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first album was the cult electric - hey there lil devil

i think rufus is going to have a field day on this
General discussion / Origin of the card game 25
October 24, 2011, 11:41:13 PM
I'd be interested in the opinions. A game so twisted the man teaching me wouldnt even tell me the rules.
GAA Discussion / Most competitive county championship
September 03, 2011, 10:09:34 PM
Bit of a debate in the pub about which county had the most competitive football club championship, in terms of the number of clubs that could realistically emerge and challlenge in any given year. Armagh used to be fairly competitive but cross fair play to them ended that, i was thinking Derry possibly Tyrone. Interested in your views.
General discussion / Sligo town
June 29, 2011, 12:02:46 PM
Will be out and about around Sligo town on Saturday night. Can any of you locals recommend the best pubs to be frequenting.

Main criteria is quality of stout and maybe someplace where a good pub meal can be wolfed down before returning to the main task and if they are showing the hurling qualifiers all the better. No wine bar type places please.
And maybe a recommendation of a good Sunday morning settler location before heading for Knock again would be appreciated too.

GAA Discussion / 2011 National Football league spreads
February 03, 2011, 06:46:11 PM
Most of you will remember the rules im sure.

Spread example Derry v Kerry (Derry + 3.5) you select Derry if you think they will finish within 3 points of Kerry, you select Kerry if you think Kerry will win by 4 points or more.

You get 1 point for a correct selection and you are allowed to select 2 bonus matches per week. A correct bonus selection carries 2 points but if its incorrect its minus 2 points.

Any questions PM me.

This weeks spreads

Mayo v Down (down + 0.5)
Armagh v Dublin (Armagh + 0.5)
Laois v Meath (Laois +1.5)
Donegal v Sligo (Sligo +1.5)
Monaghan v Galway (Monaghan +0.5)
Kerry v Cork (Kerry +0.5)
Antrim v Kildare (Antrim +1.5)
Derry v Tyrone (Derry +1.5)
Offaly v Cavan (Cavan+2.5)
Wexford v Waterford (Waterford +3.5)
Louth v Westmeath (Westmeath +1.5)
Tipperary v Limerick (Limerick +0.5)
London V Kilkenny (Kilkenny +19.5)
Leitrim v Clare (Leitrim +1.5)
Longford v Roscommon (roscommon +1.5)
Carlow v Wicklow (Carlow +3.5)

Is there anyone willing to run hurling equivalent ?

Obviously no fan of England football team or their supporters however the jaw dropped last night when a copper walks into the local and tells the landlord that they are "trying" to enforce a ban on the England soccer gensai during the world cup in local bars. Also if you are flying and England flag in the bar then every other nations flag has to be displayed in case of someone being offended.
Couldnt believe what i was hearing.
Sorry a bit late posting this but im sure a good few will see it before throw in - so here goes.

Same rules

correct prediction = 1 point
Correct bonus selection = 2 points
Incorrect bonus selection = -2 points

Correct All-Ireland final Man Of the Match prediciton when it comes around will carry 5 point bonus.

First up

16th May 2009

Derry v Armagh (Armagh + 0.5)
Wicklow v Carlow (Carlow + 3.5)
Tipp v Kerry (Tipp +6.5)

2 Bonus selections allowed each week
GAA Discussion / Derry v Armagh venue
April 12, 2010, 03:17:01 PM
Has this been confirmed as being in Celtic Park ? Whats the chances of it being moved to Clones ?
General discussion / Fishing
August 18, 2009, 10:59:17 AM
After a bit of local knowledge please folks. I'm at home this weekend and i intend to get in a little bit of sea fishing. This would be from shore or piers. Does anyone know any good spots around Donegal Antrim Down or Louth coastline where you can spin for pollack and bass or use mackerel feathers?
General discussion / SKy channel 167
August 03, 2009, 12:21:14 PM
Does anyone know the story with this. Yesterday i was trying to find out if BBC ni was showing the matches when a mate texted me to say both games were on channel 167, which indeed they were. If its a long term thing then thats great for me as had been planning on maybe trying to get the Irish sky box sent across. The pictures coming through had the Setanta logo in the corner.
Same rules

correct prediction = 1 point
Correct bonus selection = 2 points
Incorrect bonus selection = -2 points

Correct All-Ireland final Man Of the Match prediciton when it comes around will carry 5 point bonus.

