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Sounds like Ros......
Council areas.
Counties don't exist as local government areas in the 6.
Thay would make every game meaningful.
You'd have to win 2 games to get to the Quarter Finals.
Lose 2 and you're out.

Then knock out from the Quarters as usual (apart from the years of the "Super 8s" as the media wrongly called the Qtr Finals series)

Anyway back on topic wins for Tytone and Derry I presume??
Sligo 3
Ros 2
Mayowestros 2*
Galway 1
Leitrim 0*

*1 game played.

Probably all go to the wire like the U20.
Not sure how you improve the Championships in the other Provinces...I presume you mean Leinster and Munster? As we Westies aren't doing too bad and hopefully Sligo on the rise.
Munster has 5 Hurley Counties so Kerry will usually saunter through but get a challenge from occasionally good Cork teams.
Only issue is which will come first Kerry's 100th or Cork's 50th.
Leinster is 3 training spins for Dublin as they chase their 19th in 20 years.....

Virtually all team sports have group and knock out stages so good to see the GAA following suit.
Ahh it's just the "Nordies against change" bellyaching again.

The move from 21 aside to 17 aside was the start of the slippery slope I tell ya.
GAA Discussion / Re: GAA crowds
April 18, 2024, 10:14:13 PM
Just quoting the full sentence from the TO.
GAA Discussion / Re: GAA crowds
April 18, 2024, 08:39:28 PM
Quote from: Truthsayer link=msg=2266831
Rule 1.2 of the GAA official guide states our aim as the 'strengthening the national identity in a 32-county Ireland'

The sentence continues after Ireland with "by promoting and preserving Irish games and pastimes"

Not by politicking ;)
GAA Discussion / Re: GAA crowds
April 18, 2024, 04:45:47 PM
Does that mean they can't do anything in an Ireland with 2 different jurisdictions operating?
GAA Discussion / Re: GAA crowds
April 18, 2024, 02:48:53 PM
What does it say about the GAA?

By the way some other 32 Counry organisations-
Orange Order
Presbyterian Church
Church of Ireland
Catholic Church
Cómhaltas Ceóltóiri Éireann
Cricket Union
Hockey Association
Boxing Association
Sinn Féin

GAA Discussion / Re: GAA crowds
April 18, 2024, 02:23:49 PM
Have you read the Good Friday Agreement?
GAA Discussion / Re: GAA crowds
April 18, 2024, 01:55:22 PM
Our aim should be the promotion, playing and development of gaelic games.
Well done our lads, a big win tonight and thanks to Sligo we're straight to the Final.

Sligo will be gunning for revenge v Galway in the Semi and we might well see a repeat of the 21 Minor Final. A different result this time please.
GAA Discussion / Re: GAA crowds
April 15, 2024, 10:53:05 AM
It went from a propelling game to a possession game.
The rules didn't evolve to deal with this and refs letting "possessors" do what they like when they have the ball doesn't help either.

However I doubt teams are going to revert to kicking the ball as far as you can and hope your team mate up the field can win it.

Do we need to put more *restrictions on possession or bring in a tackle on the man who has to release the ball when tackled?

* limit the amount of playing it to yourself like the 2 handling rule in hurling?
Restrict handpassing?
When you see other humans described as "freaks".....