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I wonder will anyone from the nationalist community be celebrating the foundation of the state in which they live? The state that discriminated against them for 50 years. The state that only reflects the culture and ethnicity of just over 50% of the population whilst denying the other 50% any recognition. The state that has allowed a loyalist banner become it's "national flag" and one that equates Irish culture language and sport with sectarianism. Personally for me no.
General discussion / BBC NI Bias?
August 20, 2019, 12:11:04 PM
Maybe I'm over sensitive but I have felt for some time now that BBC NI with a few notable exceptions treat nationalist politicians, especially SF differently to Unionists. Compare Jayne McCormicks aggressive interrogation or Martin o'Muilleoir (hope the spelling is good) with this morning's kid gloves handling of Arelene by Noel Thompson.
Watched this programme at lunch time. It is on the I player and aimed at giving British Voters an insight into the DUP/Loyalism. Quite depressing really, that people think in this way. Quite scary for the English too. On boyo claimed that they were more British than the English :o
You would think that having come through 30 years of troubles due in part to the way Unionists treated the nationalists in the North, some lessons would be learned ah but no. Fresh from ensuring the Union Fleg is flown in Ballycastle, Craigavon etc... Fresh from giving out cash to "cultural" festivals for the burning of Bonfires, Unionist on the Causeway Coast council are blocking £2.5m investment in sport in Dungiven by not agreeing their £400K contribution. So much for the Honeyed words of TV Mike and Peter the Punt. Their backwoods bigoted councillors just can't help themselves proving once again that OWC and it's PUL community have no interest in equality, and they slag of the Shinners for not making it work?
General discussion / Sports Bidder a Warning
September 18, 2015, 06:47:15 PM
Just to warn people. Someone recommended sports bidder to me. I bought £20 of credits and blew them on an item that went for £1 odds on the site and still didn't win so beware.
General discussion / BT Sport Europe HD
August 12, 2015, 11:36:32 AM
Watched the supercup on BT last night. Christ their coverage would is poor Owen Hargreeves manages to be worse and more annoying than Michael Owen.
General discussion / #jesuiswwn
August 07, 2015, 02:14:37 PM
I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned, but some people have no sense of humour, are Gift Grub next in line?
Unionist vote has increased by approx 2% and the Nationalist vote is in decline, share down by over 3%. FST gone. Surely this is the start of the end for nationalists in the North.
This should have been entitled a Protestant Programme for a Protestant people. I was looking forward to a programme that would explore the many conflicting layers of identity in the north. How disappointed was I in what was a shallow one sided homage to Ulster Scots Protestant identity. Any aspects of Irishness was glossed over and Ulster was only really founded about 400 years ago with the plantations. I won't be tuning in to episode two. Tom Elliott would have produced a more balanced view.
GAA Discussion / WTF Armagh County Board?
January 27, 2014, 09:04:40 AM
Paddy Og Nugent the county's paid official is removed from office, why? Replaced by two men no less. He offers to do the job for nothing and ends up as fixtures secretary. To cap it all they are suing Hughie Morgan. What is going on?
Mairead Corrigan Maguire in the IN yesterday exhorts us all to accept a United Ireland is not going to happen. Therefore she says we should all join together and forge a Northern Irish identity. Is this a runner? If so what would it look like, how will it square Irish culture and the GAA with so British Culture and marching. How will she persuade Unionists to give up their fleg for a new NI one. Would a majority of nationalists buy into it? Or are we happy with our twin community approach?
So god knows when the Ulster Final will be played, he'd better as Jimmy Darragh interviewed on BBC last night sure couldn't enlighten us. When Mark Sidebottom did the promo for it at the start of the programme...What now for Ulster hurling sorted of thing, I waited patiently to hear what I thought was going to be an exposé on how the Ulster Council was going to transform the game...Boy was I disappointed both with Jimmy's sure we don't have the resources and the easy time he got from Sidebottom no hard question's from Mark, he needs to listen to Seamus McKee and learn. The bottom line seems to be that the Ulster Council like all county boards bar Antrim don't give a fiddlers about hurling or it's promotion.
Despite all this Clubs in Ulster struggle manfully with no money and scarce resources to keep our national game alive. It hasn't gone away but the UC needs to act now.
