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Quote from: SHEEDY on June 30, 2013, 06:46:17 PM
good chance of us (down) having another ulster derby in the draw tomorrow. hopefully can avoid tyrone. anyone else we would fancy our chances. a home draw would also be nice. anyone know how they determine who plays home or away?

Put back into the pot to determine home/away.
Sligo getting hammered now, Connacht football has never been as poor.Really needs Mayo to win aIre to gloss over it.
Quote from: SLIGONIAN on June 30, 2013, 05:57:41 PM
Quote from: Main Street on June 30, 2013, 05:56:05 PM
Quote from: SLIGONIAN on June 30, 2013, 05:25:57 PM
Well done London,but Leitrim losing 4 of there best players through indiscipline, and mulligan just is way too much for a county of their size. They missed a free to push to extra time. I feel mayo are the real losers of this Connacht championship as they will not be tested into qtr finals and no matter what you say you learn nothing winning easy. If mayo get a Tyrone or Armagh etc....could be caught.
The alternative finalists to London were Leitrim and Sligo, both of whom London beat, so it would be hard to imagine either Sligo or Leitrim offering any more competition to Mayo than London will.
lol ;D

Do you always lol at the harsh reality of your countys standing?
Quote from: Syferus on June 30, 2013, 06:04:37 PM
The Hyde making a late charge for the Connacht final again? I'd like to see the Hardy Bucks' reasoning for needing a ground over 18,750 for this final..

Its in McHale park.  Mayo will be represented in both grades in the finals and will have the most supporters in attendance, we had to travel to the Hyde last year because of Sligos neutral final rule. It is only right the mighty Mayo get to celebrate their provincial dominance and first 3 inarow since 1950 in the mecca of Castlebar.

Hon Mayo
Mayo to celebrate in Mchale park on 21st July. minor and senior
Holy gawd, its a simple question , give me an example of it happening before at inter county level, maybe it does happen often, i haven't seen it, so just looking for examples of this proportion.

Underage inter county this weekend.   n 2013
19:30    Carlow U21 v Wexford U21      

19:30    Offaly U21 v Kilkenny U21      

19:30    Tipperary U18 v Limerick U18      

19:30    Cork U18 v Waterford U18      


I will post every underage inter county market this championship and if there is movement similar in any game i will eat my hat.
''You've never seen the odds on favourites narrow in the lead up to a match before? Okay then.''

More shite talk from know it alls on the internet, show me the evidence of where it has happened in such a short time on a GAA match minor or senior for that matter. Highly unusual and quite frankly should be looked into, unusual betting patterns on any low grade affair of this nature should be looked into. Add in a sending off and this needs looking into for sure.
Never seen a betting pattern like it for a minor game esp (Sligo v Ross)

Ross were 2/5 at around 6pm sat evening, by 9pm they were 1/5, Sligo man sent off for two yellows before h/t. Has me wondering.

Mayos county ground is McHale park not the dastardly Hyde. Just sayin
GAA Discussion / Re: Latest Scores
June 23, 2013, 01:32:16 PM
Are you posting scores on Sligo/ross minor game too? Do if you can.
GAA Discussion / Re: Latest Scores
June 23, 2013, 01:23:24 PM
Can't be long left in this?
Easy win for Leitrim. People backing London, bookmakers wet dream.
The way people go on about players nowadays, you'd swear its just all down to trainning/attitude and who's managing them, how about the ability of the actual player himself.Btw was it not AOS who starred for Mayo in 2009 in our drubbing of Roscommon and he scored 1-1 against Meath too in q/f if my memory serves me right, probably 19 years old at the time.
What sort of time frame are you looking at for these underage lads to become stars of their senior team.

I look at likes of K.Higgans , he was on senior team in 06 when he won u-21 title.

I know it has taken some of them longer to establish themselves as top seniors but not all that much longer, AOS  is 22 and an established top midfielder , some would say one of the finest in the country.

Cillian o Connor was u-21 this year and he also is a recognised top player.

My point is i think the Ross are waiting for something to happen automatically , that might not happen imo for lots of reasons, main one being ye have no players there to blend them with or bring them on.

Really tough times ahead for Roscommon.

Mayo look really really good, quality all over the park, i believe we will win the all  Ireland.
Lot of talk about Ballagh in here. I had a couple of pints in there last night, it was pure dead, there was more people in brosna than the whole town pubs .

Ballagh looks well this morning though, in Mattie toweys gettin the papers , the flags are in full swing, both counties and it looks great tbh.

Weather is fairly cloudy , i can't see us escaping rain all day.

The predictions of 10/18 point wins , will soon be justified. Maigheo abu.
Not getting this at all?  What am i supposed to be, an undercover Rossie pretending to be a Mayo man?

The internet is gas.