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General discussion / Re: The IRISH RUGBY thread
March 09, 2024, 06:54:32 PM
Quote from: JoG2 on March 09, 2024, 06:51:56 PM
Quote from: Wildweasel74 on March 09, 2024, 06:35:20 PMChrist there 2 penalties give away, Ireland had the ball with 2 and half minutes to go, can't understand why they didn't grind the clock.

90 secs left and Conor Murray does a 'Conor Murray'. Needs his P45. England unrecognisable there for most of that game. Very impressive, and we were well below par. Some contest

A game riddled with poor errors.  England fully deserving of it .

Man of the match to Jamie Heaslip.  He loaded their guns. 

General discussion / Re: The DUP thread
February 02, 2024, 11:47:58 PM
Like him or loathe him, and I prefer the latter, you have to give wee Jeff some level of credit for his performance over the last week.  He has played a blinder one way or another.  I really can't believe he has managed to move the masses so quickly with seemingly a very minimal level of fuss.

Also, has Ian Og not been remarkably quiet?
Antrim / Re: Antrim Hurling
December 18, 2023, 08:02:25 AM
A fine performance from Cushendall although I suspect they have little interest in a hard luck story.

 I thought the ref was a tad sore on them a couple of times.  Soft free against Paddy Burke  for their first score, Alex Delargy overcarrying after 2 steps, questionable tackles on McCambridge and McManus.  All that said, they had the chances to draw level in injury time.

Some performances around the field.  One who rarely gets a mention is Martin Burke- his brother rightly gets lauded and is one of the best around but I thought Martin was as good as any yesterday.  Maybe not always fancy stuff but he is a great defender and marker.
Antrim / Re: Antrim Hurling
December 03, 2023, 08:33:25 PM
Credit to Cushendall management who made a number of tough calls from the dropping of Aidan McNaughton, McAfee, and Delargy to starting mc Quillan, mc collam and mc Cormick all of whom had had a big impact.

Their match ups were also spot on with the 2 Burke's suppressing Rogers and O'Doherty who are their main threats.

Big question now- will they fly mc Cormick back again for the semi!!
Antrim / Re: Antrim Hurling
November 20, 2023, 06:39:35 PM
A fine advert for Ulster hurling yesterday I thought.

I don't necessarily subscribe to the the theory that portaferry were the better team to be honest.  Cdall were well on top and the 2 sucker goals knocked the stuffing out of them and gave portaferry a boost towards a 10minute spell that they were certainly very impressive.

Of course when you score a 21 yard free with virtually the last shot of the game you have to count your lucky stars.

Credit to young McLaughlin, at the end he made a couple of very subtle but telling interventions in the tight tackles that led to McManus either getting the last point or the free for the goal.

Assuming the final will be in Armagh, yesterdays outting there will certainly stand to them big time.

I would have thought young McCollam must be pushing for  starting spot as he has been impressive when introduced in the last 2 games.  Maybe Paddy McGill will be pushing also. 

Anyone's game IMO.
Quote from: marty34 on November 07, 2023, 09:51:02 PMEmbarrassing tonight.

Board should hang their head in shame at this embarrassment. No lessons learned or don't care.

Won't spend any money for Europe. A joke year after year. Bottom place again. 1pt (2 games to go) and 2pts last year.

Quote from: Itchy on November 07, 2023, 10:11:20 PMIt's partly that but I think your biggest issue is playing in a sub standard league where you get away time and time again with sloppy play. Compare to this match where you are playing possibly the best team in the best league in Europe and every mistake is punished brutally.

It's a combination of both IMO- playing in a sub standard league means they can win endless domestic trophies without investing anything significant.

The strategy seems to be to buy in the bargain basement and sell to make a tidy profit- and to be fair they have been pretty successful at that.

Someone probably realises that to really compete in the champions league is just not realistic as it would costs 100s of millions and they wouldn't be able to attract the players to a crap league anyway.

