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Anyone on here do much cycling? Was thinking on investing in a road bike to cycle the roads and possibly joining a club. What sort of a budget would you give yourself for buying a bike for a beginner? What other sort of gear would you need? Is it easy enough to come by a decent second hand bike. Been told I need a 56cm frame and that is very important.

I cycle at least 7-8 mile a day (to work and back). It's great!
The only gear I have is a lock, a good raincoat, clips for the bottom of my trousers/jeans and a pump! and an MP3 Player - that's all you need.

I know someone that got a really decent second hand bike recently but I'd say it's hit and miss.

You could get a decent bicycle for around 250-300.  Me and a few of my mates bought racers last year.  They were good enough quality.  It was a good way of getting fit and shedding a few pounds.  We done a cycle to Cork from Armagh in 3 days for Marie Curie.  It was a good oul experience. 

You could maybe see if the shop with throw you in a free helmet or something.  I would definitely suggest investing a good thick padded set of cycling shorts.   ;)

I would get in touch with a cycling club first im pretty sure some of the members will have decent second hands bikes that they are willing to sell for probably a fraction of a price they paid for them as some guys are constantly upgrading (usually the unmarried living at home types). Better that than trying to buy one yourself which could turn out to be a parcel of dung.

A Quinn Martin Production:
In my experience (50-60 miles per week) essential gear is:  A helmet, a high visibility jacket, lights for your bike and if you mean to cycle regularly a decent pair of proper cycling shorts (padded of course!!).  I use a back light even on those rare days when the sun is out.  Most motorists in Ireland have feck all respect for cyclists so make sure you're visible.  You will get to experience how poor our roads are. 

However on the positive side I love cycling and it's good exercise.  As other posters have said try to pick up a good second hand road bike (250 - 400)


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