On the Monday after the Donegal Hurling team won the NR Cup Auntie BEEB confined her Ulster GAA round up to County's from the O6C. No mention of Donegal's great win. Today's Irish News ignores Phelan and Harrington as Nigel Ringland bemoans the lack of Northern Ireland challengers, McIlroy excepted. Followers of GAA and Golf for the most part like to look at their sport on an All Island, if not All Irish basis. In fact the IN has reports on Woosnam and Donald...not a mention of Phelan's heroics. Perhaps it's time to change the name to Northern Irish News?
General discussion / BBC NI one sided shock!
January 10, 2013, 10:27:45 AM
I have followed the flag dispute on BBC NI. Their onesided approach to what constitutes equlaity is astounding. PUL reps are allowed more airtime and to go unchallenged as they pursue a one sided propaganda. Ably assisted by SF who for fear of annoying the DUP are keeping the head down. fair play to Conall McDevitt he has been the only nationalist speaker on the subject who has articulated the nationalist position and challenged PUL views. He has been on once though. Nolan again this morning had Gerry Kelly as a lone voice in a debate that had 3 PUL reps and a number of callers from that community.
General discussion / Is Mike Nesbitt for Real?
October 01, 2012, 05:17:37 PM
Mike Nesbitt wants to build a UUP that will attract Catholic unionists. Is he for real? He then comes out in support of the OO and it's sectarian parades. With no sense of the irony he he commends the Covenant which by everyones admission brought the gun into Irish politics.
Unionist leaders incite bands to break the law, then tie themselves in knots avoiding any criticism. No parity for nationalist flags and symbols. Sainsbury's festooned in union jacks, Derry UK city of culture, The OO getting the freedom of Lisburn. There is no inclusion or shared future or parity of esteem. Unionists are incapable of this concept. And where are nationalist politicians? With the exception of the inarticulate Culture Minister? Unionists and the British have hoodwinked Nationalists in to acceptance of the British "Nation" that is NI...
General discussion / Whats going on in BBC NI
July 31, 2012, 05:01:46 PM
First we had BBC NI emphasising the North Vs South angle on Joanna Mills. Then we had Stephen OWC Watson referring to the Great Britain and Northern Ireland Team, when everyone else on the BBC just calls it GB. We even had Mark Sidebottom sheepishly refer to GB & NI. And loads of references to Irish and Northern Irish athletes who are representing Ireland! Is this balance for showing a couple of GAA games? Or is there a deliberate partisan policy in BBC NI to get in behind the Unionist take on things? To my mind any one who represents Ireland is Irish, north or south or west for that matter, no need to go on like they do. In fairness they also refer to the Northern Ireland (sic) athletes at the games...there is no such team. There is Team GB or Team Ireland period.
Is it any wonder Unionists try to avoid All-Ireland sporting bodies given the treatment of Joanna Mills, half a second faster than her rival, who's dad just happens to be the team doctor! it's amazing in the year that Nationalists in the North have finally begun to get a semblance of equality from our Unionist brethern, and not too long after "Ireland" embraces Liz ans Phil like long lost cousins we see an outbreak of anti nordie feeling from the South...and from those who think Daley Thompson's remarks were racist too...Pot, kettle, black (no pun intended).
General discussion / Gay Marriage in Scotland
July 17, 2012, 12:38:06 PM
So Cardinal Kieth O'Brien is incensed by the thought of Gay Marriage and feels it needs a referendum. It's a pity he didn't feel so incensed by the actions of Brother Bishops in Ireland. The Catholic Clergy does not have the moral authority to speak on this issue. Most catholics have no issue with Gay marriage or civil partnership, although perhaps not in their church. Gay Marriage does not necessarily need to be in church so why say no. If other Churches want to marry Gay Christians thats up to them.
Is it just me being a xenophobe? I find the antics of the lawyers, jury and public at the trial of the two men accused of Michaela's murder disgusting. Surely no right thinking society can allow its judicial system to be degraded in this way? The sniggering and laughter in court must be soul destroying for Mark Harte and Claire McAreavy not to mention downright distressing. Holiday destination my arse all right thinking people should avoid Mauritius like the plague. I can't see the Harte and McAreavy families getting justice judging by the way this trial is being conducted and the behaviour of the Defence, Police and Prosecution. It's a parody of due process and sad to see.