The only option was to get into the premier league and that ship sailed some time ago, if it ever existed at all.
Antrim / Re: Antrim Hurling
October 16, 2023, 08:33:14 PM
Any idea what the attendance was yesterday?  Would there be 5,000?
Down / Re: Down Club Hurling & Football
October 16, 2023, 08:05:20 PM
I am not close to the detail on this but from the outside looking in, were the county board not in a virtually impossible position?

Did the ref himself not pull out from the fixture leaving them having to find an alternative ref ?

What can a county board do to guarantee a man's safety - 24/7 security isn't really practical (if indeed inability of the county board to guarantee personal safety was the reason the appointed ref stepped aside).

All that said, the statement they released leaves a gaping hole, being the events of Sat morn/afternoon.

None of that of course justifies in any way the actions of kilcoo which were unacceptable and if their outside manager had anything about him he would walk away.

Antrim / Re: Antrim Hurling
October 16, 2023, 12:42:14 PM
Quote from: imtommygunn on October 16, 2023, 11:49:28 AMIt's a good job there wasn't a problem as everyone was told to move and no one did.

I didn't think people were told to move.  I think it was announced that 'if' people were moving from that section of the ground at half time, they should go round the long route behind the far away goals. 

I am guessing it was to avoid too many people funnelling through a very small gap under the scaffolding.

I don't believe there was an actual issue/problem, they were just trying to avoid one.

There is an issue at that side of the pitch where there is a large void behind the top of the hill.  The void is masked by brambles etc and it's easy to thinks it's not there.  I saw one man fall into yesterday at the end of the game and it took a few people to rescue him from it- it could have been a serious incident but all seemed fine.
Antrim / Re: Antrim Hurling
October 16, 2023, 09:16:06 AM
Good crowd in for the game yesterday and the surface looked great.

 Don't know what the whinging about the live streams is all about- seems like a pretty good service to me if fairness.

On the game, I think the score line flattered lgiel a bit to be honest. Gifted a late goal and Cushendall must have hit around 10wides in the second half that would have had them out of site. 

Cushendalls back line was too crafty for lgiel although Campbell had a rare poor game.  Paddy Burke was immense as always and leaving him as a sweeper was poor from the lgiel sideline, as was the fact that they made at least 2 if not 3 subs in injury time.

Cdalls puck out strategy in the first half in particular was quite effective.
General discussion / Re: The IRISH RUGBY thread
October 14, 2023, 11:55:44 PM
People will be quick to kick these lads when they are down. In truth we were very very close tonight and whilst the outcome is ultimately the same, this was very different to previous quarter final defeats.

I am a GAA man to the core but every part of me wanted us to win tonight. There's lads in here feckin delighted we lost.

 FFS, grasp sport, of any sort, for what it is, a galvanising force for good in society .
Antrim / Re: Antrim Football Thread
October 09, 2023, 09:00:46 PM
As a matter of interest, how many players from this and recent Cargin teams would have had their college football in the south Derry schools?
Apparently VAR came to the correct decision but hit the wrong button!  Of course that is a basic human error but the real question is after hitting the wrong button what was the conversation that went on- they must surely have realised immediately and had enough time to intervene to correct it? In what scenario did they think the correct thing was to keep the head down and think it would not be noticed !
General discussion / Re: The IRISH RUGBY thread
September 24, 2023, 12:43:20 PM
Were Ireland slightly fortunate at the end when the ref blew it up rather quickly and had the ref been on the other side of maul he would have seen that the Boks had managed to get the ball back?  Or was it an issue that the Springboks didn't get the ball to the ground ?
General discussion / Re: The IRISH RUGBY thread
September 23, 2023, 10:31:16 PM
Quote from: smort on September 23, 2023, 09:24:02 PM
Quote from: Wildweasel74 on September 23, 2023, 09:21:12 PMBoth teams wreck themselves fir the quarters,


Rubbish.  It's 3 weeks to the quarter final