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GAA Discussion / Reasons why your GAA team lose:
December 18, 2007, 10:49:17 PM
We're all a little blinkered when it comes to our team(s). We're never beaten by a better team, or by a team who played well. Anyway, I was just thinking about how rarely the players actually get the blame.

In order of recurrence, these are the real reasons why our GAA teams lose:

1. The players just aren't fit enough. I don't know what the boys are doing at training, but it's obviously the wrong stuff. (manager's fault).
2. The players are skilful, but have no balls. How they could do with a former player in charge to show them what pride in the jersey means (manager's fault).
3, We've got the players, but they no have no brains. We need an outsider in to show them how to play football (manager's fault).
4. The manager picked the wrong team, a blind man could see that (manager's fault).
5. Look, the players didn't play well, but surely it's up to the manager to change things around when that happens (manager's fault).
6. The ref fucked us. That bollocks has never liked us. (official's fault).
7. The other team's linesmen and umpires fucked us. Fellas like that are a disgrace to the GAA (official's fault).
8. We never play well in the rain. I can't remember us ever playing well in the rain (mother nature's fault).
9. Trust us to run into a 7s style team on a hot afternoon like that. It'll be a different story if we get them again in October (mother nature's fault).
10. I can't believe the County Board made us play twice in a week. I know the other team had to as well, but how can we be at our best for both games (administrator's fault).
11. Look, the lads haven't had a game in nearly a fortnight. Surely you don't expect them to play well when they're not getting any games? It's a disgrace (administrator's fault).
12. We're not used to the big pitch. We get lost. (any number of parties to blame there).
13. Ach how anyone play on a pitch like that? Sure it's so tight, the forwards have no room (any number of parties to blame there).

I'd say there's twice as many reasons as that again before we get to the 'better team on the day' statements. Feel free to add more.

General discussion / Is it me?
August 21, 2007, 08:26:50 PM
Am i imagining things, or would you agree that ever since the board was divided into 3 sections, the quality of the main board has plummetted?

Most of the threads on the main board are now sub-Hogan Board standard. They're unreadable. Full of wind-up merchants who are neither humorous nor mischievious. Just shitheads.

Maybe the lack of Ulster interest these days has began to affect me. But on my multiple daily drop-ins to the board, I'd say I'm not even checking the main board on half those occasions anymore.

One other thing while I'm grumbling. I'm no anti-soccer man. I enjoy talking soccer like the next man (if not quite as much as some of those on here), but if a member of a GAA discussion board seriously cannot come up with a more suitable avatar than a soccer club's badge, I would suggest they are barred forthwith and forever.

GAA Discussion / Name the Ground
May 09, 2007, 09:31:26 AM
General discussion / IRFU sqaud for Argentina
April 30, 2007, 01:42:18 PM
Forwards (17)

Neil Best (Belfast Harlequins/Ulster)
Simon Best (Belfast Harlequins/Ulster) (Captain)
*Peter Bracken (Wasps)
*Tony Buckley (Shannon/Munster)
Leo Cullen (Leicester)
Stephen Ferris (Dungannon/Ulster)
Jerry Flannery (Shannon/Munster)
Keith Gleeson (St.Mary's College/Leinster)
Jamie Heaslip (Clontarf/Leinster)
Trevor Hogan (Shannon/Leinster)
Bernard Jackman (Clontarf/Leinster)
*Shane Jennings (Leicester)
Mick O'Driscoll (Cork Constitution/Munster)
Malcolm O'Kelly (St.Mary's College/Leinster)
Alan Quinlan (Shannon/Munster)
Frankie Sheahan (Cork Constitution/Munster)
Bryan Young (Ballymena/Ulster)

Backs (13)

Isaac Boss (Ballymena/Ulster)
Tommy Bowe (Belfast Harlequins/Munster)
*Brian Carney (Clonakilty/Munster)
Gavin Duffy (Galwegians/Connacht)
*Robert Kearney (UCD/Leinster)
Kieran Lewis (St.Mary's College/Leinster)
*Barry Murphy (U.L. Bohemians/Munster)
Geordan Murphy (Leicester)
*Tomas O'Leary (Dolphin/Munster)
Eoin Reddan (Wasps)
Jeremy Staunton (Wasps)**
Andrew Trimble (Ballymena/Ulster)
Paddy Wallace (Ballymena/Ulster)

* indicates uncapped player

**Subject to Fitness Test

There really is quite some strength in depth in Irish rugby at the moment. There are some very good players in what is a B squad.

Would have liked to see young Humphreys get a run-out, and I can't understand Roger Wilson's absence (unless he's crocked), but you could assemble a very decent side out of what's there. Geordan Murphy really has fallen out of favour if he has to travel on this.

GAA Discussion / Doomsday+1
February 25, 2007, 10:19:11 AM
So lads, really, what the f*ck was all the fuss about?
GAA Discussion / Ulster Senior Club League
January 10, 2007, 09:52:04 AM
Anyone know if information on this is available anywhere on the tinternet yet? The divisions were sorted last week, and the dates and venues were meant to arranged last night.

I hear we've drawn Clontibret, Loup, Aghyaran and Silverbridge. I hope to God we pulled Aghyaran at home.