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Started by PadraicHenryPearse, May 14, 2007, 07:03:21 PM

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good luck. post your scores. 44/100 so far


Excellent quiz PHP, some great memories and some awful kits!
Very tough though

Gaoth Dobhair Abu

Seriously hard one, got a few that surprised me and can't get a few that i know!!!  ???

40/100 so far


56/100 first pass. Excellent quiz though :)


70/100, after a few (ahem) experiments.


39 a fail, will have to resit
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The Real Laoislad

67/100 first go, Did everyone get the River Plate one?
You'll Never Walk Alone.


Definitely didn't get the River Plate one, raging now!

The Real Laoislad

Only reason i got it is because i have a River Plate jersey that i bought when i was over there
You'll Never Walk Alone.


Current Score: 49/100

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Goats Do Shave

I've give up on 70/100

Gaoth Dobhair Abu

I know its slightly off thread, but i thought where better to put it.

Old quiz question but can't remember.....................

The only player(s) to have played in the Glasgow, Manchester and Liverpool Derbies :

Only ones I can think of (and not sure about) are Kanchelskis and Michael Ball


Square Ball

theres a lot of these on

They range from football to adverts, childrens TV, pop groups and on, I have done a lot of them but only managed to finish a few. Worth a look.....
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That was me and my mate at work.
I'll go back if Marsdens back


Any of you soccer heads got the Dukla Prague away kit ?