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Archie Mitchell:
Following on from the movie recommendations thread, anybody got any good TV shows to reccomend to watch?

As the summer is approaching, I won't have alot to do at work and easily can watch alot of videos at work  ;D

Shows that I have watched and would reccomend others to watch would be:

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
The Office US

Currently watching The Wire and Shameless and enjoying them so far.

Criminal minds

Currently working my way through House which is excellent but others I'd recommend

Mad Men

and as Pints says Criminal Minds is very good too.

Tony Baloney:
The Mentalist on five is easy watched.

New season of Entourage starts in a few weeks so can't wait for that.

Criminal Minds as Pints has suggested is worth watching - Fridays at 9pm on Living, or available for download.

Just finished watching Shameless series 1.  Only started watching the latest series on C4, so looking forward to catching up.  The obvious shows which are excellent viewing are 24 and Lost.  Sopranos is next on my hitlist.  I used to love Without a Trace but it sorta fizzled out.


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