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Seems to be flying around that Mayo v cork is in tullamore along with dubs v Sligo . Galway v Armagh in croker with Derry match I think . Doing everything they can to give Galway an advantage in a year where they are expected to win it out anyway by many pundits .
Quote from: weareros on June 05, 2023, 11:37:52 AM
Looking at the highlights you would not think so much money was spent on the MacHale pitch upgrade. Know we've had warm weather but looks a botched job by Mayo county board.

It was a disaster , im not sure on the details but it's the contractor that's at fault , cb obviously choose the contractor but I'm not sure they can be blamed . I mean ya raise the funds and get a contractor to do the work , perhaps they were just unlucky it's gone wrong and I'd imagine there is a guarantee too so maybe it won't cost anything to fix it and it will be the contractor that has to put it right free of cost .
Made the trip down to mchale yesterday, I rarely miss anyway home and away that's just the way it is with me , personal choice as I enjoy it but in all my years following Mayo, yesterday was the first day I remember feeling numb and disinterested, even up in the clubhouse there was nothing , no atmosphere. There's an aerial view pic of 1998 game v Galway in the clubhouse, i looked at it yesterday and a thought ran through my head , look at the crowd , remembering the days of old when mchale was bursting at the seams with people and noise . I've never been in the camp of been in favour of a return to the one chance salon championship but I have to admit yesterday I started to question my theory.
Quote from: highorlow on June 05, 2023, 07:55:39 AM
Quoteshould be neutral province too for the final round of games so armagh v galway can only be played in leinster or Munster  Munster probably too far so id play that game in Parnell park or nolan park or cusack park westmeath.

Fully agreed, or counties should be allowed to toss for the province. It'll be Limerick or Ennis for Mayo v Cork, instead of Nowlan park.

Do ya not think they'll stick us in croker with another game like Galway v Armagh or Kildare v ros ?
Quote from: greatpoint on June 04, 2023, 03:50:31 PM
Quote from: screenexile on June 04, 2023, 03:40:47 PM
Louth left that behind them with a lack of quality. Physically and emotionally they were well up for it but just couldn't execute when it mattered fair play to them they're definitely on the up.

Mayo very flat that's all the main contenders who have been flat recently hard to predict much from the group stages.

Who in under God has Mayo as a genuine contender to win the All-Ireland? Have they not watched football in the last 30 years?

Totally agree , I don't get where it's coming from , we are a pale shadow of the 13-17 team .
Quote from: The Hill is Blue on June 02, 2023, 06:46:33 PM
Quote from: seafoid on June 02, 2023, 05:30:44 PM
Quote from: imtommygunn on June 02, 2023, 05:07:19 PM
No way will Kildare beat Dublin. I'd love to see it but I don't see it or close...
Every so often a big team is taken out in the championship , usually because they aren't as good as people expect.
Kerry v Down in 1991 was a classic of the genre.
Meath v Westmeath 2015

I've been at a few that we lost against the odds:

Dublin v Meath 1964
Dublin v Kerry 1975
Dublin v Kerry 1978
Dublin v Donegal 1992
Dublin v Derry 1993
Dublin v Down 1994
Dublin v Donegal 2014

2012 v Mayo surely the same as Donegal in 14
Quote from: Cunny Funt on June 02, 2023, 02:15:30 PM
Quote from: larryin89 on June 02, 2023, 11:04:34 AM
Could be a more difficult day in castlebar than the bookies suggest . Be a terrible watch with our bucks just squeezing past in the last 15mins when the blanket starts to tire .

Louth are poor defensively. I'd expect Mayo to score high have this contest wrapped up long before the last 15 minutes.

The team named to start is the same one that was published to start against Kerry yet three changes was made before throw in, the same to happen again here?

Perhaps they will , in the grand scheme of things though tbh from a mayo supporters perspective we aren't far enough down the road to win it out . Too inexperienced at the back but it will be a good experience gained for them if they reach the qf .
Yep , a fairly serious hand injury , won't be available for selection for a while . Cillian has had another knock back too . Tommy conroy struggling to find the form of two yrs ago and might never recover right . Robbie hennelly is part of the extended panel .
Could be a more difficult day in castlebar than the bookies suggest . Be a terrible watch with our bucks just squeezing past in the last 15mins when the blanket starts to tire .
Quote from: An Fhairche Abu on June 01, 2023, 08:30:25 PM

Hernon in as Dylan McHugh out with injury. Sticking with McDaid at 7, I know plenty aren't a fan of it but I can see the logic.
Cathal Sweeney very unlucky not to start but is performing really well off the bench. Not sure about dropping Maher out of the 15 although Conroy and Cooke were two of the top performers last time out in fairness.
Nice to see Mulkerrin return to the squad, has been a long road back for him.

Hopefully a good performance Saturday, weather conditions won't be a problem this weekend.

Jesus I hate to say it but that panel is off the charts with talent , won't be beat this year . I have them backed before I'm accused of form of yerra . Got them @ 13/2 a couple of weeks back .the winnings will help soften the blow
 Carrick on Shannon next sat 5:15 for Mayo  v Monaghan
No announcement on venues for qf s ? GAA are a friggin nightmare for supporters to make arrangements
GAA Discussion / Re: Ros v Dubs tomorrow
May 30, 2023, 04:18:09 PM
There is a lot giddyness creeping in , my advice to all these giddy counties from a former professional giddyness merchant is stay calm cause it gets a whole lot different when the bigger dude counties start to fully stretch the legs . Dublin were pish n Sunday compared to what they were capable of in their pomp but on reflection who's to say they are not getting primed for qf stage , likes of mannion might never get back to top stride but what if he does .
Any truth in Tyrone panel members playing club football over the weekend just gone ?
GAA Discussion / Re: Ros v Dubs tomorrow
May 29, 2023, 10:09:28 PM
Roscommon have done nothing wrong , they got a draw out of it . Like mayo though and even worse than Mayo , Dublin let Roscommon dictate the game on their terms . I don't understand the press tbh if your pressing space , Dublin pressed but then stood back when within a yard , perhaps I'm naive to the modern game slightly but what is the point in the way Dublin tried to disrupt Roscommons possession game by not disrupting it , in the first half , I thought it was just pure daft .