GAA Fixtures Calendar at Croke Park this morning, listing a number of proposals that could ease the increasing pressure on intercounty players at the younger end of the scale.

The two main concerns being addressed are the pressure being placed on players between the ages of 17 and 21 "who are being asked to train too much, to play too many matches for too many teams and are afforded too little time for rest and recovery" and the absence of a "fair, evenly-distributed and planned schedule of club matches throughout the year due to the scheduling of inter-county fixtures".

The full list of proposals - which would be introduced in 2017 and 2018 - is as follows:

1. Re-grade the inter-county minor grade from U18 to U17.

2. Play the new minor championships alongside the senior championships as is currently the case.

3. Discontinue the U21 football inter-county championship.

4. Conclude the All-Ireland U21 hurling inter-county championship before the senior final.

5. Increase the number of national league weekends, doubling up football and hurling fixtures.

6. Discontinue the AFL Division 1 semi-finals.

7. Establish in rule that players, who are not in the match-day panel of 26 must be available to their clubs on the weekends of intercounty games.

8. Bring forward the senior All-Irelands by two weeks with the hurling final on the second Sunday of August and the football final played on the first Sunday in September.

9. Play extra time at the end of all drawn championship matches.

10. Discontinue the All-Ireland inter-county junior football and intermediate hurling championships.

11. Introduce a calendar-year fixtures schedule.

How does this help club football/hurling. More intercounty matches, no detail in bringing All Ireland semi finals forward as well as the final to increase time for the clubs. Where is the consideration for developing players from 17 to 22, never mind the notion of providing games for this age group who can't make the res or sen team (although I do acknowledge this this is pitched at county level, and counties can run their won internal compo. Our u21 compo has kept a number of lads playing that otherwise would have been lost to the club.) This stinks as an agenda to promote intercounty football/hurling

Hurling Discussion / Schools hurling final
April 06, 2013, 04:31:17 PM
Only after watch as dirty a hit as your likely to see in the schools final. The number 5 took out the oppositions number 11 with a shoulder right down his front whilst the number 11 had just caught the ball. No attempt to play the ball, simply emptied the number 11 who had to go off. To make matters worst the ref didn't  view it as a foul , when infact it was a straight red, absolutely brutal refereeing.
General discussion / Sandy Row Boxing Club
September 28, 2012, 11:00:23 AM
Sandy Row boxing club 'ostracised', MLAs are told

A boxing club in a mainly loyalist area of south Belfast has been ostracised by the wider boxing community, one of its representatives has told MLAs.

The Sandy Row club, whose membership is mainly Protestant, said last month that boxers had suffered verbal and physical assaults in nationalist areas.

Its leaders addressed assembly members at the Stormont Culture, Arts and Leisure Committee on Thursday.

Club secretary Ian McSorley said they had been treated badly.

"We have been boycotted out of the sport, we have been ostracised," he said.

"Other clubs won't come and train with us because they are frightened of going out on a limb.

"Our young people have walked away from the sport because they can't participate in boxing championships."


The club claims it has been subjected to chronic sectarianism over the last decade, and has compiled a 57-page report detailing the incidents.

Stormont Sports Minister Carál Ní Chuilín has tasked officials to take the matter forward as part of the development of a boxing strategy, and the Irish Amateur Boxing Association is investigating the allegations.

Mr McSorley claimed the former Westminster sports minister Kate Hoey had told the club there should be a Northern Ireland amateur boxing association instead of the all-Ireland body which currently administers the sport.

He also suggested fighters from his club had lost bouts because of biased refereeing decisions, and called for referees and judges to be selected from both sides of the community.

After the committee meeting on Thursday, assembly members visited the Sandy Row club.

Mr McSorley confirmed that the club had turned down the opportunity to have Ms Ní Chuilín visit the club.

"It's not about photo opportunities," he said.

The club has put forward an eight-point plan to combat the problem including holding tournaments in neutral venues and wearing of neutral colours during events.

Mr McSorley denied the club had gone public on the alleged assaults because of money pledged recently by the sports minister.

Ms Ní Chuilín announced a £3m investment to the sport.

The body which oversees sporting development said in a statement it was working with the club and other groups to reach a satisfactory outcome.

Sport NI said it had provided its south Belfast headquarters, the House of Sport as a neutral venue for weigh-ins, meetings and training courses.

It said it had offered up a facilitator to mediate between the Irish Amateur Boxing Association, Antrim County Board, Ulster Boxing Council and Sandy Row Amateur Boxing Club, but this had not yet been accepted.

