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Errigal by 5
Moy by 2
Trillick v Dungannon
Derrylaughan v Pomeroy
Clonoe v Moy
Errigal v Ardboe - Biggest win
Fintona v Drumragh
Aghaloo V Fintona Draw
Drumragh V Cookstown
Clonoe V Aghyaran
Moortown V Errigal biggest margin
Edendork V Trillick Draw
Ardboe V Coalisland
Dungannon V Dromore
Derrylaughan V Gortin
Owen Roes V Pomeroy
GAA Discussion / Re: County Manager Merry go round
September 21, 2023, 08:50:35 AM
Harte got 18 years in the Tyrone job, 13 after his last All Ireland, so not like he was forced out before his time a lá Eamonn Coleman. Greatest Tyrone manager ever but it was time to hand over the reins.

Moving to a neighbouring county for a chance of success, and a few quid no doubt, was always going to rankle with his own people - when Sean Cavanagh/Conor McKenna/Kyle Coney spoke to AFL teams he was always quick to bring up loyalty and playing your own game for your own people. Does this not apply to management also?

I couldn't see McGeeney manage Tyrone, or Jim Gavin manage Kerry - or Harte's predecessor in Tyrone, Big Art McRory go to manage a rival - that's a measure of loyalty to your own in my opinion. With Harte it feels like it's more about himself proving a point than loyalty to his own county.
General discussion / Re: New Look Board?
September 21, 2023, 08:36:18 AM
Great job on the update.
1  Rock  Clonoe biggest winning margin
Errigal Ciaran  Killyclogher
3  Tattyreagh  Aghyaran
4  Moortown  Donaghmore
Loughmacrory  Trillick
Owen Roes  Naomh Eoghan
7  Omagh  Ardboe
8  Greencastle  Coalisland
9  Edendork  Carrickmore
10 Kildress  Moy
11  Eglish  Dungannon
12  Pomeroy  Beragh
13  Galbally  Dromore
14  Clogher  Kileeshil
15  Gortin  Strabane
16  Derrylaughan  Stewartstown
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
September 13, 2023, 06:47:49 PM
Think it's because I use a wap mobile version of the board. Far handier read on the phone.
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
September 11, 2023, 10:26:25 AM
Junior championship to stay as is, league to split in two. Massive gap between top and bottom of D3. A split league would give the bottom half teams something achievable to work towards. 3A and 3B both in Junior championship still gives lower half clubs a crack at a big day out.

Small clubs will always have lean spells - Brocagh and Killyman aren't anywhere near amalgamation stage. Will no doubt take a few more trimmings over the next while but we've the stomach to stick it out and bring our youth through.
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
August 16, 2023, 07:18:30 AM
You'd do well to get 10k from a Croke Park grant.
No complaints. Kerry miles ahead in second half. Will be hard stopped.
Gough couldn't make his bias any more obvious. Galway deserved winners. Felt like a league game.
General discussion / Re: snooker world championship
April 25, 2023, 09:50:11 PM
O'Sullivan the only one worth watching these days. Special talent.
Handstands, looking at worms on the pitch, bulldog, free play, hula hoops, obstacle courses. Get them laughing and carrying on and they'll want to come back the next week. Keep it good craic for them and yourself.
General discussion / Re: Depression
March 14, 2023, 02:42:45 PM
Good luck to you and your lad, tbrick.