GAA Top 30

Started by Armagh18, October 19, 2022, 03:13:13 PM

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Not sure if this deserved it's own thread or not, but bit of fun anyway.

Spillane's current top 30 players list, obviously plenty will disagree. Anyone want to have a go at a list themselves?


Feck off Pat.
Lists is Brehenys speciality
Davy's given us a dream to cling to
We're going to bring home the SAM


McCurry in top 10 imo and not in pats 30, And no way galway should have 6 out of the top 30


I could be wrong but I think it was from an article that only included the teams left playing at the time last year (Think AI Quarter Finals). So No Michael Murphy or any Tyrone players for example.



Tyrone must have really deteriorated 8)

From the Bunker

This is the reason journalists (or in this case a basement columnist) want a longer intercounty season.
There is nothing for them to write about for the last 5 months of the year.