First up

17th May 2009

Carlow v Louth (Carlow + 5.5)
Fermanagh v Down (fermanagh +1.5)

2 Bonus selections allowed each week regardless of how many games.

GAA Discussion / Connacht Final
February 03, 2009, 10:15:08 AM
Can any of you settle a debate, a friend of mine of Galway extraction is adamant that the Connacht final is on the 12th July, everything else seems to point towards the 19th July. Does anyone know for sure or which date traditionally its on ?

General discussion / Galway, Salthill, Ballinasloe
January 12, 2009, 08:57:40 AM
Galway folks,
Can you recommend the finest stout drinking establishments in the Salthill and Galway area, we are over there this weekend coming, staying in Salthill although the match is in Ballinalsoe.
Also anywhere in Ballinasloe for pre and post match pints ?
General discussion / Office Temperature
December 19, 2008, 09:23:55 AM
Is there any upper limit on office working temperature. It is 27.5c in the office (with a couple of reptile bastards complaining that its cold), everyone else is sitting baked. Im fed up with this put up and shut up bullshit.
GAA Discussion / synthetic goalmouths
November 05, 2008, 09:26:12 AM
Have any people/clubs on here had any experience of synthetic goalmouths (on an otherwise normal pitch).  Would you recommend them, what sort of cost are you talking about?
General discussion / Guinness - declining standards
September 24, 2008, 09:29:33 AM
It used to be that when you went to dublin for a match you could be virtually guaranteed pure nectar when you ordered your pint of stout. Now it seems you have to be very careful where you go if you want a good pint.
What mystified me was that on Sunday we were swallowing pints in Tom Mayes and they were top drawer, yet on Monday afternoon they were rotten and no better than you would get in Birmingham. One of the lads with us reckoned that it was down to different grades of Guinness i.e there are 3 different grades. Surely not? Anyone ever heard of this?
A tyronie mate of mine (Father rocks man) is heading for Fuengirola on a golfing weekend but will miss the Tyrone Dublin match, does anyone know of local bars in the area that will def show the game.
He can't post himself as his work place has a bar on this site, the poor bastard.
General discussion / Any Joy Division Fans?
June 26, 2008, 08:54:14 AM

Transmission the sound of JOY DIVISION

Fri 1st Aug     The Village Dublin  

Sat 2ndAug    The Spring and airbrake


Guys bit of a plug for a mate of mine that plays in this band, they are on the go a couple of years and this is there first gig in Ireland, normally they play around venues mainly in England but recently did a couple of shows in Germany. Anyway if any of ye are fans of this type of music gets yourselves along.
No this isn't a statement of overconfidence, I'm going to AIF no matter who's in it. Checking out accommodation and its pricey enough. Anyone got any recommendations, looking for city centre, as long as its half decent and clean. Feckin Gresham are comedians looking 700yoyos for 2 nights. ::)
General discussion / Fuel Costs
April 09, 2008, 10:48:49 AM
Bit of debate in work this morning about the price of fuel. Prices now about £1.05 for unleaded and £1.14 for diesel.
When it hit about 80p the truckers were blocking oil distribution depots, there was queues at the pumps miles long, everyone up in arms. Yet when the price broke the pound mark no one batted an eye lid. There doesnt seem to be much noise from the road haulage lobby etc now that its crept up another 14pence since. I wonder when the breaking point will come. Personally it doesnt make that much difference to me but there must be people crucified with this.
Some are blaming the price of oil on the demand created by China and India.

Any thoughts?