Funny how they seem to be the only one, or is this the tip of the sectarian iceberg in boxing terms. Sandy Row were offered the opportunity to rejoin the Irish Boxing union last September but turned it down  :o
General discussion / Kate Middleton photo (NFW)
September 14, 2012, 01:17:46 PM
Got ya, you dirty perv lol ;) ;D

Congress Mass going ahead as planned
15 March 2012

Incoming GAA president Liam O'Neill has dismissed a claim by TV3 that the Association isn't holding a Mass at next month's Congress in Killenard, Co. Laois.

It is tradition for the GAA to hold a Mass at the venue of the Congress after the motions have concluded on the Saturday evening. However, TV3 has reported that delegates this year will be made aware of a regular Saturday evening Mass at a nearby church which will have no official GAA involvement.

But O'Neill, who will take over the presidency from Christy Cooney in his own county, has rubbished the report.

"I really don't understand how TV3 could have construed that from our arrangements," he said on Midlands 103.

"The fact of the matter is that the Congress is being held in Killenard in a hotel which is opposite the church and for the first time ever we're using the church for the Congress Mass because it would be a shame to have Mass in a room when you have a wonderful church within 50 yards walk of the main door. So far from downgrading the Mass we're actually upgrading it."

Seriously what is going on, why is religion and sport being mixed like this at a national event. And I wasn't aware that this was the norm :o
Do the leaders of our association not see the folly of their ways. We should not be in bed with any religion, never mind the catholic church. So much for a forward moving association, I find this embarrassing

:o :o20 February 2012

Former Cork footballer Diarmuid Duggan has accused the GAA of mistreating him after he was left to foot a €7,000 medical bill.

The Ilen Rovers clubman, who represented Cork at every level and played in their 2008 All-Ireland semi-final defeat to Kerry, ended up funding his own operation to repair a long-standing hip injury. His overall medical bill came to €10,000, with the GPA stumping up €3,000 from their benevolent fund.

"I don't think it's right that once you're gone, you end up on the scraphead," the 31-year-old said in an extensive interview with the Irish Examiner.

"Was it a case that even though I got injured playing with a Cork team, I was no longer needed and therefore not worth the hassle or the money?

Duggan wrote a letter to Cork secretary Frank Murphy in 2010 in which he made an impassioned plea for assistance.

In the letter, he wrote: "Players should not be out of pocket as a result of them dedicating their lives to playing at the highest level and, in particular, with one of the biggest GAA counties in the country.

"When I left the panel as a result of the injury, I regret to say that as far as I was concerned, the county board washed their hands completely clean of it. Was it a case that, even though I got injured playing with a Cork team, I was no longer needed and not worth the hassle or the money?"

Seriously, this is one of the things that disgust me about the GAA. There's maybe more on the story, maybe he didn't fill in the insurance claims properly or accurately, who knows, but taking it at face value, wouldn't this pissed you off
Great move and about time as well. Have to give great credit to John Keenan and Seamus Mc Cloy for driving Derry forward. Mc Cloy put together the strategic plan and got many of its priorities up and running, John has kept the momentum rolling with a more friendly face. The development of Owenbeg with the new facilities that will be there to support clubs and county. The introduction of the go game format, which is paying off as we are now seeing our colleges win the Dalton, Corn Na Og and Rannafast, progression to senior will hopefully be seamless as strcutures continue to be developed.

Job Advertisement – Strength & Conditioning Coach / Manager

Salary: Negotiable by experience

Derry GAA is seeking to appoint a full-time strength & conditioning coach/manager to work with hurling and football inter-county teams, hurling and football development squads, schools teams and hurling and football clubs in the county.

This will be a fixed term contract for three years dependent upon satisfactory completion of three months probationary period and subject to a review after two years.

Qualifications and experience required for this position:

Essential Qualifications:

-          Sport Science Degree or Equivalent

-          Weightlifting (IAWLA level 1, Setanta College RTWTS or PFCS or UKSCA)

-          Functional Screening (Gray Cook FMS, NASM, Martin Haines Performance Stability, Athlete Performance Course)


-          Strength & Conditioning Coaching at Inter County Level (Senior & Underage) / a Professional level

-          Organising fitness education courses

-          Managing, supervising and mentoring fitness staff

-          Working with management teams and committees 

-          Working with Club and School Volunteers


-          Masters or PHD or Experience working with a National Governing Body

Derry County Board welcomes applications for the above post.

Application forms and further details can be obtained from the County Administrator, Owenbeg Centre of Excellence, 471 Foreglen Rd, Dungiven, Co.Derry BT47 7PW (Tel. No. 028 777 42990  Email: Completed applications must be returned to the monitoring officer at the above address no later than 4.00pm, Friday, 23rd September 2011.

Derry County Board is committed to equality of employment opportunity and welcomes applications from all suitably qualified applicants regardless of religious belief, political opinion, racial group, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation and whether or not they possess a disability or have or do not have dependants.