Derry Minor Hurling & Football Managers 2010?

Started by The Doire Geal, October 30, 2009, 06:49:17 PM

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The Doire Geal

who are contenders?     


For which one- hes had more success at hurling wit cross and passion


Have heard that Paul Mciver is interested in the job. Neil McCloy from what I hear did quite a good job with Derrylaughan and might be a outside bet


do they still seek nominations from clubs for this post?


whenever Big Brian McGilligan has had enough of the county board, I am sure Mr McCloskey from Banagher will take the Derry hurling side
or if he too has had enough of it then maybe its time for the 'Great' (chestwise) John angelo Guiseppie Mullen to take the intercounty reigns !

JA Mullen is good value too, as like the Corrs - you get three of them for the price of one - JA will no doubt will be accompanied by his siamese-esque twinish brothers Giancarlo and Festa.
Unlike the corrs, none of these are much to look at !!