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Just watched that fantastic hurling catch in the cricket World Cup.  Would remind you of the shared skills between the games..
Time to beat the dubs.,
Won't be beat. Best chance in 30 years.
Genuine Irish born footballers only please?
Let's keep this page for updated results and transfer news.
Latest transfer news: Jim Mc Guinness (glen ties) ass coach.
who may be in or out. Discuss?
Looking back today may well prove to be another building block in the process of professionalising the Gaa. This looks like a process with a goal that various presidents and congresses are determined to progress. In the year that the tough face of the GPA was replaced by a more acceptable face ,  I find it hard to believe the GPA are not secretly happy with this progress. There will and can only ever be 8 professional gaa teams. Expect big money to develop Antrim shortly whilst Tyrone cork mayo Kerry Dublin and 2 others will be professionalis teams in due course. Interesting times ahead.
A terrible comment to level at any gaa boarder but speaking as a man who makes 1 bet a year and relies on the wisdom of the gaa boards resident John mc crirrick today I'm flying without wings.
Fair play Cavan.  Some great scores in today's game.  Look to be a team that would suit Croke Park.  Should be a mighty final.  I'm sure seanie Johnston never envisaged getting to play at headquarters again so what a huge achievement for him personally as well. Shows when a county pulls together what can be achieved. Tyrones performances have been poor the last 2 weeks.  Fantastic to carry the flag for  the north on the anniversary of the rising. 
GAA Discussion / Paul Galvin retires
January 11, 2016, 06:40:50 AM
I see Paul Is putting a nail in them. He brought a commitment and honesty to kerry football over the last 15 years.  Who can forget as he openly wept when he achieved the great backdoor victory over Tyrone in killarney.
General discussion / Up for the match
September 19, 2015, 07:39:39 AM
The Rte equivalent of the paper hat will involve putting smiling rival ex players and ageless lilting fans in studio and smarming  the life out of them. Anyone else enjoy the custard?
General discussion / Rugby world cup 2015
September 13, 2015, 09:40:50 PM
Time to start the discussion.  Will the patience of England with coach and captain pay off?
Is there any other organisation in the sporting world that appears as open to the whims of television and paper journalists as our beloved gaa. I wouldn't want Joe brolly or colm o rourke to have their noses put out of joint but it appears everyone wants to tell the gaa what to do...time to put the spotlight on the journalists who are writing the rules attempting to have them selectively enforced to suit their own narrow agendas..
GAA Discussion / Bring them Back
July 25, 2015, 08:38:08 AM
Without knowing their individual circumstances, Football could do with some nostalgic managers from the past.  Its great to see the way Pete Mc Grath has turned Fermanagh around.  It would be great to see him also have another stint with Down sometime.  Id love to see Boylan have a go at Meath again, Kernan involved with Armagh, Morgan with Cork, Johnno with Galway and perhaps John Maughan take on Roscommon... ;)  Who else is capable of bringing traditional values back to their old counties and what realistic chance is there of that happening?
GAA Discussion / I want derry job - brolly
April 01, 2015, 07:18:15 AM
Joe brolly has heaped pressure on beleaguered derry boss Brian me ivor as he claims he now wants the derry job. What next? The operation to  Clean up football is underway. Fair play
Well it looks like it comes down to this.
Anyone see the britt awards tonight.  Sheeran did do well.
GAA Discussion / The mayo complex
December 31, 2014, 11:05:46 PM
Just watched the two kerry mayo semi finals again.  I have watched mayo bate in umpteen finals but the manner in which kerry beat them this year was heartbreaking.  They needed just a little more leadership and will to win.  Why aren't these guys prepared to do that 5% more to win Sam.