Casement Park in line for major overhaul - 40,000 all seater Stadium.

Started by Joxer, October 06, 2010, 02:42:28 PM

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The prime minister has insisted the government will make a "significant contribution" to the redevelopment of Casement Park.

Rishi Sunak refused to say how much more money the government would be willing to put up or if it would happen in time for Euro 2028.

He was asked about the issue by BBC News NI during a visit to Belfast on Friday.

The PM also said ongoing discussions meant he would not say when exactly the government will make further details public.

However, he added he would ensure there would be a "great legacy for Northern Ireland" in the Euros.

Chris Heaton-Harris and Rishi Sunak took a trip on a zero-emission electric boat during a visit to Belfast's Titanic Quarter

Northern Ireland is due to host five games in the football championships at Casement Park in west Belfast.

But the stadium site remains derelict and redevelopment work has yet to begin.

At the weekend, the Irish FA and the GAA sent a joint letter to the prime minister urging him to clarify the funding for the project.

But the cost of the redevelopment could be more than £300m and the PM would not say whether funding will be confirmed before July's general election.
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Quote from: Armagh18 on May 24, 2024, 05:06:18 PMSounds like he's letting labour worry about it

he should just sign off in it on the last day, and send the DUP a note stating that Theresa May wanted to make sure that it was done.
If at first you don't succeed, then goto Plan B


Rishi's one day wonder in NI.  Box ticked.  Casement is on the tip of absolutely no one's tongue in Westminster. When Labour come into power they may back it, or they may say the Tories ballsed it up. John Finucane saying on TV "it will be built". That gets said a lot and I'd love to know on what basis people say it?

Walter Cronc

If the UK govt aren't going to commit then realistically what could 115 mill (which appears to be in place) build? Something like Ravenhill (spec wise) only bigger, say 25-30k?

Duine Inteacht Eile

Is Rialtas na h'Éireann really committing €50 million to that scenario?


Quote from: Duine Inteacht Eile on May 25, 2024, 08:25:19 AMIs Rialtas na h'Éireann really committing €50 million to that scenario?

If the Brits cant get their act together and Casement isn't an option

The Irish Government and FAI should look to get Cork as a replacement venue

Spent the €50m odd plus that was committed to Casement on roofing both ends of the Pairc and still have 2 host cities on the Island

The Pairc gets upgraded and is sorted for the next 50
Years for GAA/Soccer/Concerts and Rugby

Cork and Munster get an economic and infrastructure boost

And NI is sitting there sucking it's thumb and looking on

Dougal Maguire

Casement needs to be built to the current project specification. Talk about Clones upgrade is nonsense. Clones like almost every other county ground in the country has swathes of uncovered seating and terracing in the wettest country in Europe. These facilities are no longer acceptable.
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Duine Inteacht Eile

You can howl that at the moon for as long as you like, Dougal, but unless someone is going to bail the project out to an eye-watering tune, then an alternative plan needs to be in the conversation.
It appears that the British Govt/Euro 2028 is the last roll of the dice on this and there is still a chance but I think most people would say that it isn't looking good at the minute.


The tender documents have been sitting on Gordon Lyons desk for a couple of months and he's refused to release them to this point (in comparison with Paul Givan who issued docs for Strule campus without money commitments in place). UK Governmemt can't commit to a figure because they need a tender process to take place to ensure value for money. Unless the  tender process gets underway in the next few weeks the Euros are dead and the UK government won't pay for a GAA stadium.

The IFA have their sub regional stadia project underway but the £36m they've been promised won't look at what the clubs now need in comparison to 2014 when it was conceived. You can be sure there'll be money found for that...

Duine Inteacht Eile

That being the case, why are the GAA, Sinn Féin & all other interested parties not jumping up and down about Lyons? Are they putting any pressure on him at all? I haven't heard it.
All of their focus is on the British Govt. They've written a letter to them, it's all they ever mention.

That doesn't make a lot of sense, barelegs.



SF should have put it on contract for the Brits to sort and sign a contract for Casement Park before they went back into Stormont again a few months back.

All in hindsight obviously but timing would have been good.


Gordon Lyons is sitting on this for one reason.  He doesn't want the Euros, or any other sizeable event to be held in west Belfast regardless of the benefits it brings to the rest of the city.  Call it what it is.  Bigotry.