Predict Prelim Q/finals: Kildare/Monaghan, Cork/Ros, Donegal/Tyrone, Galway/Mayo

Started by GAABoardMod5, June 21, 2023, 07:31:00 AM

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Let's have some predictions...

Kildare v Monaghan
Cork v Roscommon

Donegal v Tyrone
Galway v Mayo


"It wouldn't be the only thing in the GAA that doesn't make sense" -Padraic Joyce



Walk-in down mchale rd , sun out, summers day , game day . That's all .


Kildare v Monaghan after penalties

Cork v Roscommon

Donegal v Tyrone

Galway v Mayo

Cover me in chocolate and feed me to the lesbians


nil satis nisi optimum


Kildare, Cork and Donegal coming off victories should be winning.
But.... Will they get back to Earth in time while their opponents will no doubt be coming with increased determination to make up for sh1tshows?
So I'll go
Cork aet
Galway as they have a smaller and more focused management team.
Davy's given us a dream to cling to
We're going to bring home the SAM


This is really a huge game for Kildare
Fail here and they really deserve to continue to be tagged with the "sh1t the nest" label which they've had for some time despite different mgmt teams at the helm
Monaghan have shown they can pull out big results every year, I've a feeing they've ran dry now
Tentative vote to Kildare

Cork based on their recent performances and at home

No Comer, Walsh off form, looked flat last Sunday
Mayo by a few points

This the hardest to call
Think it will be a dour game, defensive, sideways stuff..
Donegal no world beaters, despite picking up form. Tyrone have shown spells of brilliance in every game despite their overall form..with mccurry back, slight edge goes to them
probably last stop for both teams