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Derry name the same team that started against Monaghan.
Only change is on the bench: N O'Donnell was a late replacement for S Downey last week, but that has been reversed this week.
Would have liked to see Murray start v Donegal. From his v limited game time in the C'ship, he has actually scored a couple of points from play, which can't be said about some of the regular forwards.

After his performance last Saturday, Derry fans won't be too impressed to learn that Noel Mooney is down to referee the fixture with Donegal in Ballybofey.

General discussion / Re: Premier League 2022-2023
« on: May 28, 2023, 08:58:39 PM »
Little Luton into the Premier League via a sudden death penalty shootout. Will their pitch be big enough for the Premier league?

Luton  back in the big time. I remember  collecting  the Panini stickers  back in the day when they  had the  likes of Mal Donaghy , Big mick harford, one of the Steins, and another  big fella with the headband (name escapes me). Ah, Simpler times.
Is it still Kenilworth Road? Is it still an artificial surface ?

Yes. No.
Have to spend £10mil to get it up to scratch for the Premier League.
New stadium being developed, but won't be ready until the following season.

GAA Discussion / Re: Minor All Ireland Football Championship 2023
« on: May 28, 2023, 08:23:46 PM »
Derry minors missed all 5 of their penalties that they were awarded this year.

Relieved to get out of Celtic Pk with a point yesterday. Certainly a v poor performance from Derry. The intensity that the previous manager brought to the players is evidently missing. Meaning players aren't held to the same v high standards. So they get away with laziness and silly options that they wouldnt have attempted under him.

Though, strangely happy that Derry did something that is often thrown at them by experts on here and elsewhere. They chased down a lead. Twice in the 2nd half they were 3pts down, but managed to claw that back in against an established Div 1 side that was planning and prepping for this game for the last 4 weeks.

Sitting in the stand, so didn't have a view on the 'point', but could tell that the umpires weren't decisive at all. And speaking to (Derry) people on terrace. They were sure it was a wide ball.

Reffing ain't easy, but they definitely are frustrating characters, especially when similar incidents occur and the outcome is different. Fella gets surrounded by tacklers, over carrying one way, next time it's a free the other way. He did tell plenty of lads to cut out the diving.

Derry will never make wholesale changes, but based on the last two games - Cassidy and Loughlin should be benched for next week. Where is the motivation when it's almost harder to get off the team than it is to get on. Cassidy seemed to be chasing shadows the entire game. And Loughlin didn't see any ball. They need a break. Thought Toner put in a decent shift. Murray and one from McCarron/Tad should start.

Ballybofey will really let us know where Derry are at. Donegal already have 2pts on the board and will certainly fancy themselves watching that game. 

No McManus in the starting 15 for Monaghan.
Count 3 personnel changes and an abundance of positional switches.
Big Mohan and McAnespie change the entire outlook of that side.

Derry goin with the tried and tested once again.

Team named just the same as the one that actually started the Ulster Final: Heron replacing Padraig Cassidy in the starting line up.
The two lads that missed out on the Ulster Final 26 are still out - M Downey and O McWilliams

If Armagh beat Westmeath, lose to Tyrone but beat Galway they'll have 4 points.
In such a scenario you'd imagine Galway will also be on 4 points if they beat Westmeath
So all three could be on 4 points having lost one match each and won the other two.

So will score difference be the deciding factor in that scenario?
As someone already said elsewhere, I suppose the team that finishes third will want to be avoiding Kerry, assuming they come second now after Mayo.
Is Burns suspended for just one game?

Score diff yep. Very realistic possibility. In that scenario you'd probably give Tyrone the slight advantage as they'll be up against Westmeath last and may know what they need, and westmeaths challenge could peter out of they know they're 100% out

But Westmeath won't be 100% out before the Tyrone game.

Only two games played each before Tyrone meet Westmeath.
And if the fixtures pan out as Fuzzman has suggested above, with two games played the league will look like this.
Galway - 4pts
Armagh - 2pts 
Tyrone - 2pts
Westmeath - 0pts

If Westmeath turn over Tyrone in that last game (big if) then you might end up with 3 teams on 2pts.

Could be in ambush territory with this fixture.

Monaghan were well beaten in the semi-final and have had plenty of time to focus on righting the wrongs and focusing on who their first game was going to be against.  Injuries cleared up and tactics worked upon. Waiting quietly in the long grass.
Their team sheet could be extremely different to the first day out in Healy Park.

Whereas everyone in the country knows 13 or 14 of the starting team for Derry.

Derry will go in as favourites, but I sense a much more attritional game will unfold.

Obviously it could never have happened, given the home advantage, but it would've been great to have the minor final at 5pm, before the senior game.

Was going to start a new thread, but might as well just recycle this one. - tbrick can change the title.

Result will probably depend on how much Monaghan have learned from the last day and how much of an impact the returning McAnespie will have on the Monaghan team?

McFaul will probably start on Saturday in place of Heron, can't see any other changes to the starting lineup from the Ulster Final.

GAA Discussion / Re: Armagh v Westmeath 27/05/23 @ 4.45pm
« on: May 22, 2023, 12:11:41 PM »
Armagh will get over this one easy enough. Fans or no fans. Nice fixture to get rid of any hangover from the Ulster Final.
Can't see them being troubled by Westmeath.

Regardless of this fixture, there will certainly be a scramble for tickets for the next game in Omagh.

Derry / Re: Derry Club Football & Hurling
« on: May 18, 2023, 10:22:32 AM »
Could only purchase General Admission for the Monaghan game in Celtic Park (and for some reason they are more expensive than the Ulster Final)

Now, I can't see any confirmation anywhere from the clubs/county/Ticketmaster, but I'm assuming that this means that it is going to be a free for all like the league games - First come, first served for the covered stand.

General discussion / Re: Premier League 2022-2023
« on: May 18, 2023, 09:48:01 AM »
Fun Fact*: Luton Town are the only founder member of the Premier League who have never played in the Premier League.

*Might not actually be a Fun Fact

Parked approx 1.7miles (according to google maps) from the ground on the Lacky Rd, which at various stages on the walk in and out was at an absolute standstill. God help some of the local traffic that got caught up in that, especially those that were trying to go against the grain.
Those who'd had parked in the fields, or on the roadside closest to Clones were in for a long sit as the sideroads and fields beyond were being emptied out. And if you were heading in the direction of Fivemiletown, you didn't stand a chance. Took a couple of scenic country roads to avoid it and it made a massive difference in travel times.  In fairness, everyone on the way out seemed in decent form and there was no arguments about letting cars out etc. But 100s of people walking on a narrow country road with vehicles all around isnt the best.

As for the facilities within the place, they have always been horrendous. I was in the O'Duffy terrace for the Ulster Final in 1993 and it hasn't changed one bit since then.  For the crowd that they have packed in there, the amount of toilets is shocking, though at least they sorted the plumbing, at last years final you had to wade through piss just to make it to the overflowing trough.

BBC iPlayer:
2hrs44.30 Coming together of O’Neill, who had no need to get involved, and McGuigan. McGuigan was fouled by Morgan, then clattered by O’Neill. McGuigan falls with his head in O'Neill's chest.

2hrs51.33 O’Neill lifting his shirt to show Gough a mark on his chest. Gough barely looked at it, fairly short conversation, but he does take out his note book and writes some info in it, the two things might not be related, but Gough could be noting the incident and the number of the player involved.

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