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Hopefully ye'll lose a DUPUDA MP or 2 in the 6!
General discussion / Re: The far right
May 22, 2024, 03:12:22 PM
Nazifascist terrorist thugs at it again!
Good to see a few European Countries getting a conscience.
Germany, France, Italy , 3 founding members are hardly going to leave!
With the new Czar running amok all the more reason for Continental Countries to stick together.

We folks in this jurisdiction are far too intelligent to fall for the likes of Brexit or listen to eejits like Gove, Rees Mogg (even the name sounds like a bad joke), Johnson etc etc.
As Bannside says
Their choice is him or Biden who also criticised the Court for daring to go after Netanyahu.
Well done the neighbours.
Didn't they bate Dublin in the Group stage as well?
General discussion / Re: The far right
May 20, 2024, 07:26:58 PM
Another nazifascist hero!
Any chance we could replace him with a decent human being.
Opinion polls were around 10-12%.

We'd have no problem protecting our "borders" there would be no jobs, no multinationals, reduced trade, slashed social  welfare etc etc
General discussion / Re: The far right
May 20, 2024, 10:58:17 AM
Nazifascist scum at it again.
Are the Authirities waiting for someone to be murdered by the filth before they act?
Jases that lad is a typical product of sick intolerant disgusting extreme right wing Americana.
GAA Discussion / Re: Tailteann Cup 2024
May 19, 2024, 10:53:47 AM
Correct, and Down in Qtr Finals no matter what happens next week.
8 Counties have only 2 games left.
Donegal, Tyrone, Louth and Meath have limited capacity for their games next week.
Armagh have obviously sold loads.
We have a 23k Stadium, Dublin have use of an 82,300 one while Westmeath probably no great demand.
So spare capacity in abundance.
Monaghan 7-1 down looks like you'll be depending on Louth