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GAA Discussion / GPA/Colm Bradleys Article
November 04, 2007, 11:35:53 AM
I know the GPA debate has probably been thrashed to death on numerous threads.  Read Colm Bradelys (Fermanagh player) article in the Tribune today which I must say was very refreshing.  He is clearly opposed to strike action and seemed to take issue with Tom Brewster taking on the mantle of Fermanagh team spokesman  on all things GPA..

Anyhow, like many on this board, I am very suspicious of the GPA and theor motives.  I am however failry ignorant on a few things so perhaps someone can answer:

- who is membership of the GPA open to? can a mere mortal of a club player join and vote on the strike issue?  or is it just for the superstars?
- how much does membership cost?
- Is Dessie Farrell an elected spokemans or self appointed?  how much is he 'paid'?
- can they not just feck off? 

IMO they have done a decent job of raising player welfare issues and they pushed the GAA along but players are generally well looked after now so why don;t they join forces wuth the GAA rather being such a devisive body

Let them strike and bring in the next 15 guys willing to play of the jersey.  if they arn't playing, training getting mileage and kit etc they may soon change their mind.