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Just for a bit of fun.......

I long to hear  the old, original theme  again on The Sunday Game. I really don't like the newer version  at all. It might as well be a   totally different theme.

Anyway , what's your  verdict?  Which theme do you prefer?

The 80's and 90's  Sunday Game theme


The more recent  version from the 2010's and  2020's

Just for a bit of craic , I thought I'd start this.

So, I'm  interested to  find out  how many countries in  the world  GAABoard members have  been to.

Maybe between us all , we've travelled to  every country?

There are  over 200 according to Wikipedia , so I'll start  with the A's and  the B's.

Just add which of  these you've travelled to:

Antigua and Barbuda

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Burkina Faso
Who is the most  famous AND   most loved person  from your county?

I'm including both categories   because ...well, the most famous person might be a  pr**k , so best to  include both

Must be non-GAA. Well , they might have  played, but not famous for playing.
Comes into effect  today, 1 February.

Anyone  used this yet?

Is it easy  to use?  Any issues with it ? 
Since learning of Shane MacGowan's death , I've struggled to pin down  my three favourite Pogues songs.

Been thinking of  a thread like this for a while , where you list your  three favourite songs by a band/singer , then  the absolute best of those three.

Then after a few days/a week or so , someone can select another band, and  we go again.

So , let's start with The Pogues. List your three favourite songs of theirs, then  highlight  your  absolute favourite .
General discussion / JFK assassination : 60 years on
November 22, 2023, 06:50:17 PM
So, it's 60 years today  since  the assassination of JFK.

Were you around  then ?  If so, where were you  when you heard the news?

What are your thoughts on it all? What about the magic bullet  theory? Plausible or nonsense? What about the  autopsy?

Was it Oswald? The  Russians?  Did JFK shoot himself like in that episode of  Red Dwarf ?

Maybe it was  you that was the  boyo on the grassy knoll?  ;D

Just for interest, I've added a  poll.

Let's hear it...
General discussion / Autism in adults
November 18, 2023, 02:41:55 PM
I was doing a bit of research recently about  this , particularly since the likes of James McClean  spoke of his own autism diagnosis.

Im sure we all have  our own traits, habits, ways of  communicating,  doing things etc,  and if you look at the  autistic symptoms listed in the articles, you could probably make a case  for a lot of  people being on the spectrum (although that might not mean they are)

Anyway, I just  thought I'd start the ball  rolling.

Maybe you've had your own diagnosis, in childhood or adulthood, or a family  member has.  Maybe you   think you, or someone you know,  might be  on the spectrum.

Feel free to share your experiences.
Apparently,  the number of cash transactions has gone up  for the first time in over a decade. 

Possibly due to  it being easier to budget (particularly during this cost of living crisis),  less chance of being scammed electronically, the ending of covid restrictions , or people realising a cashless society would give banks and governments  too much power etc etc.

Anyway, I just thought I'd  see how  much cash transactions the GAA Board  members use.

Also, do you have  any thoughts on the using  of cash? The push for a cashless society?  Your reasons for using  cash as much (or as little) as you do?
Some great classical  pieces out there. Most of  which I don't  know the names  of

Here's a couple of  ones I do know:

Rossini - William Tell overture (Lone Ranger theme)

Bizet -  Carmen overture

Lots of  great film pieces  out there too. None  of which  I can think of now.

Let's have yours........

Don't think  we have a thread  like this , so thought I'd start one

So, what things make you  angry or frustrated  with the modern world?.  Those trivial  everyday matters that  drive you mad . Things you would  want changing or removed , but knowing  it's very unlikely that will happen.

Let's have it.
General discussion / Recycling old TV’s?
November 29, 2022, 03:02:16 PM
I discovered that I had 3 old TV's in the  shed. Two are the old bulky tv's, one a flatscreen. They're all switching on, but there are no remotes with them.

Seems a  shame to bring them  to the  dump. Is there anywhere/anyone who could use them, or are they able to be recycled in any way?
Not sure there's been  a thread similar , but today I was very unfortunate to hear two songs I cannot bloody stand. I physically have to turn off the  radio/TV if I hear them.

Spice Girls -  Wannabe
Neil Diamond- Sweet Caroline

(Tbh I absolutely can't stand Neil Diamond's  voice at all. Christ but it's annoying)

Anyway, thought I'd start  a thread.

Let's have it...........
Just caught up with the late late  show there , and the discussion on energy prices and all that

It's something I meant to look into before but  never got around to.

So, is it simple enough to switch electricity providers?  Seems daft to be paying more than I should be , especially at this moment in time..

Also, if I switch providers and get X discount for say 12 months, can I keep switching every 12 months  to keep getting the lower/discount rate?
Folks, hoping someone can help

Im ringing from the North ,  trying to reach a relative in the South all day on  their landline

It doesn't actually ring, but  a voice says "the number you have dialled is not answering. Please try again later "

I'm not familiar with the South's  phone networks. So I'm not sure if this phone is off the hook, out of service or engaged

Can anyone confirm?
General discussion / Business cards machines
September 26, 2016, 12:36:08 PM
Anyone know of any  locations of those vending machines in the North,to print your own business cards?
General discussion / Security guard work -advice needed
January 20, 2016, 08:31:54 PM
Hoping for some advice regarding the security guard type of work. Basically, need a change of direction and toying with doing the training  with a view to finding work,

Training seems ok, 3/4 days. A few modules, exam etc.

The question is if the security work would be suitable. Have trouble with the back,so not sure if this work would be ideal ie. standing for long periods, on the feet all the time etc.

Was thinking of more the supermarket/shopping centre sort of security, not the doorman/bouncer role.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of the security guard job,and what it might entail and what would be expected of me. Sorta need to know what it involves before going ahead with the training.

Cheers in advance