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Half time in the minor game, Down lead by 2-05 to Derrys 0-05. Derry started well with two points but Down responded with two quick goals.
Well in fairness to that article, it did say the champions of all three grades that year had no representation on county panel. I can't remember the clubs but all were from north Mayo.
Re the 70s and not winning a connacht title. I was only born in the latter part of said decade, so i dont know why this was the case but i am always interested in hearing why.

I read in the western a couple of weeks ago an article that was looking back on the Belmullet team that won the intermediate championship, it indicted in this article that there was a bias in the county set up in that they ignored north Mayo club players for selection. Is there truth in that. I realise this is off topic but sure its two weeks away for this game anyways.

Win the league in 1970,the u21 AI in 67 and 74 and a minor in 66/71 qnd 78.
Connacht minors winners in  66, '71, '73, '74, '77, '78, '79,.
Connacht u21 winners in,1967, '68, '70, '71, '73, '74, '75, '76.
I find it mind boggling to think we never managed a senior provincial in this period.
Well maybe so to an extent , i still don't see why outsiders would be arguing with passion about his comeback date.

Rival?Roscommon are not really rivals anymore, it reminds a bit of Man United and Leeds rivalry , one side has stretched so far ahead, the rivalry is just a distant memory.
Hi there all. First time posting here.

In relation to CoC , isn't amazing how many different time frames for his recovery, you can hear in a couple of days. I mean who is telling the truth , the man in the local pub, the poster on hoganstand, the poster on the mayo gaa blog, mid west?

I  do try to figure out why people would tend to lie on such matters as obviously some are telling blatant lies.And then you have these concerned roscommon men, about him rushing back, i dont get that either , as if you give a shit and these people that are under the illusion that Cillian himself is going to take the decision without top advice, what is that all about.

Onto the game itself, i don't see much of a test coming from the stealers , they are bit wet round the lugs for us high flying seasoned first divisioners.

If Mayo win the provincial championship , as a matter of interest will it be the first time in history where we stand above Galway in the provincial roll of honour?